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Ric Flair Dutch Mantell – Controversy On The Last Match

Dutch Mantell, a famous wrestling booker and manager, has spoken out against Ric Flair’s recent comments about his return to the ring in 2022, especially about his last match event.

The event was nominated several times for the worst wrestling match of 2022 by the Wrestling Observer.

When the award winners were announced, Flair told his critics to “go f**k themselves” and said he made $300,000 for the show.

Mantell talked about Flair’s comeback match on his YouTube channel, “Story Time with Dutch Mantell.”

Mantell said, “People have written to me, and they really thought he was going to die. I think he fell asleep a couple of times in there. He doesn’t even remember it. Ric Flair is now trying to leave a legacy, but he should have left that match alone or changed a lot of things because it ruined his legacy. I’m not sure. Ric Flair has always been full of crap.

However, this response did not sit well with Mantell, who has been critical of Flair in the past.

Mantell’s criticism of Flair’s last match

On his podcast, “Story Time with Dutch Mantell,” Mantell talked about how Flair did in his return match.

He said that people had told him that they were afraid Flair would die in the ring. Mantell also said that Flair had passed out during the match and didn’t even remember it.

Mantell says that Flair’s attempt to leave a legacy with his last match event backfired and hurt his own reputation. He also said that Flair was “full of crap” and always had been.

Flair responded to Mantell with a nasty tweet in which he said Dutch didn’t have a legacy in professional wrestling.

Mantell answered Flair on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, where he made fun of his famous “Woo” catchphrase and made fun of him in other ways.

He also said that 90% of the fans agreed with what he said about Flair’s last match.

Mantell said that Flair’s response to his criticism was rude because he didn’t mention him in the tweet.

Flair and Mantell’s wrestling history

Mantell has said bad things about Flair before, so this is not the first time. He had said before that Flair lied when he said he was in Puerto Rico in 1988 when Bruiser Brody was killed.

Flair and Mantell have known each other for a long time. They used to work together in the wrestling business.

The reason they are fighting now is because of what Mantell said about Flair’s Last Match event, which made Flair angry.

The fight between Flair and Mantell doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon. Both men keep going after each other in interviews and on social media. It’s still not clear if they will make up or if their fight will get worse.

In any case, it’s clear that Mantell’s criticism of Flair’s Last Match hit a nerve, and Flair’s response hasn’t done much to win him fans.

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