Marco Chereze death

Marco Chereze Death: Remembering the Late Musician

Nobody can deny that the prospect that humans and other animals on Earth are not the only living things in the cosmos has long been a source of fascination, discussion, and humour. However, James Fox’s original documentary “Moment of Contact” (2022), which examines some of the most compelling proof of extraterrestrial existence to date, essentially solidifies this narrative. One of these is the claim that Marco Eli Chereze perished in 1996 after being scratched by an alien; if you’re only interested in knowing more about this, we have the information for you.

Who Was Marco Chereze?

By 1996, Marco had only just turned 23, but he had already made a wonderful life for himself as a military officer in addition to being a patriot, son, brother, and husband. According to archives, this native of Southeast Brazil served as a vital component of all national operations and held the prestigious status of Corporal inside the Army Police’s Secret Service. So it should come as no surprise that he played a significant role in the entire chain of events that followed the alleged UFO crash on January 13, 1996, which occurred about six miles from the prestigious town of Varginha.

However, it wasn’t until January 20 that fears intensified following reports of two ET beings being spotted in the city, only for Marco to capture one with his bare hands. The military really closed off a few residential blocks without warning or justification for the most of that fateful day, but it was apparently pure coincidence that brought him across the beast. According to the documentary, it crossed the path of him and his supervisor Eric Lopes as they were casually driving along a road in the middle of the evening in search of anything weird.

This gripping James Fox film further explains how Marco, who was in the passenger seat, managed to arrive to his destination before the other government agents did. Even so, he grabbed it without any safety gear of any type and threw it into the back of their car since he wasn’t ready or knew exactly what or who he was dealing with. The two then brought the “alien” to a hospital, where it purportedly swiftly died despite the fact that an entire wing of the establishment had been quickly sealed off to keep things under control.

How Did Marco Chereze Die?

The Editor of Brazilian UFO Magazine A.J. Gevaerd once publicly stated, “After [Marco] captured the creature, he was smelling it in his body, in his clothes — he had this strange feeling of something greasy or sticky over [him] that came from the creature.” He had an infection that persisted. It had been getting worse for two to three weeks, and it appears that his immune system had malfunctioned. One of the doctors who treated him commented, “I’ve never seen anything like [it] in my entire medical career,” in those exact words.

Shortly after the odd being was apprehended, Marco underwent minor surgery to remove a small abscess, according to one of “UFO-logist” Ubirajara Rodrigues’ written publications on this Varginha episode. This small area of damage appeared to be the result of a bodily cut the Corporal had sustained from the suspect during their heated battle at the time of their arrest on January 20.

Unfortunately, Marco later developed a high fever and started to complain of excruciating pain in various parts of his body, which led to his admission to the intensive care unit (ICU). Even though he had been moved to another facility that morning, February 15, 1996, he died from sepsis few hours later. The infection’s origin has never been determined.

Marco’s family did eventually band together for an autopsy, which revealed he passed away from pneumonia, benign bacteria, and generalised infection, albeit the exact cause of death is still unknown. Additionally, we should point out that his boss Eric Lopes has since distanced himself from the Varginha incident in its entirety; he no longer even wants to appear in public, much less talk about it.

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