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Unveiling Lizzie Borden Crime Scene Photos: Exploring the Infamous Mystery

The horrific aftermath of the sad incident that happened on August 4, 1892 is depicted in the Lizzie Borden crime scene photographs of notorious murders.

The grisly murders of Andrew and Abby Borden took place in the Borden residence at 92 Second Street in Fall River, Massachusetts.

While Abby Borden’s body was located upstairs in a guest room, Andrew Borden was discovered dead in his living room.

The gruesome killings generated rumours that Lizzie Borden, their daughter, who was detained but ultimately found not guilty, was somehow connected to the crimes.

However, the precise murder weapon is still unknown because there is no solid proof connecting any of the discovered axes or hatchets to the crime.

The gruesome details: The autopsies on the dining room table

In contrast to the traditional rhyme, which exaggerated the number of strikes, it was found that Abby Borden received 19 blows, while Andrew only received 10.

Both victims were completely unrecognisable due to the attacks’ extreme savagery.

Although Lizzie was first suspected, the Bordens’ murderer is still unknown, which adds to the case’s ongoing allure.

The horrific amount of Andrew and Abby Borden’s injuries was discovered during medical tests.

The brutal blows landed primarily on Andrew’s face and skull, with one strike severing his lips, lower jaw bone, and nose.

With 11 hits to the back of her head, Abby’s skull and brain were severely damaged.

The chilling Lizzie Borden crime scene photos

The horrifying crime scene photographs of Lizzie Borden provide a terrifying look at the horrific aftermath of the iconic killings.

The awful violence that the victims endured at the crime scene stood out.

Abby was discovered face down in a pool of blood, while Andrew’s face was unrecognizably human.

Additionally, Abby suffered numerous skull fractures as a result of her wounds, which seriously damaged her brain.

Given that Andrew’s blood was still running when it was inspected, the blood splatter suggested that he was slain after Abby.

A hatchet was found in the cellar by law enforcement officers who were looking into the event.

It initially looked to be stained with blood, but further examinations found no signs of blood on the instrument.

Further evidence that the hatchet was unrelated to the crime came from the discovery of animal hairs on it.

Rags covered in blood were also discovered in the cellar along with this find.

The connection between these rags and the crime was unclear, though.

Without additional investigation, it was agreed that Lizzie Borden used the rags for menstruation.

Missing clues

Surprisingly, Lizzie Borden had only a tiny spot of blood on her underskirt and very little more on her skin or clothes.

This led to the notion that her blood-soaked garments may have been in the bucket of rags that was discovered in the cellar.

This notion, however, remains unsubstantiated because the authorities never looked inside the bucket.

After the killings, witnesses claimed to have seen Lizzie burning a dress.

Lizzie, however, asserted that her garment had been destroyed by outdated paint and that she had not worn it on the day of the crime.

The Lizzie Borden crime scene photos and house

A popular tourist destination in Massachusetts that has long fascinated visitors is the Lizzie Borden House.

Visitors continue to flock to the mansion despite the tragic incidents that took place there a century ago.

The current owners have painstakingly recreated the inside to fit the original style of the property even though the original furnishings may not be there.

Visitors will enjoy seeing blood-stained clothes and other potential murder tools and getting a view of the specifics surrounding the awful incident.

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