Explained: What’s The Curse Mark On Sasuke? What Does It Mean?

Sasuke Uchiha is unquestionably one of the best characters we can discuss if we’re talking about the characters from Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise, which it is by this point clear that we are. There is a lot to discuss when it comes to Sasuke because he is a fan favourite and one of the best characters in the entire saga in terms of character development. The curse mark that Sasuke possesses will be discussed in this article, along with an explanation of what it actually is.

One of Orochimaru’s fiercest cursed seals, the Cursed Seal of Heaven’s counterpart, is the Cursed Seal of the Earth. The Sharingan-like seal is made up of three tomoe, which when activated spread out throughout the body like flames. The user’s chakra level and physical capabilities rise, as with all Cursed Seals. Sasuke and Anko both have the seal visible on the back of their necks.

We will give you additional information about Sasuke’s Curse Mark in this article and respond to some of your questions. The curse mark, its history, and a number of other issues pertaining to Sasuke’s character will be the main topics of the page. If you want to learn everything there is to know about Sasuke’s Curse Mark, this is going to be your greatest all-in-one guide.

What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?


One of Orochimaru’s fiercest cursed seals, the Cursed Seal of Heaven’s counterpart, is the Cursed Seal of the Earth. The Sharingan-like seal is made up of three tomoe, which when activated spread out throughout the body like flames. The user gains more chakra power and physical prowess while the seal is in effect, as is the case with other Cursed Seals, up to the point where it hits the second stage, which is equivalent to the power of Naruto’s one-tailed form.

Jugo, a Shinobi, is the source of the Cursed Seal of Heaven. Jugo went to see Orochimaru in the hopes that he would be able to calm his uncontrollable rages. But Jugo’s ability to absorb natural energy in order to grow power surprised Orochimaru. Jugo’s mental condition suffered as a result of this procedure, but Orochimaru was undaunted and set about discovering a means to use this power. He extracted enzymes from Jugo’s blood and combined them with his own Senjutsu Chakra. The curses were so produced.

As a result of his failure to enter Sage mode, Orochimaru discovered a different way to use the Senjutsu Chakra: by branding other individuals to serve as his vessels. Orochimaru was able to develop his abilities by branding a follower with a curse mark while utilising their bodies as conduits for him to learn and gain understanding.

Mitsudomoe is the name of the curse mark’s pattern. The insignia consists of three of these comma-like signs in a circle, which can be translated as “mitsu” three and “domoe” comma-like. The Japanese consider a tomoe to be a seed of life that houses the spirits of the dead and confers power on its bearer. It is a typical pattern found on Japanese family crests and traditional Japanese roof tiles.

The tomoe itself is a traditional emblem that comes from Magatama. Unconfirmed theories about what these symbols originally stood for include everything from the moon to the shape of the soul to an animal teeth. The interaction between the cosmic powers that make up our universe—heaven, earth, and either the underworld or man—is sometimes represented as the mitsudomoe.

Later, the pattern became associated with Hachiman, the Shinto God of war, and many people came to see it as a representation of bravery and power. The fact that there are three tomoe is particularly noteworthy because many religions and cultures around the world consider three to be a sacred number.

The interaction between various beings fusing their powers is represented by Sasuke being marked with The Cursed Seal of Heaven in the context of Naruto. Jugo, Orochimaru, and Sasuke are three creatures that have components of each operating together in a single vessel. The relationship between Sasuke, the spiritual realm, and his natural surroundings, or between heaven, earth, and man, can alternatively be represented by the three domoe. The mitsudomoe represents strength and how, when abused, it may be a negative force that sparks conflict.

The Cursed Seal of Heaven’s abilities are even more enigmatic and dramatic than its meaning. An individual could not be regarded as free while they were still branded, regardless of whether the mark was viewed as a blessing or a burden. How does Sasuke remove the curse mark from himself? Find out by reading on.

How did Sasuke get the Curse Mark?

As you are probably already aware, Orochimaru gave Sasuke his Curse Mark. During the second round of the Chnin Exams, which happened in the Forest of Death, Orochimaru gave Sasuke the Cursed Seal. Sasuke’s mentality was intended to be corrupted by the seal in order for him to become Orochimaru’s next body. In an effort to stop this, Kakashi Hatake attempted the Evil Sealing Method, but Sasuke’s refusal to apply the Cursed Seal limited its effectiveness. He did utilise it eventually, but he never really gave in to Orochimaru’s might entirely.

What Does Sasuke’s Curse Mark Mean? (Explained)
Anko is the only other person who is known to have the Mark, and her tale is both similar and unique. The Cursed Seal was given to Anko while she was Orochimaru’s pupil. She was the first to be given the cursed seal, along with nine other people. Given that she was the only survivor of the “Mark,” the likelihood of surviving a seal was one in ten.

Her seal withered since she lacked the motivation to utilise it, and (in the anime) Orochimaru erased her memory. When they battled in the Forest of Death, Orochimaru was able to briefly break the seal before the Third Hokage sealed it again once more. When Sasuke utilised the Evil Releasing Method to restore Orochimaru’s consciousness and body, it was completely erased.

How does Sasuke’s Curse Mark work?

Kabuto claims that the impure world reincarnation incantation has more binding force because the seal itself contains Orochimaru’s chakra. Sasuke used a fragment of Kabuto’s altered flesh together with the fact that Orochimaru’s consciousness was still divided amongst the cursed seals after he was vanquished to restore him to his original form and spirit.

What precisely does the Curse Mark do? In addition to allowing Orochimaru to corrode one’s mind from the inside, it also significantly increases the user’s power. As we’ve already mentioned, the user gains more chakra power and physical prowess as the seal is in effect, up until the second stage, when it reaches a level equivalent to that of Naruto’s one-tailed form.

Is Sasuke stronger with the Curse Mark?

Since Sasuke was already extremely powerful, the first level didn’t do much for him, to be completely honest. While it did give him a boost, it wasn’t much, to be honest. You can see why the first level didn’t truly do anything for Sasuke because he was able to easily fend off the Mark’s impact. But on the second floor, things were very different.

Sasuke eventually made the decision to advance his seal to its second stage despite originally refusing to, using the Sound Four’s assistance to depart the village and reach Orochimaru. Sasuke’s strength and menacingness increased greatly on the second level compared to the first. The fight between Sasuke and Deidara in Manga Part II is the clearest example of this.

Deidara and Obito seek after Orochimaru’s killer after wishing to kill him, either Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha’s younger brother, or Naruto, depending on who they encounter first along the route. When he does, Obito and Deidara engage him in combat. At first, Obito just assists Deidara by laying mines, but later he gives up the fight.

Deidara first uses his C1 chakra, but when that doesn’t damage Sasuke, he switches to his C2 chakra. Deidara then declares that he will keep toying with Sasuke. After Deidara’s attempts fail because Sasuke’s element neutralises the explosive element and prevents it from detonating, Sasuke decides to use his final technique—the C4 Karura—which he claims he had saved to kill Itachi in the future. However, this attempt also fails because the explosive element was neutralised by Sasuke’s element.

Sasuke tackles Deidara from above after spotting him using his trained eye to do a Genjutsu. As a result, they both fall to the ground and exhaust their chakra. Deidara makes the decision to blow himself up as a final act, declaring that through passing away, he will transform into art. He then opens the mouth he has on his chest and fills it with explosive clay. When Sasuke summons Manda to defend himself, the strike misses and causes a large explosion with a 10-kilometer radius, rendering Deidara’s final attack ineffective like the others.

Did the Curse Mark change Sasuke?

The most it changed about him was his appearance. Sasuke’s character growth revealed that he had internal conflicts before he truly became imprinted with the Curse, therefore his mind wasn’t all that perverted by the Mark. His concerns were always centred on his family’s history, and the seal had little bearing on that.

Regarding the physical alterations, Sasuke’s complexion turned grey and his hair took on a dark blue hue after activating the second level of the seal. He also developed grey eyes. A dark star-shaped mark also formed on the bridge of his nose, and he developed claw-pinniped wings on his back that he could utilise for gliding. During his battle with Deidara in Part II, Sasuke lost his left wing in one of the explosions but replaced it with snakes.

How did Sasuke get rid of the Curse Mark?

During the closing seconds of Sasuke’s battle with Itachi, the seal is broken. Sasuke briefly believes he has triumphed, but Itachi unexpectedly gets up. His Susanoo, a massive chakra protector that can only be held by people who have the Mangeky Sharingan in both eyes, has helped him endure the effects of Kirin.

Sasuke’s body is being taken over by the suppressed aspect of Orochimaru that he had absorbed as Itachi advances near Sasuke, who has no chakra left. Sasuke’s cursed seal is broken by Orochimaru’s eight white snakes using the Eight Branches technique, and Orochimaru himself appears from one of the snakes’ mouths. He is appreciative of getting another chance to take over Sasuke’s body and thanks Itachi for reducing Sasuke’s chakra sufficiently for him to be set free.

Itachi manages to seal Orochimaru and decapitates seven of the eight snakes using his Susanoo Sword of Totsuka, which can seal any soul and trap it in a genjutsu for all time, erasing Sasuke’s cursed seal in the process. The result is a simplified version of Itachi’s Susanoo because this demands too much chakra.

Itachi coughs up blood and moves slowly toward Sasuke, who is unable to flee. Itachi walks up to Sasuke and speaks his final words to him before giving him a forehead bump and falling to the ground lifeless. Sasuke considers Itachi’s final words and looks at his brother’s body before passing out from weariness and collapsing next to him.

Why did Itachi remove Sasuke’s Curse Mark?

Why did Itachi finally act in the way that he did? to return his brother’s freedom. Even though Sasuke was his opponent at the time, Itachi hated that Sasuke had lost his independence to Orochimaru and tried everything in his power to win it back for him. The Uchiha were a proud clan.

What episode does Sasuke remove the Curse Mark in?

The original Naruto: Shippden anime series’ episode 138, titled “The End,” featured these events. The episode was a part of the Fated Battle Between Brothers arc and made its debut on December 3, 2009.

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