Disney and Pixar’s Luca’s Phrase Silenzio Bruno Meaning Has Gone Viral All Over The Internet

Pixar has been credited with coining many memorable expressions throughout the years, including “Adventure is out there” from Up, “To infinity and beyond” from Toy Story, and “Just keep swimming” from Finding Nemo. The most recent Pixar quotation can be found in Luca, and it is “Silenzio, Bruno!” After seeing the movie, it’s a lot of fun to quote the remark, which has special significance for both the director and the actor who delivered it, Jack Dylan Grazer.

Alberto, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, tells Luca, played by Jacob Tremblay, “Silenzio, Bruno!” as the two pals prepare to drive their homemade Vespa down a cliff. Alberto reassures Luca not to pay attention to the “Bruno in his brain” so they can just go for it despite his concerns about the consequences. The next time we feel apprehensive or frightened, many of us will remember this amusing line. Enrico Casarosa, the film’s director, explained how the catchy statement came to be:

Jesse Andrews, one of our incredible writers who co-wrote the incredible film Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, is the one who actually originated [the sentence]. His task was to figure out ways to get Alberto to genuinely, significantly assist this timid youngster named Luca. Because we wanted it to have an Alberto-like quality, because Alberto exudes humour and confidence. We so assumed that he would have a peculiar perspective. Therefore, we were really looking for something that was wise but had an odd voice. With all due respect to the Brunos of the world, we kind of fell in love with “Silenzio, Bruno!” when our writer proposed it to us.


Sorry, Brunos, but the sentence has stayed with me long after watching it because it is so potent. According to the director, they worked very hard to come up with a statement that would perfectly sum up Alberto’s persona, as well as his philosophy and impact on Luca. Thus, when author Jesse Andrews created the line, it was absolutely appropriate. The actor who delivers the statement in the film, Jack Dylan Grazer, offered his personal significance for it:

My catchphrase is now “Silenzio, Bruno!” but it kind of always has been. The phrase “Silenzio, Bruno!” refers to the lighting of uncertainty and cautionary signs, as though nothing negative could possible result from this. When I was a child, I was always a highly impulsive thinker, or there was no thinking involved, just action. I’m going to jump from this cliff into the water, and while either a fantastic outcome is possible or not, we’re going to choose the former. When you suppress your inner Bruno, most of the time, fantastic things happen. You’ll have a great time, I can tell. It’s both a blessing and a curse, though, because there may be occasions when you ought to employ reason. Perhaps you should pause before acting.

In general, 17-year-old Jack Dylan Grazer, who has also appeared in the IT and Shazam films, claimed he is similar to Alberto. He’s always been a little bit of a daredevil, and the movie’s big line’s meaning is quite similar to how he lives his own life. In a way, it’s different from asking someone to grab the moment and dismiss the fear that comes with accomplishing things in life.

Luca was created by director Enrico Casarosa as a love letter to his own formative years spent on the Italian Riviera, when he played the role of Luca to his own Alberto. His childhood closest buddy, who forced him outside of his comfort zone, served as the inspiration for the film. According to reports, the current Alberto is an air force pilot. The production of Luca and nailing the ending were both made possible by his best friend. He said this:

We kept making light-hearted jokes about how accurate it was—you’re a rookie filmmaker, you’re making a new film, the pandemic has occurred, and you don’t know if we’ll finish the film. While creating it, we were surrounded by a lot of noisy Brunos and kept telling ourselves that we needed the Albertos of the world to convince us that we could accomplish this. And that’s what makes Alberto so wonderful—he [asks you to] believe it and he views Luca slightly carelessly but with this great enthusiasm. What I adore about it is that. Just a simple “don’t listen to those things, go for it, we can accomplish it” would suffice. Consequently, we experienced it while filming and it always felt authentic.

It’s a strong phrase for the directors and cast, and it now belongs to the movie’s viewers. This month, Luca is one of several thrilling new movies that are accessible on Disney+.

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