Who Is Micheal Ciminella? Ashley Judd’s Father And What Is He Known For?

Michael Ciminella, a 77-year-old American businessman and marketing strategist, is best known for having been Naomi Judd’s first husband. Naomi Judd was a late, well-known singer and songwriter in the country. Here you may find out anything about the famous hubby.

How Old is Michael Ciminella?

Michael Ciminella, who was born in 1945, is 77 years old at the moment. He hasn’t, however, provided his his birthdate. He was born in Kentucky to his father, who he has decided to remain anonymous, and his mother, Mary Bernardine Dalton.

Michael received his fundamental education in a variety of neighbourhood schools in Kentucky before continuing his studies at a university, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. He pursued a profession as a marketing consultant after finishing his studies and established an incredible company empire.

Michael Ciminella achieved success in business and the corporate world, but he didn’t garner as much media attention as he did when he started dating Naomi Judd.


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Michael Ciminella Got Famous as Naomi Judd’s Husband

Ciminella, Michael Got Famous as Naomi Judd’s Husband On March 1, 1964, Naomi Judd and her first husband, Michael Ciminella, exchanged vows in a small ceremony. They experienced a number of issues throughout their marriage, though, and 8 years later they were forced to split. The pair had a child together prior to their divorce.

American singer and songwriter Naomi is well-known. Her parents, chef Pauline Judd and gas station owner Charles Glenn Judd, welcomed her into the world in Ashland, Kentucky, in the United States. She was 76 years old when she passed away on April 30, 2022. She was born on January 11, 1946.

She started dating Charles Jordan when she was 17 and gave birth to Wynonna Judd for him at the age of 18. Charles, however, was unable to handle the load and later left Naomi with their young daughter.

Naomi Became Michael Ciminella’s Wife in 1964 But Married Another Man in 1989

Naomi married her first husband, Michael Ciminella, in 1964. Michael later adopted Naomi’s daughter and gave her the new name Wynonna Ellen Ciminella. The couple had their daughter Ashley Tyler Ciminella in 1968, which was four years later.

Naomi changed the names of her kids to Wynonna Ellen Judd and Ashley Judd when Michael and Naomi were divorced in 1972. On April 6, 1989, she wed Larry Strickland, her second husband, after spending 17 years apart.

Naomi was identified as having a mental disease in her later years, and she passed away on April 30, 2022. Ashley discussed her mother’s deteriorating mental health and how she had shot herself in the head after Ashley had left her alone for a short while in an interview with ABS Good Morning America.

One day following her passing Naomi and her first child Wynonna created the American country music group The Judds, which was honoured by the Country Music Hall of Fame. The loss of their mother has particularly affected Ashley and Judd, who are still attempting to come to terms with the enormous loss.

How Many Children Did Naomi and Michael Have?

Ashley Ciminella was the only child that Naomi Judd and Michael Ciminella had together. Despite contradictory reports to the contrary, the couple did indeed have a second daughter named Wynonna Judd.

Wynonna was actually Naomi’s child with her ex-boyfriend Charles Jordan, it was later discovered. Wynonna was adopted by Michael when he wed Naomi, and for many years she believed he was her biological father because of how much he loved her.

Meet Ashley Judd, Naomi Judd’s Biological Daughter With Michael Ciminella


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Ashley Tyler Judd, a well-known American singer, activist, and philanthropist, was born on April 19, 1968, and is best known for being Naomi Judd’s second child with her first husband, Michael Ciminella.

Ashley, who is currently 54 years old, was born on April 19, 1968, in Granada Hills, California. Up until her parents’ divorce in 1972, when she was just 4 years old, she was raised by both of her parents. Following that, Ashley and her mother relocated to Kentucky, though she attended school with her father.

She Has Had to Struggle with Mental Health Challenges

She admitted that she had gone through a number of painful events in her life. She admitted that her mother’s numerous relationships with men had caused her to be inappropriately exposed to sex at an early age and that her childhood had been traumatising.

She also had to spend the majority of her childhood alone, with the exception of the years she attended school with her father, because her mother and step-sister were always on the go. According to reports, Ashley experienced a string of sadness, insomnia, and codependency about 2007. She fought hard and successfully overcame these mental illnesses, which is fortunate.

Naomi Judd’s Daughter, Ashley Judd is an Actress and Political Activist

Ashley began acting in 1991, but her performances in films like Heat, The Passion of Darkly Noon, Eye of the Beholder, and Kiss the Girls have made her more well-known. Despite the fact that it seems she has little ambition in being a full-time actress, she did well in the few films she appeared in to gain notoriety as an actress.

Ashley donates her time to a number of charitable causes in addition to her acting career. She serves as YouthAids’s global ambassador and belongs to the International Center for Research on Women’s Leadership Center. She enthusiastically supported Barack Obama during his campaign as a political activist.

She wed her spouse, Dario Franchitti, in 2001. Sadly, they got divorced in 2013, and she hasn’t found love since.


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Michael Ciminella Has a Close Relationship With His Daughters

Michael and his two daughters are very close. His daughter Ashley stated that he was the one parent that was always there, and he didn’t let his divorce interfere with his relationship with children.

Wynonna and Ashley both adore Michael and are grateful that he is their father. Ashley in particular frequently posts photos of herself and her father attending events on her Instagram feed. She posted a message on her Facebook in February 2021 to express her gratitude to her father for supporting her during the terrible time following her accident in the Congo.

Where is Michael Ciminella Now?

Alive and well is Michael Ciminella. Even though there have been claims that he passed away in 1992, Michael Ciminella has a very active Facebook account (@MichaelCiminella), and he has recently appeared in a few of his daughter’s Instagram postings.

He has not remarried since his relationship with Naomi Judd ended, and he has given up his active profession to live a quiet life in Kentucky.

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