My Name Is Vendetta Ending: What Exactly Happens To Santo?

The phrase “kill or be killed” serves as the central theme of the Italian action thriller film “My Name Is Vendetta.” This Cosimo Gomez film stars Ginevra Francesconi, Remo Girone, and Alessandro Gassmann. It describes Santo and Sofia, a father and daughter team, going on a vengeance mission. Santo and Sofia see the mobsters killing their family. They therefore prepare to wreak revenge.

Gore, brutality, family legacies, and the ultimate struggle for victory are all featured in the film. The film is sure to leave audiences perplexed with its fast-paced narrative and exciting action scenes. We can help if you’re looking for explanations for “My Name Is Vendetta’s” cliffhanger. Here is all the information you require! Spoilers follow!

My Name Is Vendetta Plot Synopsis

The first scene of the film shows a content family supporting their competitive daughter as she plays ice hockey. Her victory in the game has both of her parents beaming with pride. After winning the game, Santo takes Sofia to the mountains to practise off-road driving as promised. They enjoy each other’s company, converse, and laugh a lot. This demonstrates the close relationship between the father and daughter. Santo is a powerful man who easily melts when he sees his adored daughter.

Sofia publishes a photo of her dad on Instagram to showcase both her experience and her badass father, over Santo’s objections. As a result, Santo was made aware to the Lo Bianco crime family, who have been searching for him since since he murdered one of their sons. Soon, Marino Gallo and Rudi Crisara, two of Don Angelo’s soldiers, storm their home and execute Santo and his family. Sofia is able to flee while Santo is in the workplace. Don Angelo, the ruler of the Lo Bianco empire, is informed that Santo has escaped and orders his soldiers to pursue him and kill him at any costs.

Sofia mourns her mother’s passing while pleading with Santo to respond to her queries. The experience has left her feeling angry and confused. When they arrive at an abandoned structure, Santo comforts the woman and shares his past with her. He exposes his affiliation with the ‘Ndragheta and his real identity, Domenico Franzé. He also describes his past deeds and the reasons behind his decision to start over. Santo is seen removing his cache of weapons, cash, and passports. This demonstrates how prepared and equipped he is to deal with such circumstances. He had prepared for this in advance and did not want to rely on chance.

Santo sets out on his own to track down the culprits. He wants to know who shot him even though he is aware that Don Angelo sent the guys to assassinate him. Sofia becomes upset in the meantime after discovering her father’s reality. Sofia phones her boyfriend, Hakim, in spite of Santo’s orders to stop all communication. The location was discovered by Angelo’s men who had been pursuing them. Hakim is shot in the head while trying to flee, and Marino kidnaps Sofia. Santo battles him off and kills him at the very last second, acting like a true hero. But throughout the conflict, he sustains damage.

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Sofia looks for a hospital to get her father some first aid. She finds none, but eventually an abortion clinic that poses as a warehouse offers to help. Angelo’s guys track them down once more like a cat and mouse game. Santo and Sofia put everything they have into their fight, just escaping death. They want to kidnap Michele, Angelo’s son, and hold him hostage until Angelo confesses to his wrongdoing and turns himself up.

They are unaware that Michele is not Angelo’s favourite son. Angelo laments the day his second son passed away and wishes Michele had passed away instead. Michele is sent to be rescued by Angelo’s men, but they are powerless to do so. After killing all of Angelo’s men, Santo chokes him to death as the movie comes to a close.

My Name Is Vendetta Ending: What Happens to Santo?

When Santo sets out on his quest for vengeance, his skill in precise killing and his experience as an enforcer come into play. He thinks things carefully and plans every move he makes. He establishes himself as an experienced man with a bad background by concealing cash and weapons and silently killing every man who gets in his way. Santo and Sofia have a scheme to capture Michele and take down Angelo. However, he understands it won’t work out along the way. He comes up with a different strategy and pursues Angelo alone.

Santo defeats all armed men and guards at Don Angelo’s mansion in a gallant deed. He approaches Angelo by himself and effortlessly chokes him to death. Santo eloquently exacts his retribution, leaving Angelo struggling for air. He thinks that by doing this, their family feud will be resolved, and future generations might coexist harmoniously.

Santo gives Sofia a call to let her know how their plan failed. Actually, with one modification, it does work out. He always intended to exact retribution before leaving Sofia alone herself. The strong father shields his daughter from the consequences of his previous deeds. Santo turns himself in to the police, who shoot him dead on the spot. He sacrifices his life in an effort to protect his daughter from the tumult of this conflict. In actuality, Sofia is left alone and without nobody to support her after his death.

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To witness such a powerful, bold man die brutally is heartbreaking. But this is the price he must pay for his previous transgressions. After getting married to his wife, Ingrid, he was no longer guilty, but the police were not aware of his dislike of crime. He was dragged back into the world of crime and violence by the death of his family. Nevertheless, he died a hero after completing his vengeance goal.

Why Does Michele Visit Sofia?

For the families of Franzé and Lo Bianco, things appear to be improving after the passing of Angelo and Santo. Sofia is the final Franzé, whereas Michele is the final Lo Bianco heir. Sofia, who is underage, is detained by the police while she is being tried. She is shown spending her days in a cosy setting.

Unexpectedly, Sofia receives chocolate from Michele when she arrives. He obviously has a hidden agenda, so Sofia gets right to the point. When Sofia escapes from this situation unscathed, Michele extends a helping hand. She will soon be let free, he says, having gotten her charges dropped. Once more, Michele’s rivalry is made clear despite her seeming friendliness. Being a snitch by nature, Michele reaches out to Sofia in goodwill only to ruin her. With his business card in hand, Michele departs Sofia. When she requires assistance of any kind, he requests that she come to the office.

Michele is intending to eliminate her as soon as he gets the chance while hiding under the pretext of a truce. He tells Ferrario about this so that he can trace Santo and Sofia using the security footage. As Santo murders Michele’s father, Angelo, he plans his retaliation. Santo thinks he and Angelo will put a stop to the conflict, but Michele has other ideas. Michele doesn’t really care for his father, but he feels compelled to exact revenge on him. In addition, Michele is always witness to Angelo’s rudeness and lack of affection. Because Michele does not take up arms and just manages the business and money, it is obvious that he loves his other son more.

Why Does Sofia Kill Michele?

We witness Sofia’s maturation in the third act of the film. She develops into a genuine fighter like her father. In an earlier scene in the movie, Santo instructs her and explains the body places that need be struck to achieve the desired outcome. Sofia observes everything carefully. In several aspects, she reminds us of Santo and his instincts. They get along so well and comprehend each other because of this, which is another factor.

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For instance, Sofia acts rashly and tackles a member of the opposing team in the first hockey game. Santo concurs with Sofia’s actions and says that one should not remain silent in the face of an attack, but her mother worries about her fury. This demonstrates the similarities between the father and the daughter in terms of their tenacity, toughness, and fighting spirit.

Additionally, they both adore the book “The Call of the Wild,” which lays out the laws of the jungle. Santo was taught to be ruthless in the wild and has always lived by the maxim “kill or be killed.” Sofia picks up on her fierce dad’s cues and picks up a few things along the way. When Michele pays a visit, she immediately notices his sly demeanour. Sofia decides not to believe him after recognising his falsehoods.

Soon after, Sofia flees the hotel where she is staying. She goes to Michele’s offices and runs into his adversary there. When Michele thinks Sofia is come to accept the assistance he provided, Sofia yells out his broken truce. She quickly kills him with her father’s knife while praising Franzé. Sofia gives her dad’s adage some life. It turns out that this rule holds true not just in the wilds of the forest, but also in the untamed mafia and blood feuds. She discovers the vulnerability of mercy as well.

Michele is slain by Sofia because if she hadn’t, Michele would have found her and done the same to her. She is a Franzé in both name and essence, carrying on her father’s lineage. After killing someone for the very first time, Sofia leaves the office with pride. She appears to enjoy the flavour of retaliation and violence.

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