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Odd Petter Magnussen Net Worth – How Did He Accumulate His Wealth?

Martine Mik Magnussen, a 23-year-old student from Norway, was brutally murdered in a cellar on Great Portland Street in London in 2008.

Her murder, according to the authorities, was a difficult and drawn-out process.

Right now, Odd Petter resides in Norway, the country where his daughter was born. In addition to having a small business that manufactured ski sleds, Odd successfully completed his IT marketing and sales service.

As his daughter passed away, he begged Abdulhak to go back to the US for punishment.

Following the investigator’s hard research and work, Farouk Abdulhak, a victim’s fellow student at the Regent’s Management School who is known to be the son of a Yemeni millionaire, was named as a suspect.

After a lengthy investigation and the careful work of the investigator, Farouk Abdulhak, a fellow Regent’s Management School student and the son of a Yemeni millionaire, was named as a suspect in the victim’s murder.

After 15 years, Farouk Abdulhak finally admitted his involvement in Martine’s murder.

Who is Odd Petter Magnussen?

Odd Peter works in the IT and marketing industries and formerly worked for a tiny company that made snow sleds.

His type of employment makes it impossible for sources to validate his current net worth or base salary.

Sources claim that Odd Petter Magnussen travelled to London to pay his respects in honour of his daughter Martine, who was killed 14 years prior.

In addition, the murderer’s father, Shaher Abdulhak, was a well-known Yemeni billionaire.

His estimated net worth at the time of his death was close to £ 6.8 billion, according to sources. Shaher went suddenly in 2020 in Germany while receiving treatment for a disease.

Update on Martine’s murder case

The son of a billionaire fled to Yemen following the 2008 murder of Norwegian student Martine Vik Magnussen in London. Farouk Abdulhak. He has now acknowledged to the BBC that he was involved in the case.

Vik Magnussen’s dead body was found in a cellar on Great Portland Street. Abdulhak has never before spoken publicly about the matter despite being wanted globally and being on the Metropolitan Police’s most wanted list.

On March 14, at two o’clock, she was seen exiting the Mayfair nightclub Maddox with her ex-boyfriend Farouk Abdulhak.

Compression to the neck caused Magnussen’s death, which points to strangulation.

She had 43 scratches and scrapes on her body, which are signs of injuries from an attack or a struggle, the coroner’s findings revealed.

Odd Petter Magnussen, the victim’s father, made a solid living for his family. He provides for his family by working like any other man.

He said that Vik Magnussen passed dead as a result of a “sex mishap gone wrong.”

During the course of five months, Abdulhak communicated with a BBC journalist with Yemeni ancestry over social media.

The texts that Abdulhak and the victim exchanged can be seen on various websites and online media.

Vik Magnussen was not specifically mentioned by Abdulhak, but the coroner’s report made clear how horrible her passing had been.

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