11 Best Rick and Morty Characters We All Love Watching

One of the best animated series for grownups is Rick and Morty. The science fiction sitcom centres on the eccentric scientist and his grandson as they go on numerous interdimensional journeys. The Primetime Emmy Award-winning animated series Rick and Morty has a 94 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. According to TV critic David Wiegand, the sitcom’s “Though occasionally crude and off-the-wall, humour succeeds in this situation. Harmon and Roiland take a typical scenario involving a little child and his endearing grandfather and flip it on its head, but not before spinning it endlessly.”

All the characters in Rick and Morty are fantastic, but some of them are more endearing and compelling than others. They are listed below.


Beth Smith

The mother of Morty and Summer, Beth Smith is the wife of Jerry and the daughter of Rick. She is a multifaceted person who prioritises her family above all else, takes her job as a horse surgeon seriously, and occasionally makes bad choices in life. Beth’s voice actress Sarah Chalke told Channel 24 that she had compared herself to Beth “Her desire for acceptance and affection are the things I find most familiar. Since she changed so much throughout the course of the seasons, it was incredibly entertaining for me to play Beth and discover whether or not she is a clone.”


The most wise character in Rick and Morty is Birdperson. He is Rick’s greatest buddy, and the two of them have been through a lot together. Birdperson is always composed and prepared to offer helpful guidance. Rick and Morty’s producer “felt like they owed viewers a Birdperson episode” since after his first appearance in the closing episode of the first season, titled Ricksy Business, he rose to become one of the most endearing characters. In the eighth episode of the fifth season, Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort, the backstory of the anticipated Birdperson was revealed. In this episode, Rick takes a mental journey inside the mind of his friend Birdperson, whose memories reveal a great deal of suffering.

Doofus Rick

Despite being mistreated by other iterations of Rick, Doofus Rick is a cute, good-hearted, and endearing figure. In reality, this is the only Rick in the multiverse who is kind and who has gotten along with Jerry. Even if he may not be the smartest, his empathy and interpersonal skills are much more valuable.

Evil Morty

In the various realms of this multiverse, there are many different Mortys, and Evil Morty is one of them. He is the best villain, as sly and astute as Rick, and exceedingly wily. Even though Evil Morty readily commits crimes to further his agenda, viewers of the cartoon series adore him because he aspires to independence from his grandfather Rick and to no longer be a slave to him.

Jerry Smith

Jerry, the father of Summer, Morty, and Beth, frequently portrays himself as a loser who quits when things get too difficult. Jerry has a tendency to be insecure, but he will always love his wife and want to lead a normal, straightforward life. Jerry was genuinely happy when everyone in a virtual world began to appreciate him in the fourth episode of Rick and Morty’s debut season, M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

Morty Smith

Morty is quick-witted, kind of funny, bashful, impressionable, socially awkward, and afraid. This young boy is attempting to overcome his weaknesses, assist his family, show compassion for others, and develop into the unseen hero who aids in saving the multiverse. Without him, Rick would probably ultimately decide to commit himself, which he frequently considers and attempts. Morty will always have faith in his grandfather Rick and will always be Rick’s closest friend in all insane situations.

Mr. Meeseeks

Meeseeks are helpful and friendly beings that are only here to carry out one specific task before disappearing. Meeseeks must do the job as soon as possible because a painful existence hurts them (and perhaps everyone else as well). They took on duties from Beth, Summer, and Jerry in the fifth episode of the first season, Meeseeks and Destroy, which is the most well-known episode involving these characters. Meeseeks made Summer and Beth more content and popular at school, but Jerry’s urge to take golf lessons created issues. It is awful to see these adorable creatures spiralling out of control since they were unable to complete their task.

Mr. Poopybutthole

The Smith family is friends with Mr. Poopybutthole. Because he always makes everyone smile and laugh, he is unforgettable. Fans’ hearts sank when they saw him in the fourth episode of Rick and Morty’s second season, dubbed Total Rickall, since he is so endearing. The Smith family had to determine who was a parasite that fabricated memories and who was a real person in their home. Because this was Mr. Poopybutthole’s first appearance, and because parasites could only make nice memories, he started to be thought of as a parasite.

Rick Sanchez


The show’s philosophy and nihilism are personified by Rick, a brilliant scientist who frequently puts his grandson Morty in perilous circumstances. He is one of the best animation characters ever made despite being violent, careless, and gloomy. The A.V. Club cited Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon as saying, “Rick actually has more pressing issues than everyone else. He comprehends things more fully than we do. Therefore, you grant him the freedom to be cynical, dismissive, egotistical, and psychopath.” You can’t help but like Rick, Harmon is right.


Dog snuffles Snuffles in Rick and Morty’s first season’s second episode. The Smiths’ dog is named Williams Street Snuffles. Snuffles was challenging to teach until Rick gave him an IQ-improving helmet in Lawnmower Dog, the second episode of Rick and Morty’s debut season. After that, Snuffles developed a canine revolution after becoming overly intelligent. He desires retribution against those who mistreated him, but he understands that he cannot harm Morty since he genuinely cares for him. It’s heartwarming to see the dog and his owner interacting so well. Snuffles demonstrates the value of forgiveness and kindness via his actions.

Summer Smith

Summer, Morty’s older sister, behaved like a typical adolescent girl at first on Rick and Morty, but as the seasons went on, she developed into a sharper and more fearless version of herself. “She has a degree of knowledge and such a conviction in the things she loves that you can kind of get behind her,” said Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer.

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