Shantaram Canceled By AppleTV+ Ahead Of Season Finale

While many books are still waiting to be made into movies, we have seen a number of books with characters and narratives that are intricate enough—and with universes that are so visually rich—to work well as television series.

These adaptations can convince anyone to leave their own libraries, put on their favorite pajamas, and binge-watch the entire series in one sitting if the appropriate actors and filmmakers are used.

Novel adaptations into television series are deftly executed with the knowledge that readers’ feelings won’t be damaged, and they keep the level and authority necessary to provide the public a new perspective.

This was among the main justifications for seeing Shantaram on AppleTV. The epic 936-page novel Shantaram by author Gregory David Roberts was transformed into a television series to tell Lin Ford’s experiences.

For those who are keeping up with the episodes, the show is now airing its first season on the site. For all the information, read this article.

Shantaram Canceled By AppleTV+ Ahead Of Season Finale

Yes, those who developed a fondness for Shantaram, starring Charlie Hunnum as Fugitive Lin Ford, will sadly need to find another drama to satisfy their drama needs as the streaming service has decided to end the series.

It is official that the drama series on AppleTV won’t be back for a second season. The news is released one day before of the series finale, which is set to air on December 16.

The show was originally supposed to film 10 episodes, but due to various reasons, only two were completed before production was stopped. The final 10 episodes were shot during the duration of May 2021 because it required filming in several locations.

Why did Shantaram get canceled?

The AppleTV series was an ambitious attempt to celebrate and portray the life of Lin Ford, but it proved to be an expensive undertaking that had to be terminated. It was based on Gregory David Roberts’ epic, 900+ page novel Shantaram.

The fact that the series was filmed during Covid had an impact on the team’s logistics as well. Having said that, the drama series ultimately fell short of streamers’ expectations.

Given that the streaming service has created some of the most eagerly anticipated dramas, such as Tehran, See, and Severance, Shantaram hasn’t been able to attract the attention and viewers necessary to secure a potential second season.

What is the show about?

In the 1980s, Lin Ford had remade himself as a doctor in Bombay’s slums after escaping a maximum-security Australian jail. He becomes involved with a local mafia boss and eventually begins gunrunning and counterfeiting to defend Afghanistan from the advancing Russian forces.

He has been falling for the mysterious and refractory Karla all this time. He must choose between being loved and subjected, and all he will receive in exchange are difficulties.

The season finale, which airs on December 16th, signals the end of the show.

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