Murder of Tori Stafford: Where Are Michael Rafferty & Terri-Lynne McClintic Today?

The producers of “Signs of a Psychopath: Wolves” on Investigation Discovery travel to Ontario, Canada to investigate the terrible murder of 8-year-old Victoria “Tori” Stafford. Terri-Lynne McClintic and Michael Rafferty kidnapped Tori from outside her school, killed her, and dumped her body in a wilderness. However, the information that the authorities discovered startled the entire town and was the focus of at the time, significant media discussion. So, if you’re interested in learning what happened to Michael and Terri, look no further.

Who Are Michael Rafferty and Terri-Lynne McClintic?

On April 8, 2009, Tori attended school like she would have on any other day in Woodstock, Ontario. But she was never able to return home. Around 6 o’clock, Tori’s family began looking for her, and when they were unsuccessful, they reported her missing. The detectives quickly found a lead after watching security video from the locations around the school. On the day of her disappearance, shortly after 3:30 PM, Tori was spotted strolling outside the school with an unidentified woman. In the same location, a dark-colored vehicle was also seen on video.

In May 2009, Terri, 18, and Michael, 28, were arrested when the authorities released a composite drawing of the woman made from the video around two weeks earlier. Tori’s body had not been discovered, despite intensive searches. Despite being questioned for hours, Michael denied having any role with Tori’s disappearance. Terri, however, made the decision to assist the law enforcement.

Terri claimed that she and Michael had previously talked about kidnapping kids, and on the morning of April 8, he teased her into actually doing it. Michael thought younger women were “easier to control,” therefore he desired one. They consequently passed by the school where Terri had met Tori. She used the excuse of showing the young girl a puppy to entice her to the car. Tori was then placed in the backseat as Michael began to drive. They drove to a rural site close to Mount Forest, Ontario, after Terri went to a nearby hardware store to buy a claw hammer and some trash bags.

Terri claimed th at she exited the vehicle as Michael sexually attacked Tori over there. He then struck her with the hammer while covering her head with a trash bag. They wrapped the body in additional trash bags, buried it beneath a group of boulders, and then sped off. They then got rid of the hammer and their clothes and had the car cleaned. Tori’s DNA was later discovered in Michael’s automobile by investigators. Terri consented to take a plea bargain in exchange for testifying against Michael in court.

Her remains were discovered in a remote pasture not far from Mount Forest more than three months after Tori had been killed. Several hits to the head had caused her death. Terri was the featured witness at Michael’s 2012 trial. But in an unexpected turn of events, she insisted that she killed Tori with the hammer. Terri stated that she delivered the hammer strikes, despite the fact that Michael organised the entire incident and sexually attacked Tori. She claimed that witnessing Michael rape Tori brought back memories of her early years. “I went back to the car, and when I saw what was happening, all I saw was myself at that age,” she recalled. … all of the hatred, rage, and anger I had been harbouring toward myself spilled out of me.

Where Are Michael Rafferty and Terri-Lynne McClintic Now?

Terri was given a 25-year sentence to life in jail without the chance of release after entering a guilty plea to first-degree murder in April 2010. She later gave a testimony during Michael’s trial. He was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault in May 2012. Michael’s trial did not include additional evidence, such as the discovery of child pornography and torture movies on his computer or the fact that he enjoyed choking women.

Terri and Michael were both given the same punishment for the first-degree murder. For the kidnapping and sexual assault counts, he was given an extra 10 years in prison, to be served concurrently. When Terri was moved from a prison to a retreat in October 2018, there was some debate. Tori was returned to the Edmonton Institute for Women in Alberta, Canada after demand from her family and friends. Michael was transferred to the medium-security La Macaza Institution in Quebec, Canada, in December 2018. Additionally, he was charged with extorting money from his mother.

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