In Pictures : Meet Ava Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Who Is No Less Than A Style Icon

It’s no secret that the stunning and incredibly gifted children of the Hollywood elite are taking over the globe. Judd Apatow’s children, Maude and Iris, excel in every film they act in (including Netflix’s Love, which happens to be developed by Judd himself), while Willow and Jaden Smith, well, they’re keeping it real. Paris Jackson soon emerged from the shadow of her famous father, Michael Jackson. Even Blue Ivy and North West, who do not share fame with their famous parents, are rising to fame on their own. Blue Ivy appeared on the soundtrack for The Lion King, and North West gave a performance at Paris Fashion Week.

Not to be overlooked is Ava Phillippe.

Ava, who was adorable from the beginning, is now an adult. The now-adult daughter of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon has grown into an incredibly gifted young lady; in December, she participated in her first beauty campaign with makeup legend Pat McGrath. Ava is incredibly attractive (and resembles Reese Witherspoon exactly 23 years ago), has a promising modeling career, yet manages to remain grounded, focused, and down to earth throughout it all. It’s clear that Ava was destined for stardom in Hollywood.

What then do we know about this stylish young woman who enjoys friends, fashion, and dressing up like her mom? There is a great deal more to Ava than first appears. Here is some information on her.

This item first appeared in a form in November 2016.

She’s a Student at UC Berkeley

Ava Phillippe is a UC Berkeley student who is about to start her senior year! When her daughter left for school, Mom Reese said to Ellen DeGeneres that she had a difficult time saying goodbye: “I might have gone into her empty room, sat down on her bed, and cried when she went to college.”

She Has a Famous Namesake

Ryan Phillippe explained how he and Reese Witherspoon came up with the name for Ava in a 2008 interview with Jay Leno. “My baby is named Ava, just after Ava Gardner, who I believe is the only female capable of breaking Sinatra. Therefore, I like that name’s concept to be both strong and classy.

She’s Not Afraid to Play With Her Hair

Although Ava Witherspoon resembles her mother Reese Witherspoon in appearance, she isn’t hesitant to make her own unique mark. She has coloured her hair in a variety of colors, from fuschia to pastel pink. She’s even had rainbow stripes on her skin.

She’s Very Loved

Reese Witherspoon, Ava’s mother, sent daughter 18 letters to read every year on her birthday. When she turned 18 in 2017, she received the final letter. “18 letters that made me weep (hard) today, thanks of my loving mum,” Ava said on Instagram.

NGL, we’re also in tears.

She’s Her Mom’s No. 1 Supporter

Ava is Reese Witherspoon’s biggest fan, and you can see plenty of selfies of the two of them on her Instagram page. As an illustration, when Witherspoon unveiled Time’s Up, Ava immediately posted about it to her more than 600,000 Instagram followers.

She’s Into Photography

The majority of the pictures Ava often posts on her Instagram account are very stunning.

Brother Deacon Is Her BFF

Deacon, Ava’s younger brother, and Ava are close friends. Don’t trust us? Simply check out her Instagram!

The 23-year-old captioned the photo, “When did my little brother become one of my dearest friends?

She’s a Talented Sketch Artist

Ava is obviously a very talented artist, too. On social media, she posts sketches of humans, animals, and abstracts.

And She’s a Sculptor

Ava also dabbles in clay sculpture and produces renderings that are incredibly lifelike.

I mean, what is this girl incapable of?

She Loves Her Pups

She posts a ton of pictures of her dog on Instagram, just like all of us dog owners do.

She’s Outspoken

Ava isn’t scared to voice her opinions and stand up for what matters to her.

For instance, Ava wrote on her Instagram after the disaster at the Las Vegas music festival in 2017: “This is not an unique incident. I firmly believe that we need to discuss how access to mental healthcare and the availability of guns interact to contribute to these tragedies. I think it is our duty as Americans to figure out how to safeguard one another against acts of domestic terrorism and bloodshed. My sincere condolences go out to everyone affected by this tragedy and others like it who must endure this suffering over again. #prayforlasvegas”

But She’s No Snob

While the majority of her family members drive fancy cars, Ava reportedly requested a used Volkswagen Jetta when she turned 16 last year.

She’s really real, a source informed Us magazine. Even the nanny drives a Lexus, but Ava is trying to appear ordinary.

She’s a Fashionista

Although Witherspoon has access to all of the top stylists in the business, she turns to Ava for style tips.

She’s incredibly modern and knowledgeable about fashion. And what’s beautiful is that she has her own sense of style,” Witherspoon told Us Weekly in April. “We attempt to sort of converse regarding fresh styles. She informs me of my clothing options.

She’s Now Officially a Fashion Model

Ava has officially entered the fashion industry after appearing in the lookbook for Rodarte’s Fall 2018 collection alongside several other fierce Hollywood women, like Tessa Thompson and Danai Gurira. Additionally, we are excited to see where else modeling leads her.

She’s Super-Close to Her Dad

We frequently link Ava to Witherspoon (mainly because to their similar appearances), but she is also very close to her father.

She wrote on Instagram, “Happy Father’s Day to the most artistic, clever, versatile, and all-around great guy in my life.” I am so fortunate to have a dad like you because you have always loved and stood by me through all of the strangeness that life throws at me. I adore you so much.

But She’s Embarrassed by How Young He Looks

Ava probably constantly hears how attractive her father is, which isn’t exactly pleasant for any daughter to hear. Ryan recently even acknowledged that Ava despises his youthful appearance.

In an interview with James Corden in November 2016, he stated, “One thing that I know my daughter is embarrassed by occasionally is the fact that I do appear so young, and I get mistaken for her brother at times, which repulses her.” She finds it utterly repugnant that someone may think I’m her brother.

She’s the Face of Draper James

Ava became the face of Draper James, the clothing and lifestyle company started by her mother Reese Witherspoon, after making her modeling debut for Rodarte.

They posed together for the brand’s Spring 2018 collection, and they were just charming.

She’s Dating, & Mom Reese Is a Fan of Ava’s BF

Since around 2019, Ava Phillippe has been dating Owen Mahoney. The two are currently undergraduate students at UC Berkeley, where they first met. They are highly selective about the content they put online. But just recently, in June 2021, did Ava post the sweetest picture of herself and Owen. Fans instantly recognized the couple as Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, who are Ava’s parents.

Even Ava’s mother thinks the young couple is really cute, which goes beyond only Ava’s Instagram followers. Reese added a sweet heart emoji to his comment on the picture, “These two.”

She’s a Rising Influencer

Ava Phillippe has amassed more than a million Instagram followers, making her a significant influencer. She was chosen by Beyoncé to appear in her Ivy Park Holiday 2021 campaign in addition to her Pat McGrath beauty campaign for Bridgerton; if Queen Bey calls, that’s an A-list compliment.

She’s an LGBTQ+ Ally

Do you prefer males or girls? was a question that Ava Phillippe addressed in a January 2022 Q&A on her Instagram Story. — and disclosed the specific way that her Oscar-winning mother reared her. I’m drawn to people! (Gender is whatsoever), she replied with a lovely selfie.

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