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Owen Labrie: Where Is the Sexual Offender Now?

A 15-year-old girl at Concord, New Hampshire’s St. Paul’s School thought the whole thing was harmless fun when she received an offer from Owen Labrie regarding a “senior salute.” But when the student ran into Owen, she said the senior forced her into a dimly lit mechanical room and sexually assaulted her without mercy. “Dateline: One Spring Night” details the police investigation that took place after the incident.

Who Is Owen Labrie?

Owen Labrie was a senior at Concord, New Hampshire’s St. Paul’s School and a resident of Tunbridge, Vermont. According to many who knew him, Owen was a student at heart, excelling academically and captaining the school’s soccer team. Furthermore, not long before the sexual assault event, Owen was accepted to Harvard University despite receiving an award for his services to the institution. In the meantime, the episode revealed that, despite being fairly well-liked by the girls, Owen had a reputation as a playboy. In addition, he eagerly anticipated the “senior salute,” which is an unwritten rule that permits a graduating student to ask a junior out on a date. However, his buddies had no idea that things would go murky.

chessy prout,owen labrie today,owen labrie wikipedia,owen labrie harvard,owen labrie story,did owen labrie go to college,owen labrie makeover,owen labrie today 2023,owen labrie testimonyThe show claimed that Owen just desired to propose the 15-year-old victim for a senior salute, and he discussed employing every tactic known to man to win her over. Sources revealed that he had dated her older sister in the past, and that sister had counseled the 15-year-old to turn down the senior salute proposal. Owen, however, was not one to back down and even asked his friends to tell the lady what he wanted. The 15-year-old eventually gave in to the request, and on May 30, 2014, in the afternoon, they even had a meeting with Owen. But although the junior thought the senior salute would equate to a makeout session, Owen led her into an electrical room that was completely dark before making his move on her.

The girl was afraid of what was happening, but she decided not to tell anyone right away because her older sister was graduating that same week. Nevertheless, as soon as her mother found out about the event, she brought her daughter to the hospital for a checkup and notified the school administration, who then contacted the police. Not only did the woman name Owen as her attacker, but the police also found the underwear she had on the day of the rape. After a fast DNA test on the underwear identified Owen Labrie’s semen, the elder Labrie was taken into custody and accused of rape.

Owen Labrie is Spending Time With Family Post-Release

Owen Labrie acknowledged meeting and having sex with the 15-year-old on May 30 after being arrested, but he insisted there was no penetration. Furthermore, he maintained that the victim never requested that he stop, and that following the event, she even message him on Facebook. Meanwhile, a couple of Owen’s pals went to the police and said they were aware of Owen’s intense desire to have a sexual relationship with the victim. They also disclosed that Owen had boasted in the days that followed the incident about finally having sex with the 15-year-old, despite his denials to authorities when they questioned him about having sex.

chessy prout,owen labrie today,owen labrie wikipedia,owen labrie harvard,owen labrie story,did owen labrie go to college,owen labrie makeover,owen labrie today 2023,owen labrie testimonyOwen maintained his innocence and refused to admit his role in the rape when he was brought before the court. He even entered a not guilty plea to the allegations against him because he thought his legal team could help him escape. But the prosecution had other ideas. They invited a number of Owen’s pals to testify, detailing his discussions about having sex with the victim. The 15-year-old was also summoned to testify by the prosecution so that the jury may hear a first-hand account of the occurrence.

The jury ultimately found Owen guilty on one felony count of luring a kid with the use of a computer, one count of endangering the welfare of a child, and three counts of misdemeanor sexual assault after reviewing the evidence. He was cleared of the rape accusations, nevertheless. Consequently, in 2015, he was given a sentence of one year in jail and five years on probation. Furthermore, he was had to register as a sexual offender. Owen challenged his sentence very away, and the court overturned it so that he could continue living at his mother’s house under house arrest.

But in 2016, he was convicted of breaking the curfew and given a two-month prison sentence. Owen repeatedly asked the court for a new trial in the months that followed, but all of his petitions were denied. On June 24, 2019, however, he was freed from prison after serving the final ten months of his term for good behavior. Harvard had already withdrawn its invitation to Owen, thus he was unable to enroll in the university even after his release. Therefore, it appears that Owen is presently residing in Tunbridge, Vermont, with his family.

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