Pokimane Wardrobe Mulfunction : Was It Intentional? What Really Happened?

Imane Anys, as Pokimane, a well-known Twitch streamer, suffered embarrassment when her shirt buttons unintentionally opened while she was live-streaming. As soon as the 26-year-old Moroccan-Canadian realised there had been a wardrobe malfunction, she stopped the stream and deleted the VOD. The online celebrity could be banned from Twitch as a result of the event.

What Happened During Pokimane’s Twitch Stream?

Imane Anys, also known as Pokimane, experienced a humiliating wardrobe malfunction during her Tuesday Twitch live (Nov. 15). When she was playing “Overwatch 2” during the VOD, the Moroccan-Canadian streamer wore a sheer purple and orange blouse that was knotted at the front. But her shirt was left undone, exposing a portion of her bosom when she stood up and went away from the computer.

She continued to address her viewers while not realising what had happened, saying, “Hello, so I have a scientific question for everyone.” She quickly realised the embarrassing mistake, though, and hurriedly changed her top before continuing with the stream.

Poikmane swiftly removed the VLOG, but some of his followers started sharing copies of it on Reddit. We don’t sure if this was inadvertent or deliberate, but many viewers who watched the stream think the “wardrobe malfunction” was unintentional. The internet celebrity is already so well-known that she doesn’t need to do a stunt like this to attract attention.

Will Pokimane Face A Twitch Ban?

Fans are worried that due of Pokimane’s nip slip, the Twitch streamer, whose most popular game is League of Legends, may get a temporary ban or suspension from the platform. One Reddit user wrote, “Seeing this snipped feels unlawful.”

The VOD sharing website’s Community Guidelines state that “nudity and sexually explicit content or behaviours are prohibited.” However, the rules do not outline what happens in the event of an unintentional wardrobe malfunction, i.e., to determine whether nudity is unintentional. Following the stream, neither Pokimane nor Twitch have commented on the incident.

However, some Reddit users sided with Pokimane and argued that because she was wearing nipple covers, there was no nudity. Even more Redditors thanked her for maintaining her composure and offered their sympathies.

The tweet from “Mollywood News” stated: “Did some research on the Pokimane wardrobe malfunction situation and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal as there was no nudity, the fact she continued the broadcast means she didn’t really view it as a big deal either as this has also happened to other streamers before.” So, yes, many people appear to think that is not a huge deal.

Pokimane, who Forbes 30 Under 30 listed as the largest female Twitch streamer, also has a Youtube channel with over 6.6 million subscribers. On her YouTube channel, she is renowned for sharing vlogs about her daily life and problems. She is also a co-founder and member of OfflineTV, a community of online content producers dedicated to social entertainment.

If you didn’t know, ViacomCBS filed a DMCA complaint in January 2022, which resulted in Pokimane’s Twitch account being disabled for 48 hours in the middle of an Avatar: The Last Airbender watch stream. JiDion followers later raided her feed, however he was later banned from Twitch.

According to rumours, Ninja utilised his connections to have the ban lifted. Pokimane even chastised Ninja for this action. But Anys returned to Twitch in February 2022. What do you make of this event?

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