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Hunter x Hunter’s scary and close-knit gang of thieves, known for their numerous successful heists and shocking death toll, is known as The Phantom Troupe. The original members, who are all from Meteor City and are led by Chrollo Lucilfer, have changed over time.

The Troupe favours adaptability and effectiveness, placing a higher priority on nonlethal Nen skills like Kortopi’s or Pakunoda’s than even some of the most deadly Hatsus. Even though every Spider is probably stronger than the vast majority of the people, combat still makes up a significant portion of the Phantom Troupe, and some members of the group pose a greater threat than others.


One of the series’ oddest characters is Bonolenov, who is covered in bandages and has holes punched all over his body in accordance with the customs of his tribe. Bonolenov fights like a dancer, deftly dodging blows and wearing down opponents with his combat technique that revolves around the music he generates with his body. Sound is a crucial component of his Nen ability, and he utilises it to disarm and disorient people as well.

The effects of Bonolenov’s Nen talent rely on the song he plays as the focal point for his conjuration. He may conjure far larger projectiles or utilise it to make weapons and armour for himself. Notably, Bonolenov imitates the planet Jupiter in his song by producing what appears to be a projectile that it can shoot at the speed of light, crushing its adversaries.


Unsurprisingly, the mysterious leader of the Phantom Troupe has more than earned his position as the spider’s top dog. Chrollo is without a doubt one of Hunter x Hunter’s most powerful characters, as is shown repeatedly. The two oldest Zoldycks are aware of his potential for harm, and Zeno even thinks that Chrollo could have been able to kill him during their fight if he had been making an effort.

When Chrollo and Hisoka do engage in combat, Chrollo uses his entire arsenal of skills to terrible effect. Chrollo defeats Hisoka Morow, a feat that no other Hunter x Hunter character has ever been able to complete. He is an opponent unlike any other due to his uncanny accuracy, intelligence, speed, and strength as well as his mastery over Nen and the skills he has imitated with Skill Thief.


Feitan, the head tormentor of the Troupe, is a Conjurer who gained the position of interim commander while Chrollo was absent. Feitan has established himself as one of the strongest members despite generally being distant and modest. Despite “not being at his best,” he is nonetheless able to quickly decapitate a number of mafia guards with just his bare hands. He also successfully parries and dodges Zazan’s blows, at one point moving so quickly that he is invisible.

In Hunter x Hunter, Feitan rarely employs his highly potent Nen ability, which allows him to deal brutal blows with either his hands or his sword. The area around Feitan’s Rising Sun becomes extremely hot before exploding as it appears to be the sun itself. Feitan makes it abundantly evident that it is potential of being much, much worse because the one instance in which it has been utilised so far is already terrible.


Hisoka ranks last on the list despite being one of the strongest Nen users in Hunter x Hunter because of the controversy surrounding his membership. He famously has a phoney Spider tattoo, and he actively works to undermine the Yorknew objective rather than taking part in it. His erratic dedication makes his participation in the Troupe suspect at best, especially in light of how crucial loyalty is to the group. This comes as no surprise given how frequently Hisoka leaves fans of Hunter x Hunter with more questions than answers.

Even before the Spiders were introduced, Hisoka had already shown himself to be a terrifyingly formidable foe. Hisoka is frequently the greatest threat in the room due to his Nen mastery, superhuman physical prowess, extraordinary intelligence, and bloodlust and lack of morals.


Illumi, unlike his companion, is really inducted as a legal member, taking a position alongside his brother, Kalluto, as the new 11th Spider, although only joining the Troupe at Hisoka’s request. Illumi learns all the Manipulator skills at his own pace by using his needles as conduits. He has the ability to manipulate the minds of others, puppeteer both live and dead bodies, and alter his own appearance.

Hisoka rates Illumi’s strength higher than that of the Zodiacs, the top-tier of hunters in the Hunter × Hunter universe, making him a valuable ally and genuine threat. Fans haven’t really seen Illumi’s true power because he hasn’t been in a circumstance where he seems even somewhat alarmed.


Kalluto, the newest member of the Phantom Troupe and the Zoldyck family, has a deceptively delicate appearance that betrays his brutal might. Despite thinking that he is the weakest Spider, he has learned several Nen tactics, created his own Hatsu, and is able to covertly observe other Troupe members. This is all quite astounding given that he is just 10 years old.

While Kalluto’s strikes initially appear to be an elegant fan and confetti dance, his dances conceal the fact that his paper is capable of cutting through steel and is razor-sharp enough to remove limbs. Even though Kalluto is less physically strong and has less experience than the others, he has shown that he is deserving of their ranks.


In Hunter x Hunter, Machi is the first true Spider to be presented, and her Nen Stitches unquestionably set the standard for the rest of the Troupe. It is evident that Machi’s peers think highly of her due to the fact that Hisoka approved of her and chose her to serve as a guard for two of the most significant Spiders. She is extremely physically tough and excellent at stealth, but her main strength is her Nen’s adaptability.

Machi is able to monitor people over great distances, heal severe wounds in a matter of seconds, and control physical bodies because to her Nen Threads. She has shown that she is skilled at making restraints and traps as well as utilising her thread to attack foes by strangling or slashing them. She can manipulate multiple bodies simultaneously in Yorknew, in addition to using them as human shields or weapons.


Nobunaga, who fought alongside Uvogin in the past, is a founder member of the Phantom Troupe. Nobunaga is a master swordsman who has the ability to project a terrifying aura that allows him to sense when someone enters his area of effect and use his quick reflexes and keen awareness to strike without hesitation.

Chrollo has assigned Nobunaga to the Troupe’s offensive unit even though he hasn’t been in actual combat yet and his Nen talent is still a mystery. In this capacity, he is responsible for guarding the group’s “lifelines,” or those with skills crucial to its operations, like Shizuku. When Nobunaga finally demonstrates his capabilities, they’re sure to be spectacular given Chrollo’s faith in his combat prowess.


Despite being the Troupe’s assigned “clean-up crew” due to Shizuku’s special Nen talent, she is nevertheless very hazardous. She is also among the most intelligent members of the Troupe, and her fast thinking and analytical skills enable her to close any power gaps with her adversaries.

Although Shizuku’s Nen talent, a created vacuum she nicknamed “Blinky,” may appear absurd, the Troupe can greatly benefit from its capacity to inhale any nonliving object. Shizuku is able to employ Blinky as a terrible weapon, resulting in one of the most agonising deaths inflicted by any of the Spiders, even though it’s most effective outside of combat. Shizuku can utilise Blinky to exsanguinate opponents after dealing precise bleeding wounds, demonstrating that a powerful vacuum can be just as lethal as a blade.




Despite being the first Spider to pass away, Uvogin’s terrible demise made a sad impression on Hunter x Hunter. Uvogin was the first illustration of the terrifying might of the Phantom Troupe, displaying not only amazing physical strength but also unwavering perseverance and commitment. Uvogin, who used Nen to enhance his physical form to the point where his entire body could be used as a weapon and his skin served as an almost impenetrable shield, practically personified what it meant to be an Enhancer.

The unwavering resolve and spirit of Uvogin were his actual strengths. He fought with the same strength despite being subjected to torture, poison, and leech infestation. In actuality, Uvogin was slain by his unwavering commitment to protecting his fellow Spiders, which he maintained right up until the end.





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