Rush Hour 4 Update: Is Rush Hour 4 Ever Going To Happen?

One of those sequels, Rush Hour 4, has been discussed for so long that it can be difficult to recall what the actual situation is.

Back in October 2017, Jackie Chan disclosed that they had settled on a script and were just awaiting Chris Tucker’s approval. That took place in February 2018 after Tucker made it known that he was also travelling.

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that “the Rush of all Rush-es” wasn’t filmed in 2018, despite the original plan. In order to receive another news on the anticipated fourth film, we had to wait until January 2019.

“We’re currently working on a few script-related issues in an effort to start production, but we’re working on it and making progress. We’re attempting to put it together because Jackie Chan, I, and the studio all want to do it “Tucker gave an explanation on the podcast Winging It.


When Tucker posted a picture of the two actors putting up four fingers each, everything appeared to be verified at that point, but there was still a surprise in store.

It appeared as though we were back at square one until Chan’s management business issued a statement immediately after this Instagram post to say that, in fact, the star had not accepted to star in Rush Hour 4.

Later in the year, Tucker asserted that they were still discussing “a bunch of various projects” in addition to the fourth film, saying: “Hopefully we’ll have something going pretty soon.”

Here is the current situation with Rush Hour 4 and all the information you need to know.

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Rush Hour 4 release date: When will Rush Hour 4 be released?

The fourth movie’s actual release date is unknown until production begins, but based on the prior films, it appears that we’ll be having a late-summer release.

Rush Hour first debuted on September 18, 1998. The sequel and third instalment followed on August 3, 2001 and August 10, 2007, respectively.

It’s improbable that the fourth movie would start filming this year, therefore the earliest possible start date is 2021. That would point to a release no later than the summer of 2022.

Don’t hold your breath, though.

Rush Hour 4 cast: Who’s coming back for Rush Hour 4?

We’ll assume for the time being that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, who play the mismatched duo Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter, will both return.

Waiting this long to make a fourth movie and then proceeding with just one of them might look a little weird.

Chris Tucker, Rush Hour, Jackie Chan
Other than the two stars, there isn’t much room for returning characters from the first trilogy because Chan and Tucker are the only constants in the show. Tzi Ma, who portrayed Ambassador Solon Han in the first and third films, might return.

The first and third films also included Solon Han’s daughter Soo-Yung Han, who was portrayed by Julia Hsu (Rush Hour) and Zhang Jingchu (Rush Hour 3).

Just in case you were wondering, don’t expect to see any of the cast members from the cancelled TV show.

Don’t anticipate Brett Ratner to return as the film’s director either. He was the director of the previous three films, but Olivia Munn, Natasha Henstridge, and four other women accused him of sexual harassment in 2017. He refuted all of the charges.

Director of X Men, Brett Ratner

Warner Bros (which distributed the trilogy through New Line Cinema) declared in April 2018 that it will not extend its co-financing and first-look agreements with Ratner and his company RatPac-Dune Entertainment in response to the claims (via Variety).

Rush Hour 4 trailer: Any Rush Hour 4 footage yet?

Of course, there is no likelihood of any footage at this time, but considering the enormous delays, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of behind-the-scenes video when/if the movie begins shooting.

At some point, Rush Hour 4 will be released (maybe).

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