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Paula and Lolo from Deep Fake Love: Are They Together?

‘Deep Fake Love,’ also known as ‘Falso Amor,’ is a Spanish reality television show on Netflix that use Deep Fake technology to determine what the participants may accept or reject regarding their romantic partners. The experiment is far from straightforward; in addition to the conceivably fictitious recordings, it may also focus on the potential for genuine ties to develop between the candidates as they get to know the singles better within the two villas. Consider the on-screen chemistry between Paula Di Martino and Lolo, which had viewers question if the two are still dating. If you share this curiosity, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Paula and Lolo’s Deep Fake Love Journey

Paula joined the Netflix series with her longtime partner Javi Ramón, with whom she had been dating for nine years. They did take a break during that time, and when they got back together, Javi allegedly said several lies that angered Paula. As a result, Paula was troubled when she agreed to participate in the experiment. After a short while, the two parted ways, with Paula being asked to reside in the Venus villa and Javi moving to the Mars villa.

paula louis,paula and lolo

Paula quickly bonded with Lolo, one of the contestants, after meeting him shortly after entering the Venus villa. Javi even said that he could understand why they could have done so, considering Paula’s evident fondness for long hair. As Paula and Lolo became closer, the former spoke openly about her goals and aspirations while attempting to avoid getting too close physically. Lolo joked that he would meet Paula in Australia even after she revealed her intention to move there, possibly with Javi.

Paula and Lolo became closer after their second White Room session and eventually kissed in the former’s bedroom. Paula was really distressed by this and even indicated a wish to leave the show in order to speak with Javi since she could not believe what she had done. Others, though, persuaded her to remain. The fact that their kiss had such an effect on Paula saddened Lolo as well, and he worried that it may permanently harm their relationship. However, the two later spoke and chose to put the issue behind them. Nevertheless, the two would frequently seek each other out whenever it was possible, and those who were near to them could not help but notice their connection.

Are Paula and Lolo Still Together?

Paula and Lolo haven’t revealed any new information about their romantic lives as of this writing. They do not, however, follow one another on Instagram. Javi continues to follow Paula on Instagram, and they both continue to appear in each other’s social media feeds. This suggests that Javi and Paula are still a couple, most likely. If that is the case, it is safe to presume that Paula and Lolo are not dating. Having said that, we do hope that the two are still friendly and are succeeding in their individual lives.

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