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New Jersey High School Grapples with Scandal Over AI-Generated Images

An inquiry by the police and a backlash from parents have been sparked by AI-generated obscene photos of female students at a high school in New Jersey. Male classmates produced the pictures, which were then shared, according to a report.

The incident centers on Westfield High School, which is situated in a wealthy enclave approximately 25 miles west of Manhattan, according to Forbes.

Students told The Wall Street Journal that one or more of their friends created these pornographic photographs using an internet AI application, which they subsequently shared with their social media network.

One worried mother said that on October 16, her daughter had observed strange conduct among the school’s sophomore boys.

The true nature of these activities—the creation and dissemination of pornographic images created by altering internet photos of girls and shared over group chats—was not revealed until October 20 by a fellow student.

Parents also stated that administrators at the school told a few female kids about their association with these fake, graphic photos. The school would not, however, affirm if any staff members saw these photos firsthand.

Dorota Mani, a different parent, voiced her worries regarding her 14-year-old daughter Francesca, whose picture was utilized to make a “deepfake.” Advanced counterfeits that closely resemble real photos are called deepfakes. Mani filed a police report after expressing concerns about the possible effects on her daughter’s personal and professional life.

Sensity, a visual threat intelligence business, claims that over 90% of deepfake images are explicit in nature and frequently include the likeness of well-known people.

Parents of the roughly 1,900 students at Westfield High School were informed about the event by principal Mary Asfendis. She gave them her word that the pictures had been removed and were no longer in use.

Asfendis emphasized how serious the situation was and how crucial it was that students understand the consequences of their conduct. She also promised to keep instructing pupils on how to use technology responsibly.

Information about how much of the students were involved in producing these fictitious obscene photos and about any disciplinary actions that were taken is not shared.

The first female mayor of Westfield, Shelley Brindle, pledged to fight for the rights of women and girls and voiced her profound concern.

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