Lupin Season 3 : Release Date, Possible plot, Cast & Other Major Details

Lupin Spoilers to follow.

Season three of Lupin (or part three, if you prefer) is currently in full swing, according to Omar Sy and the website of Assane Diop, who plays the role.

“Nothing can be kept a secret from you. Part 3 of Lupin is official! “He tweeted the information when a French journalist did so.

Although Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed anything, the prospects are looking strong considering the very enthusiastic response to the first two chapters.

We’ll have to wait and see what Netflix plans to do with this series, Sy said to Deadline. “Our first wager was to bring this character to life and start a franchise, and we won. The franchise already exists; it is now up to Netflix to decide what to do with it. We’ll see what they suggest, but this character is really fun, and if I can, I’d love to see him or her again tomorrow.”

Here is all the information you require about Lupin season three.

Lupin season 3 potential release date: When will it air?

This year’s first instalment arrived in early January, and the second one arrived on June 11. Unless they surreptitiously taped the location, in which case we would be looking at another January premiere for the first portion (spoiler: they didn’t, and we weren’t), mid-2022 would be the best case scenario for the upcoming batch of episodes.

But as you can see, we don’t really know, therefore this is all speculation. When information becomes available, we’ll update this page.

Lupin season 3 cast: Who’s in it?

Lupin is unquestionably Sy’s show, so we can anticipate his return as Assane with his charm in tow.

“My dream part was brought up during a discussion about the show’s production with Gaumont, the show’s producer. It didn’t take me long to say, “Lupin,” “To The Hollywood Reporter, he said.

“He’s the person; it’s a classic book for us, you know? He’s also like the best toy you could get for an actor. You can do anything with him, after all. I had the opportunity to try everything. I can be humorous. It’s dramatic. There is movement. all have the same personality.”

Assane’s best friend Benjamin (Antoine Gouy), Claire (Ludivine Sagnier), their son Raoul (Etan Simon), detective Guedira (Soufiane Guerrab), Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem (Shirine Boutella), and Captain Romain Laugier round out the group (Vincent Londez).

Flashbacks are also likely to include Assane’s father Babakar (Fargass Assandé), as well as young Assane, Claire, and Benjamin.

Additionally, towards the conclusion of season two, shackled in the backs of police cars were corrupt police commissioner Gabriel Dumont (Vincent Garanger) and Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre) (more on that later). Whether their narrative is over at this point is still up in the air. We wouldn’t anticipate Pellegrini’s daughter Juliette (Clotilde Hesme) to make a comeback either if he’s gone.

Additionally, co-creator George Kay told Variety that we may anticipate seeing some fresh faces.

Lupin season 3 plot: What will happen?

“We’re now discussing that. Despite the fact that we are still in the writing phase, we have a lot of ideas and things we want to do and convey “said Omar Sy to EW.

As Lupin’s second appearance came to a close, Assane revealed Pellegrini’s misdeeds to the public and cleared his father’s name; in the climax, the morally bankrupt businessman was apprehended by the police. The fact that the authorities now have concrete proof of his wrongdoing does not mean that he will spend the rest of his life in prison, but it is possible that Pellegrini won’t be involved in this story any more.

Having said that, Assane may have had his comeuppance in season two, but Pellegrini is still in trouble.

“It depends on what Pellegrini, everyone else, and even he, experience next. because it’s not entirely done. Although he has completed the majority of the work, it is not yet finished. There were several unanswered questions after the conclusion of episode 10, “Sy said to EW.

Of course, he had the option of breaking out once more and returning with an even stronger determination to destroy Assane. However, that conclusion is the ideal starting point for authors Kay and François Uzan to spin a new tale, giving Assane plenty of chance to display his mouthwatering variety of cunning and deceit, along with a plethora of different disguises.

After a quick but heartfelt parting with Claire and their son on “Raoul’s bridge,” he has since disappeared. But since the man himself stated that he will return, we will hold him to that promise.

We’d like to see a brand-new adversary when he does make a comeback. Perhaps Pellegrini is a member of a larger organisation, and the leadership of that organisation is particularly miffed that Assane destroyed their most recent attempts to gain enormous money. We are aware that Pellegrini was able to escape police custody after being initially detained because he had a direct channel to the interior minister. Does this immediately reach the top?

Or will Assane’s history rear its ugly head again? The options are numerous and abundant.

According to Kay, he’ll “build a fresh adventure that will continue forward from there and further disturb Assane,” as quoted by Variety. He added that he will keep Assane’s backstory explained and that he intends to maintain the story taking place in Paris.

Given that Lupin and Sherlock (or Herlock Sholmès) cross paths in the source material, Kay has also hinted at the possibility of a Sherlock Holmes crossover.

Speaking candidly, he said that there had been “discussions” (via RadioTimes). There are certain concepts surrounding that that I have and would really like to investigate.

Added him: “If you really want to take it to the meta level, the Sherlock Holmes fanbase and the Arsene Lupin fans, which are both well defined within the programme, would have to lock antlers. It’s nothing we haven’t talked about, and having that much fun would be awesome.”

If the series goes into season three and beyond, Lupin should have additional assistance whether he encounters Holmes or not.

Sy told EW, “When you read the books, Lupin has a lot of collaborators. “But in the episode, he only had Benjamin. Because he needs other workers, he recruits them in a similar way to how he hired Philippe Courbet. So having that was interesting. And I believe that eventually it will be more exciting to have a large cast of characters.

“You need other people because, despite being the mastermind, you cannot accomplish everything on your own. He is very good at gathering people around him. A lot of fun was had playing with that. It’s something I like about Lupin.”

Though you shouldn’t anticipate Lupin to suddenly become violent when it returns, certain shows can become darker as they reach their third season.

“We took great care throughout the entire show to avoid having our hero use violence. As a result, Assane doesn’t use violence; he simply goes about his business. One of Lupin’s guiding principles is that he abstains from violence and murder. And we wanted you to think, “Maybe he’s going to do it,” at that very time. since there is a lot. It concerns his father, and after all these years of anticipation and resentment, perhaps something will transpire.

“And perhaps he will switch to the opposite side. Why not, then? That actually was doable. We wanted to have that moment and give the audience the impression that maybe he’s going to do it by having him come back into himself, being wiser than that, and being able to control his rage.”

Lupin season 3 trailer: When can I watch it?

We’ll have a better idea once we know that because trailers normally come out a month before the premiere.


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