Secrets In Suburbia Ending Explained: What Exactly Happens In The End?

A suspense film called Secrets of Suburbia, which was released in 2017, isn’t particularly well-liked. It is one of those mediocre yet compelling films that captures your interest, and yes, the suspense is genuine. The plot features suspense, a murderous scheme, and an unexpected conclusion, which are typical elements of MarVista Entertainment Inc. movies. The actors playing Gloria, Phil, Kim, Sydney Hoover, Nicky, and Scarlet are Brianna Brown as Gloria, Joseph Williamson as Phil, and Linn Bjornland as Kim.

The only movie I can think of that features Brianna is the horror film The Evil Within, so the cast isn’t exactly well-known. The most well-known character is Joseph, who has previously been in Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and other shows.

If we’re talking about similar movie experiences, I can’t really recall any. However, I am aware that MarVista Entertainment films all share a similar tone. I’ve watched a lot of strange movies, but believe me when I say that this is a masterpiece of betrayal. A deeper understanding reveals that it is about a person’s several faces. If it had been handled better, it might have been fantastic.

What Is The Story?

The plot appears straightforward at first, with three friends attending Scarlet’s (the fourth friend’s) divorce party. She is taking pleasure in the new home she received as part of the divorce settlement. Gloria looks to be getting along with Phil, and then Scarlet starts her divorce speech. Gloria, Kim, and Nicky, her three closest friends, are thanked as Troy, Scarlet’s ex-husband, enters the scene with a gun.

Troy shoots himself while claiming to love her, driving the plot along. When Phil feels distant from Gloria and things seem “off,” the true narrative begins. Soon after, he begs her for the money left in a trust fund by her father and complains about how it violated his “dignity.”

When Gloria repeatedly rejects his request, Phil intends to seize her money by force—even if that means killing her. As it turned out, Nicky had been giving Phil a portion of the money. At the divorce party, where Phil rejects her, Scarlet let free on him, as seen in a flashback.

What a waste of best buddies. Gloria experiences renal failure as a result of Phil starting to give her antifreeze solutions following her injury. Phil begins shifting her money with Nicky’s assistance with the ultimate goal of killing her using this technique. Gloria questions Phil’s motivations as the story draws to a close and confronts him about cheating. Gloria learns of Phil’s scheme and Nicky’s participation.

Happy Phil discovers Gloria departing for her “regular” Thursday night with the gals when he gets home. Phil is unaware that Gloria is an expert on everything. Gloria, who is holding a bottle of wine and is smeared in blood, answers the door when Scarlet hears a knock and declares, “I killed Phil.”

Secrets In Suburbia Ending Explained

Scarlet invites her inside because the atmosphere is tense and chaotic. They all settle down with the wine after she disposes of some evidence. Scarlet follows Kim as she runs to the restroom during this time to see how she is doing. Kim confesses to having an affair with Phil during a fight she has with Scarlet. It seems that Scarlet witnessed it and knew about it.

Gloria overhears everything, and when Kim tries to kill her, Gloria kills her by shooting her many times. Gloria confronts Nicky about the “bag of cash”—the stolen money—in her trunk before she can report the incident to the police. To protect themselves, they fabricate a tale, and it works.

Scarlet inquires after Gloria’s departure as to how Phil administered the poison, to which she responds, “In my beverages.” Gloria tricked everyone; the wine she brought contained antifreeze, so she refrained from drinking it. Even though she hadn’t killed Phil, the play helped her discover Kim’s reality.

She files police reports against Phil for domestic abuse, attempted murder, and being prepared to flee. Phil gets stuck in front of his aircraft. Gloria is playing her violin in the house at the same time. She cut her hand to get the blood on her clothes, and it was only her blood that was on them.

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