How& Where Can I Get Limited Edition Loki Charms Cereal?

Doesn’t it virtually write itself? The “magically delicious” cereal of pink hearts, yellow stars, purple horseshoes, green clovers, blue moons, red balloons, unicorns, and rainbows is known for its green-clad mascot, a mischievous fellow who is always determined to keep it away from whichever meddling animated brats are hoping to get enough sugar for breakfast to power a medium-sized city. So why not sneak into his apartment and get some delectable, Saturday-morning food for himself if another green-clad troublemaker, whose name just so happens to line up almost exactly with the beloved breakfast cereal, exists?

At that point, Loki Charms materialises.

General Mills will only create 3,500 boxes of the Loki Charms cereal, and they will only be sold there starting at 11 a.m. EDT on June 9 for $8 per box (including delivery). What a coincidence, Marvel’s Loki TV series, starring Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson, debuts on Disney+ on the same day. You know what else debuts on that day, too? The premiere episode of Marvel Standom, the new Den of Geek chat show that airs every week, in which we dissect Loki’s mysteries and oddities.

What are the connections between these two things? I’m delighted you inquired, reader!

Would you like to get a delightful box of Loki Charms so you may indulge in their sweet treats while watching the newest season or perhaps some classic Marvel cartoons? And would you like it for nothing at all? When we release the first episode of Marvel Standom, we’ll announce how to enter to win a box of Loki Charms if you subscribe to our YouTube channel. Winners and other contest information will be revealed in later episodes.

There is even a fitting animated commercial that depicts a mystery disruption in reality when Lucky the Leprechaun vanishes and is replaced by Loki himself, just to round out the scene. Are the marshmallows in this cereal essentially Leprechaun Infinity Stones? This raises a slew of issues for which I doubt any of us are really prepared.

Sing along with us as we proclaim, “Frosted Loki Charms, they’re mischievously wonderful!” We know you’re all familiar with the jingle.

Want the inside scoop on everything Loki-related from Marvel? For our weekly post-show, sign up here!

Here is a view of the box. They definitely put everything into this.

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