Who Is Kijafa Vick, Michael Vick’s Wife And What Does She Do?

Let Kijafa Frink Vick, Michael Vick’s wife, educate you on the value of loyalty. The businesswoman has supported her boyfriend through popularity, difficult financial times, and even a prison sentence, and she still believes in him. Thankfully, her unwavering commitment has paid off; Michael and Kijafa have both surmounted significant obstacles to find success in their personal and professional lives. According to Variety, the former NFL football star has been invited to participate in a documentary about the evolution of the Black quarterback in America. He stated: “I’m thrilled to be a part of this initiative since, when I was younger, all I wanted to do was play professional football in the National Football League. I never imagined that I would be the first African American quarterback selected in the first round. I am aware that was a significant stride for our society.” Naturally, Kijafa will work as one of the docuseries’ executive producers with her husband. Nobody, after all, is more familiar with his tale than she is.

On their tenth wedding anniversary, Kijafa and Michael also reaffirmed their vows side by side, according to Side Action. On the day of their renewed vows, the WAG was accompanied by their four children and dressed in a lovely white bridal gown. Kijafa looked stunning in the romantic, figure-hugging fantasy dress. She is knowledgeable about clothing because her profession is around empowering people, even when they are struggling.

Kijafa chases her own success

Early on in her relationship with NFL great Michael Vick, Kijafa Vick understood the importance of being able to support herself and her children. “When he went to prison, I had to begin to find myself and stop living behind him and his light and go out and do my own thing,” she said to TT Torrez in 2011. I went to Hampton University and made sure I graduated because I wanted to ensure that I had a life apart from Mike’s life, Kijafa continued. “I wanted my daughters to know that you don’t necessarily have to depend on a man to take care of you,” she said.

According to IMDb, Kijafa made money as an executive producer for the television programmes “Baller Wives” and “The Michael Vick Project.” She has also discovered her specialty in the retail sector. Kijafa and her boyfriend, Blair Sandlain, are co-owners of the clothing company PNK Elephant, according to Black Enterprise. According to her bio on I Am Athlete, Kijafa established the PNK Dress Foundation, through which she donates previously owned prom dresses to people who might not otherwise be able to afford them. She didn’t need to take on a new role outside of her family, as she said on WAGs Redefined. I wanted to have something that I could call my own, she added.

Kijafa Vick is a wife and mother first

Jada, London, and Michael Jr. are the three children that Kijafa Vick and her husband have. According to USA Today High School Sports, Michael Vick also has a son from a prior relationship named Mitez. Like most devoted mothers, Kijafa frequently shares pictures of her family on social media and occasionally expresses her love for them in front of large crowds. Informing Ocean Drive, “Although being a mother is a difficult job, it is also the most rewarding one that God could give a woman. Being a mother has taught me how to bring up my children to be nice and socially conscious, particularly in today’s culture.” Kijafa is aware that the difficulties that mothers today encounter are different from those that mothers in earlier generations faced.

Fortunately, it appears that Michael will defend her as well. Kijafa lauded Michael even further in an interview with WAGS Redefined, adding, “Mike is a wonderful father. He can put together clothes and email me images while I’m gone for a week.” Michael seems to be learning from his wife, who looks to have everything under control. “I am most pleased of being an all-around woman,” says Kijafa. This girl has always looked out for her family as well as for herself.

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