10 Max Mayfield Moments That Defined Her Character In Stranger Things

Max Mayfield debuted in Stranger Things’ second season and has since grown in popularity. Max, who was outstandingly represented by Sadie Sink, rose to prominence in the most recent fourth season as a key part of the squad.

Max has gone through some serious highs and lows, particularly in season four, including her romance with Lucas and her friendships with the gang. Max experienced some traumatic events and terrible moments, such as mourning Billy’s passing and coping with Vecna. Overall, she has emerged as one of the most likable, well-developed, and greatest characters on the program.

MadMax Arrives In Stranger Things Season 2

Before she even arrived on the screen, Max Mayfield stole the show as an iconic character. At the beginning of season two, Dustin and Lucas are irritated an unknown entity by the screen moniker MADMAX keeps beating their high scores in the arcade.

Lucas and Dustin are impressed when they learn she’s a girl and the same age as the younger teens. Mike is less interested in getting to know Max and including her in the group since he thinks the lads are trying to replace Eleven.

She Gets In The Driver’s Seat

When Max gets in the driver’s seat, she establishes herself as the team’s new “zoomer.” ye., and. Max then moves forward, much to his disgust.

When Steve awakens and notices a 12-year-old driving, he panics; however, Max is able to maintain concentration. Despite Steve’s shouts, Max manages to bring the crew to their goal somewhat unscathed in the unforgettable sequence. She may not be the finest driver.

Max And Lucas Dance At The Snowball

Max teases Lucas and Dustin about their apparent obsession with her as they grow closer to her throughout the course of season two. Max calls Lucas a “stalker,” but over time, they form a close, lighthearted bond that results in her acquiescing to dance with him at the Snow Ball.

Max and Lucas, Mike and Eleven, Nancy and Dustin, and others dance to the music and forget the difficulties of the season in a touching scene. Unexpectedly, Max is the one to start a kiss between her and Lucas, indicating that she h as feelings for both of them.

Max Stands Up To Billy

At the conclusion of season two, Max demonstrated her true badassness. To defend her new pals, she confronts her violent stepbrother Billy. Billy receives a sedated injection from Max, who then threatens him with Steve’s bat modified with nails. Billy decides to back off and leave her friends alone after witnessing the resilience his little sister possesses and being likely impressed that she has finally challenged him.

Max Helps Eleven Have Fun

Max and Eleven have a difficult beginning, but by season three, their friendship is improving. Eleven is taken to the mall by Max, who demonstrates how to have fun without the lads when Mike starts lying to her.

The two try on outfits, snap pictures, eat ice cream, and play practical jokes on cruel girls as Madonna’s Material Girl plays. For the first time, thanks to Max’s friendship, Eleven can have fun and feel what it’s like to be an average teen girl.

She Stands Up For Eleven

From the outset, Max and Mike have had a bit of a rivalry. This persists into season three as Max tries to assist Eleven in developing her own identity and creating a life independent of what Mike desires. Mike is adamant that it is excessive when Eleven wants to use her abilities to aid in the hunt for the Mindflayer. Eleven is pushed by Max to discover her own limitations and take ownership of how she uses her abilities. Both aren’t totally correct, but it’s encouraging to watch Max defend the only other girl in the young teen’s group.

Billy Dies In Max’s Arms

There is no disputing Billy Hargrove’s bad character. He is abusive toward Max, violent toward others, and hates Lucas because of his race (or at least that is strongly implied). However, every single viewer was overcome with compassion for Max as Billy passed away in her arms.

Despite his prior behavior, Sadie Sink’s superb portrayal made it clear that Max was grieving the loss of a family member. Every spectator in the room immediately put themselves in Max’s position and experienced her suffering as she mourned Billy’s passing.

Max Escapes Vecna Using Music

Max succeeds in escaping Vecna’s grasp in one of the most talked-about scenes of season four. Fred and Chrissy were unable to do so. Max considers about the positive aspects of her life as the group sings Running Up That Hill, one of her favourite songs.

Max is able to overcome Vecna and flee in the direction of the light after having visions of her friendship with the gang and her connection with Lucas. Fans were on the edge of their seats as Max dashed over the blood-soaked hellscape and back to reality.

She Opens Herself Up To Lucas Again

Max cut herself off from her friends, especially Lucas, after Billy’s passing because she was overcome with grief, headaches, and nightmares. While giving Max some room, Lucas also let her know he was available if she needed him. The two rekindle their friendship in the season finale as they wait for Vecna’s arrival.

Max tells Lucas that she appreciates his support and that they should go on a date after everything is finished. Many people still have faith that Lucas and Max would go on their movie date in spite of everything that has happened to them in their relationship.

Max Puts Herself In Harms Way To Lure Out Vecna

When Max puts herself up as bait, she demonstrates why she’s one of the bravest and most selfless characters in Stranger Things. Max knocks Kate Bush aside and invites Vecna in to keep him occupied, allowing Nancy, Robin, and Steve the advantage in their struggle against his upside-down form.

Not everything works out as planned, though, as Max suffers the same fate as Vecna’s prior victims before Eleven is able to revive her. Audiences had to witness one of the best characters on the show suffer through excruciating pain while also knowing she was soon to die in one of the most horrifying but also devastating scenes.

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