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Rohan: A Murder at the End of the World

Darby Hart’s investigation into the death of her estranged companion Bill Farrah in the third episode of FX on Hulu’s psychological thriller series “A Murder at the End of the World” brings her to Rohan, an infamous climatologist and friend of the artist. While Darby is trying to identify the masked man who was in Bill’s room when he was slain, and though Rohan is doing his best to avoid him, their lives become intertwined. Then Rohan tells Darby about how Bill helped him get sober, and in the end, Darby finds out that the man in the mask is actually the climatologist! Ahead: SPOILERS.

The Masked Man

When Darby watches the security camera footage after Bill is slain, he notices a masked individual in the same room and wonders who entered before Bill died. She recognizes the individual again as she tries to identify who it is. After that, Darby pursues the disguised person to a peak, where they use Morse code to communicate with an unidentified party, sending the message, “One down, still a go.” Darby is persuaded by the message that her companion was also slain by the same individual, and she even spots the red-laced shoes of the deceased. Following a trek, Darby soon spots Rohan wearing the shoes after seeing them once more.

Darby quickly determines that Rohan is the one wearing the mask. When the amateur detective says the message aloud while seated next to him, the climatologist doesn’t even try to deny that he is the man she is seeking for. Towards the conclusion of the show, Rohan acknowledges that he is the man wearing the mask. He clarifies, though, that he didn’t kill Bill, the man he still loves. Andy Ronson’s admission that Bill overdosed just minutes before the masked man appeared on the security camera film can be linked to Rohan’s confession, proving the climatologist innocent.rohan murder end of the world episodes,rohan was till death by the dacoits,rohan murder end of the world

It’s critical to ascertain that Ronson and Rohan are not a team assembled to murder Bill in order to take Rohan at his word. Ronson asserts—without proof—that Bill overdosed prior to the appearance of the man in the mask. It’s easy to determine Bill’s motivation as well, given his past interactions with the tech mogul’s wife, Lee Andersen. Lee’s reunion with Bill might have stoked the businessman’s jealously, which would have motivated Rohan to murder the artist. Rohan’s choice may have been motivated by Ronson’s need for someone Bill could trust to carry out the crime. However, if that’s the case, Rohan wouldn’t have to go up a hill to inform someone of Bill’s murder.

If Ronson is indeed one of the murderers, he is not likely to try killing Bill after bringing his favorite investigator, Darby. He wouldn’t have asked her to go either if he had intended to challenge the detective. Ronson and Rohan appear to be innocent as a result. But why is the message being sent by the climatologist?

Rohan Can be a Sleuth

Like Darby, Rohan may be looking into Bill’s murder. The climatologist phones Darby shortly before he passes away to tell him that their friend “uncovered” something very important, which suggests that the same thing may have contributed to his demise. Rohan must have been investigating on his own as he is aware of what it is. The reason he sends the message even though he didn’t kill his friend could be explained by his decision to masquerade as the murderer in order to reveal the true criminal. The meteorologist probably thought the mask would help him track down the murderous group.

rohan murder end of the world episodes,rohan was till death by the dacoits,rohan murder end of the world

The one who replies to Rohan’s message might be a teammate, and they might misidentify the former. If Rohan hadn’t been killed, he would have been able to identify the killer by getting in touch with the same unidentified person. To keep Darby out of the same, Rohan must have sought to shield her. The climatologist finds out everything about the detective and her significance to the artist from Bill. Given their affection for Bill, it’s possible that Rohan and Darby wanted to make sure the investigator was safe for their departed friend. He might be trying to talk Darby off of looking into Bill’s murder for that reason.

Thus, it would appear that Rohan did not kill Bill. Should we accept Ronson’s account of events regarding the artist’s overdose, the climatologist is not connected to Bill’s death. The person may have been murdered because the true murderer realized that Rohan knew who the victim was. It’s possible that the murderer even tapped Darby and Rohan’s phones to overhear their chat, enabling them to assassinate the climatologist before he divulges the information Bill uncovered. We suspect Ronson Industries’ Sian and his wife Lee as the killer must be close to him if he has the tools to carry out the same crime within Ronson’s facility.

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