Pitch Perfect 4: Is It Happening? Or They Are Making A Series?

“Pitch Perfect” was one of the year’s surprise successes (via BBC). Without much promotion, the musical rom-com received generally favourable reviews and made more than six times its original budget (via Box Office Mojo). It introduced the American public to the Australian actor Rebel Wilson and gave a cappella music a global audience. Additionally, it was well-received enough to inspire not one but two sequels, which were published in 2015 and 2017, respectively. The Film did wonders for it’s lead cast, especially Anna Kendrick. Anna Kendrick’s net worth took a massive leap after the Pitch perfect franchise.

The Barden Bellas, a college a cappella group, are the subject of the television show. Beca (Anna Kendrick), Chloe (Brittany Snow), Aubrey (Anna Camp), and Fat Amy are the group’s primary singers (Wilson). Throughout the series, they move from being outsiders to stealing everyone’s attention, only to return to being despised and looking for forgiveness. They sing a cappella renditions of numerous top 40 hits along the road.

In “Pitch Perfect 3,” the band reassembles for a global USO tour after the lead singers have graduated from college. The scheme doesn’t work out as expected, and they soon themselves themselves stranded on a yacht. What are the current intentions for a sequel as the conclusion left fans clamouring for more musical journeys?

There are no official plans for a fourth film

For Universal, “Pitch Perfect 3” was a letdown. It received the worst Rotten Tomatoes reviews of the three movies and sold $100 million fewer tickets than its predecessor, which isn’t a total flop but presumably still left the creative team with a bad taste in their mouths (via The Numbers). No intentions to continue the movie series have been made public since the 2017 release.

When Rebel Wilson shared a picture on Instagram the following fall with co-stars from “Pitch Perfect” Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Chrissie Fit each holding up four fingers, fans were ecstatic. Although Wilson later revealed in an interview that the picture was taken at a cast reunion, which they’ve continued to do frequently in the decade since they first met, and that they would all love to make a fourth film in the series, the discussion over whether this was a cryptic hint at a sequel never materialised into anything concrete from the studio (via Vanity Fair).

Snow has also stated that she would like to take on the same position. It was a “no-brainer” for her to make the movies, she said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in March 2022. I do enjoy performing them, Snow admitted. “I get to hang out with my closest pals as we sing and dance. Because we would all be present, I would dearly love to do another.”

A Pitch Perfect show is in the works

Variety claimed in September 2021 that Peacock has ordered a “Pitch Perfect” television series for its streaming platform.
After one of his songs becomes a regional hit, the show will follow Adam Devine’s Bumper Allen from the first two movies as he relocates to Germany in order to pursue a music career. With Elizabeth Banks (who produced, starred in, and directed the second of the three films) and Devine himself joining her as executive producers, Megan Amram is in charge of the programme.

According to E!, the show appears to be off to a good start. In March 2022, it was confirmed that Sarah Hyland, Lera Abova, and Jameela Jamil had been cast. Hyland previously collaborated with Devine on “Modern Family.”

The source also said that the show’s filming would shortly start. Even though no release date has been specified, a 2023 debut looks likely.

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