Finally We Know The Real Reason Why Rachel DiPillo Left Chicago Med | What Happened To Rachel DiPillo’s Sarah Reese?

The “One Chicago” franchise, which spans three shows and is replete with drama, character conflict, and crossovers, is to put it mildly, a massive undertaking. One Chicago swiftly expanded to include the police-focused Chicago P.D. and the hospital-based Chicago Med after starting in 2012 with Chicago Fire, which emphasises the lives of a fictional Windy City’s firemen. (Chicago Justice, a fourth show featuring lawyers and detectives, was discontinued after one season.) There is no indication that any of the three series’ audiences have lost interest.

But that doesn’t mean the journey hasn’t been without hiccups. One Chicago show actors and actresses have left for a variety of reasons, including personal, professional, and some because of the authors’ choices. The specifics are a little hazy in the case of Rachel DiPillo, who portrayed Sarah Reese on Chicago Med for three seasons and part of a fourth.

What happened to Rachel DiPillo’s Sarah Reese?

As a medical student learning the ropes from the more seasoned physicians and nurses of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, NBC Reese started out on Chicago Med and frequently struggled to keep up. Sarah finds it difficult to interact with patients, not because she is unkind or has poor bedside manner, but rather because she is way too clinical when dealing with patients who need simple explanations of what is happening to their bodies. She eventually uses her skills at the pathology lab, but even that is short-lived.

Reese returns to the medical field after a brief stint as a barista to work as a psychiatrist-in-training for Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt), a position she maintains despite her nagging self-doubt. She really gets rather competent at her job, and Charles assures her that the only way she can go from here is up. As important to the show as any of the cases they work on together is their mentor-mentee connection.

Things get worse when Reese’s father, who has been away for a long time, shows up in her life as one of Charles’ patients. The emotionally manipulative man receives a psychopath diagnosis and, even worse, it turns out that he is a serial killer. Charles makes the decision to keep that information from Reese, but it can only be kept a secret for so long. She eventually departs Gaffney Chicago Medical Center permanently in search of a life in Texas after becoming upset and concerned by Charles’ nondisclosure and the drama surrounding her father’s psychopathy and subsequent heart attack.

Why Chicago Med moved on without Rachel DiPillo?

It was unclear whether Sarah would ever return to the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center premises after she left during the season 4 premiere. Charles is still the only psychiatrist on duty as of this writing, even though Season 5 finished in April 2020. Although the programme has been revived, no Sarah Reese fans should get their hopes up too much.

Executive producers and showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider somewhat clarified DiPillo’s status in an interview with Fansided. “If we can find a nice method to bring her back later, we’ll entertain it,” Schneider said after praising the actress and the role she portrayed.

It’s interesting to note that there is still controversy over who made the decision for Sarah to go it alone—the writers or DiPillo herself? Almost none of it will matter until Season 6 premieres. Regardless, Reese left, and that is a truth. Only time will tell if DiPillo wants to return or if the authors will figure out a reasonable means to do it.

What Rachel DiPillo has been up to since Chicago Med

DiPillo didn’t simply leave Chicago Med; she hasn’t taken on a single new role since the end of the series. In terms of Hollywood, DiPillo might as well have accompanied Reese to Texas.

Even though her role in the One Chicago franchise may have been her last, it wasn’t her first. DiPillo began acting in 2009 when he made an appearance on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush. In the years that followed, she was cast in a number of supporting roles on prominent television series like Mad Men, Jane the Virgin, and NCIS. She didn’t appear in as many films, but she had her fair share of roles, from Summer of 8 to Hello, My Name Is Frank.

It’s unclear what DiPillo has been doing since leaving Hollywood, especially given how idle she is on social media. Although she has been active on Twitter recently, this activity has nothing to do with her acting or other professions. Chicago Med will carry on as it is, wherever she chooses to ride the wave of life.

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