Snowfall Season 5 Cast and Character Guide: Which Actors Are Making A Comeback?

Since its debut on FX in July 2017, Snowfall has routinely ranked among the network’s most watched TV programmes. The show, which is frequently recognised as one of the best-written criminal drama series, explores the 1980s crack epidemic as well as the growth of the illegal drug trade in the black community during a period when they were subjected to extreme discrimination. The series, which was co-created by Dave Andron, Eric Amadio, and the late John Singleton, has consistently provided one indulgent tale after another. Season 5 continues where Season 4 left off last year.

Franklin Saint, played by Damson Idris, dealt with a family conflict throughout Season 4, while Teddy McDonald, played by Carter Hudson, was forced to make a difficult choice, and Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata, played by Sergio Peris-Mencheta, embarked on a new journey.

On February 23, Snowfall Season 5 made its debut on Hulu and FX. Look at the major characters on the programme and the amazing actors who portray them.

Alon Aboutboul as Avi Drexler

Any fan of Snowfall will know that without Avi Drexler, Franklin wouldn’t be the man he is today. The public was really pleased with Alon Aboutboul’s portrayal of the Israeli drug boss, so Season 5 will feature more of him. Would Franklin still be a friend or foe, though, with his family now falling apart?

Amin Joseph as Jerome Saint

Franklin was introduced to the world of business by Jerome Saint. Initially discouraging Franklin’s illicit activities as his uncle, Jerome promotes him to the lucrative but risky crack industry after realising his nephew’s potential. Two of the major figures in the “Family” are formed when Jerome and his wife Louie join Franklin and assist him in building his own economic empire. Jerome Saint, who was portrayed by Amin Joseph, appeared to always be on Franklin’s side, but by the conclusion of Season 4, his ego and greed overtake him, and he decides to leave Franklin and open up their own business with his wife.

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Angela Lewis as Louise Saint

In addition to her husband and nephew Franklin, Louise Saint, sometimes known as Aunt Louie, is Jerome’s cohabitant and business partner in the illegal drug trade. The role of Aunt Louie, played by Angela Lewis, has been assisting her husband and her nephew in creating the mega business by serving as the primary negotiator with significant clients. Although, like Jerome, she frequently uses her nightclub as a front, by the conclusion of Season 4 we see her and her husband breaking away from Franklin to do the same. She also has her own goals of running her own business.

Brandon Jay McLaren as Buckley

Brandon Jay McLaren plays Buckley, a detective with the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.) Unit who maintains a tough exterior despite dealing with personal issues like a failing relationship and drug addiction. He is one of the more recent cast members to have been introduced in Season 5.

Carter Hudson as Teddy McDonald

The figure Teddy (Reed) McDonald depicts the part that government organisations frequently play in the growth of illegal firms, and his tale is another key component of the programme. Carter Hudson plays Teddy, an undercover CIA agent who assists the government in funding the fight against communism in Central America. He is one of Franklin’s main motivators and encourages him to expand his drug empire. At the conclusion of Season 4, when he is shown following Franklin’s parents to Cuba in order to assassinate Franklin’s father, Alton, the character leaves the audience with a significant cliffhanger. It is strongly inferred at the episode’s conclusion that he truly killed Alton, even if it is not explicitly revealed.

Damson Idris as Franklin Saint

In Snowfall’s fifth season, Franklin Saint has a lot of work to do. The anti-hero, who serves as the show’s main focus, has faced many challenges while trying to build his own crack empire. The character, played by British actor Damson Idris, will be involved in one of the show’s most intense survival battles to date, as is clear from the trailer. He is still dealing with the family split that was shown in the Season 4 finale while still fighting a more aggressive LAPD and fresh enemies as he looks into the distance.

De’aundre Bonds as Skully

The Bloods street gang was headed by Terrence Brown, also known as Skully. When his wife and daughter are unintentionally killed during a failed attempt on his life, the character played by De’aundre Bonds goes on an emotional rampage. In the Season 4 conclusion, he was shown nearing death in a final, unsuccessful attempt to avenge the deaths of his family.

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DeRay Davis as Peaches

Peaches, a veteran of the Vietnam War, serves as Franklin’s personal bodyguard and chauffeur. The enforcer, played by DeRay Davis, used to work for Franklin’s uncle Jerome and is silent but deadly.

DeVaughn Nixon as Kane Hamilton

DeVaughn Nixon plays Kane Hamilton, a strong ex-con who is like an older brother to Franklin and his best friend Leon Simmons in Snowfall Season 5. Kane Hamilton is one of the show’s most recent castings.

Devyn A. Tyler as Veronique

Veronique, played by Devyn A. Tyler, was the first significant new addition to the Season 5 plot. She is Franklin’s new flame, and in the trailer they are expecting their first child. Throughout the season, their connection is further examined.


Emily Rios as Lucia Villanueva

Lucia Villanueva, Emily Rios’ portrayal of the leader of the Villanueva crime family and once Gustavo’s partner, unexpectedly vanished after Season 2. Her whereabouts were briefly hinted at in the Season 4 conclusion, although it is still unclear whether Gustavo will voluntarily pursue her.

Isaiah John as Leon Simmons

Leon Simmons is Franklin Saint’s closest and most dependable friend and right-hand man. He has frequently thought of Leon as family, defending him from the likes of the police and other gang members. Simmons, who is portrayed by Isaiah John, has always stood by Franklin’s side and sees himself as the group’s “wise-guy,” even if Franklin obviously disagrees. Leon has always had his best friend’s back despite a few minor disagreements in the past. In Season 5, he was spotted getting ready for the terrifying conflict that would feature bazookas, bombs, and firearms!

Kevin Carroll as Alton Williams

Franklin’s father, Alton Williams, a former Black Panther member played by Kevin Carroll, whose manic actions strained his relationship with his family. His actions caused him to spend many years apart from his family, until a police crackdown places him in a hospital. After the incident, his wife and Franklin’s mother, Cissy, takes him back, and he starts to live a better life. His long-dormant views towards the government, however, come back to life when he learns that his son is involved in the illicit drug trade. As a result, he publicly accuses the CIA of being responsible for his son’s collapse on a local radio station. Teddy pursues him as a result of his acts, despite Franklin and his mother pleading with the undercover police to spare them.

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Michael Hyatt as Cissy Saint

Franklin’s mother, Cissy Saint, who was portrayed by Michael Hyatt, was a kind lady who never agreed with her son’s illegal pursuits. Alton Williams, Franklin’s father, and her were split up because of the latter’s radical beliefs. Even when she lost her job and almost lost her house, she never took a penny of her son’s drug money. She did, however, enter the real estate industry at Franklin’s urging, but the family suffered as a result. She and Alton had to flee to Cuba following the events of Season 4, but disaster awaited them there.

Reign Edwards as Melody Wright

Melody “Mel” Wright, Franklin’s former girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, is the daughter of Andre Wright, a former sergeant in the LAPD. The two ex-lovers finally got together in the Season 4 finale, and the confrontation wasn’t pretty. Reign Edwards, well known for portraying Nicole Avant on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, plays Melody.

Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata

Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata, a central character in the programme who has transitioned from a wrestler to an enforcer to a smuggler, is another. Since the end of his professional wrestling career, his life has only taken on a bloodier hue. Gustavo has come a long way from being a small-time enforcer to a partner and now the crime boss of a sizable family. Spanish actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta plays Gustavo, who prefers to keep to himself and doesn’t even care when the CIA informs him that Teddy has been replaced.


Tiffany Lonsdale as Parissa

Teddy McDonald gets treated by Parissa, a former medical professional, after being hurt. The new character, played by Tiffany Lonsdale, and Teddy have a shared past that is explored in Season 5.

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