Scream VI Teaser Trailer: Ghostface Killings & Jenna Ortega Leave People Wanting More

Prepare to scream once again! The first teaser trailer for Scream VI, the sixth film in the popular slasher series, has been published by Paramount Pictures, and it is every bit as eerie and exciting as its predecessors.

The upcoming movie will serve as a direct sequel to SCREAM (2022), and Ghostfaces will target some well-known and some unfamiliar faces in New York City as opposed to Woodsboro. Read on to see the trailer and learn more about the movie.

Scream VI Teaser Trailer: Ghostface Follows Sam and Tara to the Subway

In the trailer, Ghostface is seen making a comeback, having tracked Sam and Tara to New York City after they managed to flee his attacks in Woodsboro in the last movie. The siblings may be seen riding the train with their buddies, and some persons wearing Ghostface masks also enter the building.

One woman is the killer’s next victim as the lights begin to flicker. The movie is scheduled to debut on March 10, 2023. Watch the spooky teaser trailer down below.

Fans, meanwhile, appear to be anticipating some frights as they are expressing their enthusiasm in the comments. The fact that Scream 6 is set in New York has fans excited, but the addition of Samara Weaving and the return of Jenna Ortega only makes them eager for the film’s debut.

Another person said, “Scream just has such a terrible and eerie tone. Its energy and direction are so precise. Even a situation like this on a crowded train feels unsettling and unpredictable, and every character exhibits genuine apprehension. That’s why I adore these films. The film Scream is magnificent.

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The Film is Set in New York City Instead of Woodsboro

The movie will depict what happened in SCREAM. After the terrible events in the previous movie, Sam and Tara, together with the twins Chad and Mindy, decide to leave Woodsboro and come to New York to start over.

Sam’s paternity as the illegitimate kid of one of the original killers, Billy Loomis, was also made known in SCREAM. She now thinks moving to New York will allow her to maintain her anonymity. Ghostface, however, is not letting go of them as easy as they had anticipated.

A Number of Actors will Reprise their Roles in Scream VI

Mason Gooding will reprise his roles as Chad Meeks-Martin and Jasmin Savoy Brown as Mindy Meeks-Martin in the movie. Following the recent success of her Netflix series Wednesday, Jenna Ortega will return to the character of Tara Carpenter, and Melissa Barrera will take on the part of Sam Carpenter.

Gale Weathers will also be played by Courtney Cox once more, and Kirby Reed will be portrayed by Hayden Panettiere. Samara Weaving, Liana Liberato, Tony Revolori, Dermot Mulroney, Jack Champion, Josh Segarra, Henry Czerny, and Devyn Nekoda are some of the new cast members.

Neve Campbell won’t be coming back as Sidney Prescott, though. Campbell’s absence was recently discussed by Ortega, who stated, “You know, it’s good because there’s still a protectiveness in the script, and that’s something that the actors felt naturally over her because obviously we respect her, and we want the best for her. She is missed and remembered.

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Are you looking forward to Scream’s upcoming episode? Comment below and let us know.

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