Who Is Snowstorm on ‘The Masked Singer’?The Real Identity Of Snowstorm

Warning: This sentence contains a spoiler. The snowstorm has emerged! To learn who was hiding behind the mask, scroll to the bottom!

The East Coast is now seeing colder temperatures, which comes just in time for The Masked Singer to experience a cold front. On. On November 16, Snowstorm participated in the renowned reality series alongside Avocado and Bride.

The Masked Singer’s most recent season introduces brand-new ideas like themed nights and double unmaskings for even more fun with the reveal! We have already seen reveal videos for celebrities like Jerry Springer, Gloria Gaynor, George Foreman, and William Shatner.

There is only so much time left before viewers learn who is hiding behind each mask before Season 8 ends at the end of the month. But trying to figure out who the celebrity under the disguise is before the show can disclose them is half the excitement of The Masked Singer.

Who is Snowstorm on The Masked Singer, then? There are many hints to use, and many have made some educated predictions previously. Here is everything we currently know about Snowstorm’s identity.

Snowstorm on ‘The Masked Singer’ — The Clues

Snowstorm makes his television debut on “Comedy Roast Night” of The Masked Singer. Their outfit is pretty amazing, with a giant snowflake on their back, thigh-high boots, and the head of an ice creature perched atop a snow crystal suit. She gave a quick-fire “this-or-that” promo before Episode 8 to give some further information.

The hints we now have on their identities are as follows:

Promo for Snowstorm’s Mask-Ray game shows a scarf
They love dogs, and Snowstorm chooses to holiday in the mountains rather than the beach.
They significantly prefer “working hard” than “playing hard.”
They favour intimate gatherings over large events.
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More hints were provided in a clue package during The Masked Singer episode 8:

The loveliest thing, they are.
“Pitch Perfect” and “Speed Dating” signs
a greeting mat
A-list performers like Rob Lowe and non-A-listers like Dr. Ken Jeong have performed on stage with her.
She’s got the quips. (Her joke about keeping a safe distance from Nick Cannon should she become pregnant was undoubtedly the night’s high point.)

Snowstorm on ‘The Masked Singer’ — The Guesses

Warning: This sentence contains a spoiler. Even though we don’t know for sure who is hiding behind the Snowstorm mask, the answers below may give away their true identity.

A Reddit thread about Snowstorm’s identity offered a tonne of various hypotheses prior to the Nov. 23 episode. Snowstorm, a Grammy-winning musician and actress, was widely believed to be Deborah Cox. Before beginning her solo career in 1998 with songs like “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here,” she had previously worked as a support vocalist for Celine Dion. She will later appear as Aida on Broadway. Deborah’s Canadian heritage would also be easily explained by Snowstorm’s scarf and their penchant for mountain vacations.

However, Nikki Glaser is our best guess. She is a comedian, took part in a live Instagram virtual speed dating event, roasting Rob Lowe to perfection, had a TV special called “Perfect,” and an E! series called Welcome Home, Nikki Glaser? where we saw her develop songs and perform in front of an audience.

Kelly Rowland, a former member of Destiny’s Child, and Kelly Reilly, a star of the movie Yellowstone, are two further popular speculations.

So, who is Snowstorm on ‘The Masked Singer’? The answer is… Nikki Glaser!

Nikki Glaser, a stand-up comedian, actress, and TV host who has recently begun dabbling in music, was revealed to be Snowstorm on The Masked Singer’s special Thanksgiving episode.

Next to be revealed is who? Learn more about The Masked Singer’s season finale, which airs on Fox on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 8 p.m. EST.

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