Lookism Season 1 : Park Hyung-seok’s Powers Explained

“Lookism” is a South Korean animated series that is based on the Manhwa series created by Park Tae-joon and illustrated by him. Park Hyung-seok, a short, overweight youngster who is frequently teased by his peers over his appearance, is the focus of the story. His mother decides to enrol him in Jaewon High School after seeing this. Hyung-seok wakes up on what is supposed to be his first day there to find himself in the body of a tall, attractive, and athletic young guy. He quickly discovers that his elderly body is dozing off next to him. After some time, he finally understands that the second body is awake when the first one is asleep, and vice versa.

Hyung-seok makes the decision to work at a mini-mart in his first body while enrolling in his new high school in his second body. He observes the tremendous reactions that others have to his two radically different appearances while he does this. Here is all the information you require regarding the conclusion of Season 1 of “Lookism.” Spoilers follow.

Lookism Recap

The first episode of the series shows how miserable Hyung-seok’s circumstances are at his former school. Nearly every day, he receives cruel beatings and slurs. Hyung-seok has resorted to acting submissively in an effort to cope with this treatment in the hopes that it will end the bullying. Naturally, it doesn’t, which simply makes the situation worse. When his mother intervenes on his behalf after observing him being bullied, he reaches a breaking point.

Hyung-seok’s mother raised him alone, and the family is not well off. Hyung-seok’s mother enrols him at Jaewon High, where only the fashion design programme is accessible for him due to his subpar grades, despite the fact that she is aware she cannot actually afford it and wants her son to have a pleasant school life.

Hyung-seok starts living alone in a slum because the new school is far from his house and his mother can’t leave because of her job. He gets assaulted when he visits the school for the first time after unintentionally freaking out a girl by pretending to be someone else.

The body switching takes place late that night. When Hyung-seok attempts to awaken his first body, his second body falls asleep and he awakens as his previous self. Hyung-seok quickly understands how the entire procedure works. He has endured terrible bullying due of his appearance his entire life. He believes that this is the ideal chance for him to let go of the chains of the past and advance.

The first day he attends the new school, an extraordinary event occurs. Everyone in the room is openly staring at him as he enters. When one group of students respects him, the other is intimidated. Because he believes Mi-jin, the girl he likes, is drawn to the new student like the other girls in the class, Jin-seong, the kid who beat Hyung-seok’s first body the day before, is envious. Even though he is a boxer, Jin-seong fights Hyung-seok and loses.

Hyung-seok receives undue attention as a result from other school fighters, notably Basco, the boss of a group called Burn Knuckle. Basco, a student of architecture, sees himself as a Robin Hood for bullies and the people they victimize. He dislikes Hyung-seok in his second body right away due to a variety of misunderstandings. At one point, they even engage in combat, with Hyung-seok coming out on top. In the end, all of their differences are resolved, and they start to get along.

Additionally, Hyung-seok befriends Hong Jae-yeol, a mysteriously wealthy boy who sends Hyung-seok numerous bags full of clothing and accessories after understanding that some of the other boys have discovered Hyung-seok’s financial situation and are intending to make fun of him for it. Jin-seong and Hyung-seok become friends after Jin-seong quits picking conflicts with people.

Mi-jin. But more crucially, Park Ji-ho and Pyeon Deok-hwa, two students who experienced terrible bullying at the new school, became good friends with Hyung-seok.

As was already noted, Hyung-seok’s subpar GPA prompted him to enrol in the fashion design program. His true love is singing. Deok-hwa, a bright young rapper from the vocal dance class, is in the meantime. But a music producer chooses his less talented classmate over him because of his size. In the season finale, Hyung-seok and Deok-hwa resolve their own problems and perform at the school festival that wins the tournament. The aforementioned music producer approaches Hyung-seok with a deal, but when he declines to give it to Deok-hwa due to the same concerns as before, even after acknowledging the young rapper’s potential, Hyung-seok is adamant in his refusal.

Lookism Ending: Who Else Can Switch Bodies Like Park Hyung-seok?

The genesis of Hyung-seok’s second body and how he can switch his consciousness between the two bodies while sleeping are mysteries that are not addressed in the first season of “Lookism.” But by the conclusion of the season, we are aware that Choi Su-Jeong is capable of doing the same. In contrast to most others, Choi Su-Jeong is truly kind to Hyung-seok when she first encounters him in his previous body. She conversely displays a chilly and distant demeanour toward Hyung-seok in his second body, however, as with Basco, there is a great deal of misunderstanding at play. She must also have realised that Hyung-seok has two bodies, as it is strongly hinted.

In addition to these two, Hong Jae-yeol can also have two bodies. But he might also be acting generously out of mere kindness or even attraction to Hyung-seok.

It appears that Su-Jeong and Hyung-seok are the only two dual-bodied individuals in the original Manhwa. But there might be others as well. To provide one example, DG, the K-pop singer who was introduced toward the conclusion of the season, likely had two bodies previously. At the time, he went under the name James Lee, which he later dropped. He might have had two bodies at that time, but he may have ultimately chosen to get rid of one. DG also has the potential to be the most dominant figure in the “Lookism” universe.

How Does Park Hyung-seok get the power to switch bodies?

The animated series hasn’t really disclosed much about it, as was already said, and it looks that the Manhwa isn’t much different. However, there are a lot of options.

Choi Dong-soo, also known as the Elite and the father of Su-Jeong, is the head of the HNH Group, a conglomerate. It’s quite likely that he had a hand in their creation given that his daughter has a second body. Additionally, he reunited the Ten Geniuses’ members. The Ten Geniuses are a group of ten individuals who possess genius-level knowledge in a variety of fields. Su-Jeong, for instance, is an expert in business. The DNA of these ten individuals may have been combined to generate the second bodies.

It’s equally plausible that Hyung-seok and Su-Jeong’s second bodies represent them at their best. Those bodies are the ideal representation of who they are. This notion appears to be confirmed by the way that, as a result of intensive training, Hyung-seok’s first body in the Manhwa has begun to resemble his second body more and more.

Another theory is that Su-Jeong and Hyung-seok are those bodies’ most recent users. They had already been utilised by others. Previous users in Hyung-seok’s instance may have included DG or possibly Dong-soo.

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