Mayans M.C. The Calling of Saint Matthew (TV Episode 2022) Recap (Mayans Season 4 Episode 9)

Season 4 of Mayans MC is gradually coming to a conclusion. In episode 9, everything took off with a startling revelation regarding a crucial individual. Bishop has a second shot at love, Miguel Galindo makes a business proposal, and Adelita and Angel pick a name for their unborn child.

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 9 spoilers are present in this article.

Miguel Galindo returns with a business proposition

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 9 opens with Miguel Galindo returning to the area. Galindo assures Alvarez that he wasn’t there to kill him when Alvarez pulls a gun on him after spotting him in a car outside his home. In the meantime, EZ awakens in bed with Sofia, his love interest. When JJ shows up, EZ is frightened into standing. Knowing that EZ has been collaborating with the federal government, he threatens EZ. It turns out that JJ’s only goal in working with the Club is to earn some additional cash.

Galindo and El Banquero’s sister Soledad are the first people EZ and Alvarez meet. The latter suggests a fresh arrangement meant to lessen violence and boost revenue. Galindo will act as Soledad’s representative in Canada. Alvarez said that he needs to consider the idea. Soledad assures him that “My brother will be handled” when he inquires about El Banquero’s opinion of the agreement.

Alvarez meets with Santo Padre later and informs them about Galindo’s return and the offer. He does, however, add that he does not intend to accept the offer. This disgusts EZ and many other Club members. Taza makes a declaration that he will leave Santo Padre and become a nomad before the gathering is complete. Alvarez accedes to the demand.

Adelita and Angel choose a name for their son in ‘Mayans MC’ Season 4 Episode 9

Angel spends time with Adelita and their son in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 9. He understands that the boy needs a name, but the two are unable to agree on one. Rae, who is still residing at Gilly’s house, wakes him up when he is fast asleep in his automobile. He teaches her son how to make the bed “military style” when she tells him that her son had an accident.

Adelita turns the corner and sees Lincoln Potter carrying her infant as she returns to Angel’s home. Adelita previously murdered Anna Linares, whose infant the couple had adopted, as well as her husband. Police suspect that the fatalities were a murder-suicide, according to Potter. He still makes the ominous suggestion that the investigation might be reopened. Adelita is adamant that she won’t comply with Potter’s demands. He refuses and goes outside.

Nails sees Angel at his request in the interim. He genuinely apologises for not being there for Nails and for what she endured, which is unexpected. Nails loosens up a little as Angel calls him a piece of s***. She assures Angel that his lovely heart would one day surpass his rest of him. Nails continues, “It simply makes me sad that I won’t be there to see it. Both Angel and Nails promise to make an effort to be fine. Adelita later consents to calling the child Maverick.

Bishop goes on a date with Maggie and Emily decides to run

Bishop bumps into Maggie at the laundromat. At Alvarez’s dinner party earlier in Mayans MC Season 4, Bishop was a total jerk to Maggie. Bishop tries to leave but is stopped by Maggie. She expresses regret for talking about her grandchildren at the gathering when she was unaware that Bishop had lost a child. Bishop, she continues, “is still an asshole.”

Bishop is strangely taken by Maggie and invites her to catch a drink with him later. Maggie, however, insists that it must be on her “playing field” if he wants to see her tonight. Later, when Bishop and Maggie are seen bowling together, Bishop seems to be actually enjoying himself.

The moment has come for Emily to run for office, she has decided. She gives her sister Erin the go-ahead to go with her son first, and she will follow after a few days when she is confident that no one is following her. Sadly, a video footage shows a spooky-looking man walking into a room where Erin begs and a gunshot rings out.

‘Mayans MC’ Season 4 Episode 9 reveals a shocking truth about Creeper’s girlfriend

It seems that things with Creeper’s new girlfriend, Kody, are not what they appear. She’s an undercover cop named Kate, as shown in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 9. Unannounced visitation from her employer who puts pressure on her to obtain more permanent information. There are cameras throughout Kate’s home, and her bedroom will soon have one as well.

Kody and Creeper converse as they lay in bed towards the end of the episode. Creeper is abruptly grabbed by Kody and led into the restroom. She turns on the water so that the microphones won’t pick up her statements and appears to be honest with Creeper about her covert activities.

Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST, Mayans MC Season 4 premieres a new episode.

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