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Majesty Williams Missing: Desperate Search for Answers

Majesty Williams’ disappearance shocked the country, and her ultimate safe return was an occasion for joy.

On April 1, 2021, Majesty was only five years old when her mother, Andrea McCord, kidnapped her.

The kidnapping was reported to the Smyrna Police Department by her father, James Williams.

She wasn’t discovered, though, until July 17 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, two years later.

Majesty and James Williams were reunited thanks to the efforts of several organisations, including the US Marshal service, NCMEC, and the Smyrna Police Department.

This serves as a warning to struggling families to turn to the legal system for assistance rather than using illicit means.

Let’s go over Majesty Williams’ kidnapping and final reunion with her father in great detail.

Timeline of Majesty Williams’ abduction

Andrea McCord and James Williams had already broken up when McCord went to see her daughter at James’ residence in Smyrna, Georgia.

However, during this visit, Andrea allegedly kidnapped Majesty Williams and took James Williams’ vehicle before fleeing the scene.

She afterwards texted James Williams to let him know that she had left his car at a supermarket.

The kidnapping was reported by James Williams to the Smyrna Police Department.

Andrea McCord was also the subject of a felony arrest warrant for interstate interference with child custody.

However, because McCord was hard to find, the case gained national attention.

Majesty Williams’ story was highlighted by the Missing Kids Organisation on the television programme On Patrol: Live in an effort to attract attention and help find her.

The Search for Majesty Williams missing

In order to find Andrea McCord and Majesty Williams, the US Marshals Service, the Smyrna Police Department, and the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) worked together.

It was challenging, though, because McCord had gone to Mexico with the infant.

As a result, the authorities provided Majesty Williams’ worried video recordings to NCMEC, which allowed viewers to empathise with this adorable girl.

James Williams’ daughter was being actively sought after as a result of the show’s fans’ desire to aid him in finding her.

After two years of looking, the authorities finally found Andrea McCord and Custodio Geurra in San Luis Potosi.

For their roles in the kidnapping, they were both taken into custody.

The NCMEC and Smyrna Police Department’s cooperation was crucial in the search for Majesty Williams, for which the Smyrna Police Department expressed gratitude.

The reunion of James & Majesty Williams

James and Majesty Williams reunited on Sunday, July 16, at Atlanta, Georgia’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport, after a two-year absence.

James Williams thanked the authorities for their part in the successful search once they were reunited.

Majesty Williams is finally secure and reunited with her father at home, where he is ecstatic to have her back.

Majesty Williams’ story serves as evidence that lost children can be located and returned to their family with the right amount of persistence and tenacity.

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