Meet Lily Aster Gottfried, Gilbert Gottfried’s Daughter – Is She A Child Actress?

The only child of the late American stand-up comedian Gilbert Gottfried and his wife Dara Kravitz, Lily Aster Gottfried (born June 12, 2007, age: 15) is a teenager from the United States.

the year 2007 Her parents’ firstborn is Lily. Aaron Gottfried, her lone sibling, is her brother. Learn more about her, her family, and recent activities here.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Daughter, Lily Aster Gottfried, was Born in 2007

Gilbert Gottfried and his wife Dara Kravitz have one kid, Lily Aster Gottfried. Her parents were married in 2007 and had her on June 12th, exactly one year later. She is 15 years old as of current year and was born in New York, in the United States.

Lily is reportedly of mixed heritage but is an American by nationality. Her mother is believed to be White in race, but her father, Gilbert Gottfried, is of Polish Jewish-Russian ancestry.

Lily’s younger brother was born on May 18, 2009, and he is a boy. Her 13-year-old sibling is called Aaron Gottfried after their father’s maternal great-grandfather. According to reports, he was born on the same day as his great-grandpa, which may have contributed to the choice to name him after him.

Lily is currently being raised by her mother and her lone sibling after the passing of her father. She is likewise being kept out of the media, but everything we’ve learned about her and her brother suggests they had a close relationship with their father while he was still alive. According to rumours, Lilly and Aaron persuaded their father to participate in TBS’ Tournament of Laughs. Lilly also showed her deceased father how to utilise the well-known social media site TikTok.

Her Parents Are Both Successful Entertainers


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Gilbert Gottfried and Dara Kravitz, Lily Aster Gottfried’s parents, are well-known figures in the American entertainment world. Her mother is well-known for being a film producer and a radio podcaster, while her father is a well-known American stand-up comedian. It is hoped that Lily and her brother Aaron will one day surpass the remarkable achievement of both of their parents in their respective fields.

Father of Lily Aster Gottfried Started His Career in 1970

Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried had his stage debut as a comedian at The Bitter End nightclub in Greenwich Village, New York, when he was barely 15 years old (in 1970). After a successful debut, he pursued his career relentlessly and became incredibly well-known as the “comic’s comedian.”

By 1980, Gilbert had joined the cast of Saturday Night Live for season 6, where he continued to appear as Seinfeld. He played Sidney Bernstein in Beverly Hills Cop II in 1987, which paved the path for him to get other movie roles.

The father of Lily Aster Gottfried appeared in a number of movies over the years, including The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time (2018), The Truth About Santa Claus (2020), A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014), Mickey’s House of Villains (2002), Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams (2007), and others.

He also played prominent parts in a number of well-known television series, including Night Court (1991), Celebrity Paranormal Project (2004), Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy (2009), TruTV Presents: World’s Dumbest… (2013–14), Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2017–2019), Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years (2021), and others.

Dara Kravitz, Lily Aster Gottfried’s Mother, Is a Film Producer and Podcaster

Dara Kravitz was born on February 24, 1970, the same year her late husband gave his first public stand-up comedy performance. The mother of two, 52, started working for New York Atco Records as an intern in 1990.

Before joining companies like Lava and Geffen Records, Dara used the expertise she obtained there to land a job at EMI, another record label. She started working for Geffen Records in the year 2000, and it took her a while to advance to the director of promotion role.

Mother of Lily Aster Gottfried has participated in shows like Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes and Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast while performing her job. She won a 2105 Emmy Award for Best Podcast for the former.

Lily Aster Gottfried’s Parents Were Newly Married At the Time She Was Born

They first met at the Grammy Awards celebration on February 27, 1997, before Lily Aster Gottfried’s parents got married. The two struck up a nice rapport after their initial meeting and went on to date and become friends before getting married. From the time they first met until they got married on June 12, 2007, it took them nearly ten years.

They welcomed Lily, their first child, the same year they first announced their relationship. Gilbert was already 52 years old when she was born, while his wife was only 37. Aaron, their lone son and final child, was born on May 18, 2009, two years later.


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Lily’s Father Died of Heart Failure

Because they both worked in the entertainment world, Lily Aster Gottfried’s parents led public lives. Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried’s passing struck them hard because they liked each other and were probably still in love.

On April 12, 2022, he passed away at the age of 67 as a result of difficulties brought on by ventricular tachycardia, a heart condition brought on by type II mynotic dystrophy. In simple terms, this indicates that Gilbert’s lower chamber of the heart was pounding too quickly to adequately pump blood to the body.

Where is Lily Now?

Although it is generally accepted that Lily Aster Gottfried would follow in her mother’s footsteps, she has not yet begun a profession. She still has a lot of maturing to do, and along the way, she will learn a lot. And it is hoped that her mother will be there to support her every step of the way till she achieves success in her chosen field.

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