Did Shinobu Die In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba? Shinobu Death In The Manga Explained!

Shinobu Koch is one of the best and most adored characters in the Demon Slayer universe, despite not being one of the series’ major characters. Characters like the current Insect Hachira, Shinobu, have drawn attention because of their distinctive personalities and characterizations in comparison to other characters. Many people are curious about her fate and whether Shinobu dies in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba does definitely feature the death of Shinobu Koch. She is killed by Doma in Chapter 143 of the manga during the Infinity Castle storyline, though she ultimately decides to offer herself as a sacrifice. The anime has not yet depicted her demise.

You already know the answer, so let’s go into further detail. In this section, we’ll address some connected queries regarding Shinobu’s demise in the manga, its depiction in the anime, its timing, and what will happen to the character once the manga is finished. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Shinobu’s passing and probable comeback.

Does Shinobu Kochō Die in the Manga?

In the Demon Slayer manga, Shinobu does indeed pass away, but it comes quite late in the story. Her demise was depicted in Chapter 143 of Volume 17, “Wrath,” which was released on January 28th, 2019. This chapter’s story takes place during the Infinity Castle story arc.

How Does Shinobu Die in the Manga?

To cut a long story short, Shinobu dies and is devoured by Doma, just like many of his victims. In her instance, however, it was truly a type of sacrifice because Doma’s debilitated state as a result of her poisoning finally led to Kanao and Inosuke’s effective execution of him.

The circumstances leading up to, surrounding, and occurring after Shinobu’s death will all be covered in great depth in the paragraphs that follow.

Before her parents were brutally murdered by a demon in front of her and her sister Shinobu, the Koch family’s youngest child, lived blissfully with her mother, father, and older sister Kanae. The monster’s head was severed by Himejima Gyomei’s pillar just as it was ready to assault the sisters.

After going through hardship, Shinobu and Kanae made the decision to become demon slayers in order to protect one another and stop others from losing their families.

They came across Kanao, a slave girl, one day. Shinobu was dubious, but Kanae decided to accompany her to the Butterfly Estate. They eventually bought the girl out and turned her into one of their own. Later, the Second High Moon Doma attacked Kanae, but not before she had a chance to speak with her sister before she passed away.

When she saw that Shinobu was serious about continuing on the Demon Slayer path, she begged her to change course and revealed the identity of the murderer. This is where Shinobu’s animosity toward Domu stems from, and it is what drives their conflict in the Infinity Castle arc.

Since Kanae passed away at the age of 17, Shinobu took over as the master of the Butterfly Estate at the age of 14. The Butterfly Estate girls were treated with care by Shinobu as if they were her own little sisters.

After the Rehabilitation Arc, Shinobu is in the Infinity castle Muzan Kibutsuji built in response to Oyakata’s suicide mission when she walks in and witnesses Doma devouring a number of his own female followers. Doma enthusiastically reacts by eating another lunch in his room and saying “thank you” to Nakime when he finally recognises her.

He wants Shinobu to save one of his female followers who is still alive. This infuriates Doma, who then attempts to kill her, but Shinobu intervenes and saves her. Before she can respond to Shinobu’s query, the young woman explodes and dies in front of her. She asks the young woman if she’s okay.

As a result of this and Doma’s conviction that killing the girl will save her, Shinobu becomes enraged. He points out that Doma is using a pair of razor-sharp fans as his main weapon and yells at him to remember the haori that belonged to him and was passed down from his older sister.

Finally, Doma recalls the butterfly-winged haori Kanae previously wore. He then jokingly expresses his disappointment at being unable to consume Kanae due to the rising sun, further enraging Shinobu.

Hashira, an insect, instantly attacks him and impresses Doma by delivering a potent sting straight into his right eyeball while employing her insect breath and the dance of the bee sting, known as True Flutter.

He initially rejects her because he believes she lacks the physical strength to cut off a demon’s head, which is understandable, but he is happy to discover that Shinobu’s actual strength resides in poisoning his opponents.

Shinobu is dismayed to learn that Doma already knows about his poison after his battle with the lower rank 5 spider family and that it is not lethal and even heals them from their attack. She had hoped that the poison would be strong enough to kill him.

Doma is now quickly forming antibodies and modifying his body to his venom, so that after only five lashings and injections of venom, he is already wholly immune to it. This further corners her. Furthermore, the blood demon art of the freezing mist is making it harder and harder for Shinobu to breathe.

Shinobu now sets up her stakes to inject him with a lethal amount in order to kill him with a six-stab attack. She then successfully hits him with Bug Breath and Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon. However, he also assaults her when she attacks him, breaking her collarbone, shredding her ribs, and puncturing one of her lungs.

Shinobu finally reaches his breaking point and virtually gives up on winning. By mentally repeating his older sister’s uplifting comments, he makes an effort to regain his strength.

Then, despite Doma’s serious wounds and the excruciating suffering she is currently experiencing, Shinobu gets ready to retaliate by using the Insect Breath and the Hundred Legged Zigzag to confound him.

Doma is stabbed in the neck when she strikes him directly, sending him flying through the air. Shinobu, who is exhausted and hurt, watches as Doma appears to be poisoned and die as a result of her attack.

Shinobu is even more enraged as Doma almost immediately recovers from his strike. Doma catches Shinobu as they fall from the ceiling, and Shinobu is exhausted, terribly injured, and very near to death.

He gives her a hug and starts making fun of her. He dismisses his entire strategy for defeating him, tells her that they will coexist peacefully, and mockingly requests her parting remarks.

As he starts to kill her, she curses him vehemently. In the end, she is immersed in the upstairs when Kanao Tsuyuri, her pupil, enters the room. Her passing prompts Kanao to attempt to save her, but an irate Doma rejects him and warns him to stay out of it while absorbing someone. Shinobu’s body is successfully consumed by him until only his butterfly-shaped hairpiece is left.

She foresaw that she would die at Doma’s hands, it is revealed later. She had therefore been regularly consuming and absorbing wisteria venom with Tamayo’s assistance for more than a year, anticipating that if Doma consumed it, she would also consume 37 kilogrammes of wisteria venom. Hence, it is around seven to a hundred times the deadly dose.

She thought that would be sufficient to kill the ranker or, at the very least, render him vulnerable to subsequently being slain by his allies. When Kanao and Inosuke Hashibira successfully separate Doma’s deformed head from his body and finally extract revenge, Shinobu’s plot ultimately succeeds.

Shinobu and Doma’s head talk to one another in Limbo. Finally expressing emotion, Doma offers that they both go to Hell with Shinobu after confessing his love for her. She smiles bitterly as she declines.

Before joyfully reunited with their parents in the afterlife, Shinobu is last seen with her sister Kanae blessing Kanao. In a future Japan, two girls who are the reincarnations of Shinobu and Kanae attend an all-girls school.

And this is the outcome of our investigation and analysis of this matter. As you can see, Sihinobi’s passing ended a vicious cycle and put an end to a capable serial killer. More information about her killer, how she passed away in the anime, and the contentious conclusion Chapter 205 of the manga are provided here.

Who Killed Shinobu Kochō?

As we’ve already mentioned, Doma, who also killed Shinobu’s sister Kanae, killed Shinobu. Now, the dynamic between the two of them was highly intriguing and led to a significant alteration in Doma’s behaviour in the hereafter, but Shinobu’s animosity toward him remained constant. In particular, Shinobu holds Doma in high regard because of the murder of his older sister Kanae.

When she meets him, gets to know him, and witnesses with her own eyes his deranged nature and plans to “rescue” her students by killing and devouring them, her hatred and contempt only intensify. Later, when they battle, she curses him frequently to keep him from being struck by her poisons and sword moves until she is vanquished and devoured by him.

Doma is considerably weaker as a result of Shinobu’s body being highly poisoned, and Kanao and Inosuke ultimately succeed in killing him to close the chapter.

As indicated above, in Limbo, Doma starts to fall in love with Shinobu after hearing and experiencing Shinobu’s strong belief in the potential of his friends and fellow demon slayers to vanquish demons and kill Muzan.

He starts to question his initial conviction that Heaven or Hell don’t exist and gladly offers to take her on a date to the underworld. She declines his offer with a firm no, but he keeps up his customary calm, nice smile, showing his face as a last act of hate against the demon.

Does Shinobu Kochō Die in the Anime?

No, Shinobu does not pass away in any of the episodes that have already aired. She is now still alive and well, but this is only because Chapter 143 of the anime has not yet aired, in which Shinobu’s death is depicted. The circumstance will alter when it’s time to adapt that chapter.

Will Shinobu Kochō Die in the Anime?

Since Demon Slayer is known for staying true to the source manga, if there are additional seasons of the programme (which is virtually inevitable), Shinobu will eventually pass away in the anime as well. We don’t know when it’ll happen because the anime hasn’t yet begun to adapt Chapter 100, but it’s feasible that we’ll see it in season three or four of the show.

How Old Is Shinobu When She Dies?

We do know that Shinobu was 18 years old when she passed away, as we have stated in the paragraph above, despite the fact that age is a very relative concept in Demon Slayer, as we all know all too well.

Will Shinobu Come Back?

Officially ending with chapter 205, Demon Slayer generated a lot of debate among fans. There are numerous intriguing twists and turns in the climax, which we won’t give away here, one of which being the appearance of several characters, including Shinobu and her sister.

They appear to be two high school students, indicating that they have already undergone reincarnation. Therefore, after being killed, Shinobu does not reappear in the manga’s main plot, although she does make a cameo appearance in the epilogue.

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