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Spectrum: Current Prices, Promotions, and Discounts for Quality Internet Services

One megabit per second cost $28 in 2000, a relatively early year for the internet. In 2020, customers will only be paying 64 cents per Mbps on average, a 98% price reduction in just 20 years.

Even during the pandemic and current spikes in inflation, the tendency has persisted. Since 2016, the cost of high-speed internet has dropped by more than 42% on average.

As a pioneer in the cable sector, Spectrum has played a significant role in lowering the cost and boosting the speed of internet service. The cost of Spectrum Internet is reasonable, and it offers excellent value.

The latest internet, TV, home phone, and mobile options from Spectrum are described in this article along with their current costs. Here you may also find Spectrum’s most recent special offers and discounts. For complete information on Spectrum price changes in 2023, keep reading.

Spectrum Internet Prices

Spectrum Internet offers download rates of up to 300 Mbps for $49.99 per month. No term contracts are required, and a 30-day money-back guarantee is provided. Due to the unrestricted nature of Spectrum Internet, there are no overage fees or throttling after a data cap. A modem is also included at no extra charge.

The Spectrum Internet Ultra or GIG plans, which cost $69.99 and $89.99 per month, respectively, are available if you desire faster speeds. Spectrum Internet Ultra and Spectrum Internet GIG both offer download rates of up to 500 Mbps and 1000 Mbps, respectively.

Several additional services are now available with Spectrum Internet at no extra charge, but we’ll talk about those in the “Spectrum Promotions” section.

Spectrum TV Prices
TV Select
Spectrum TV Select has 125+ channels and costs $59.99. Location-specific channel offerings can be seen on Spectrum’s website, along with a full channel roster for TV Select.

We pointed out that 46 of the top 100 channels on Variety’s list of the most popular channels in 2022 are owned by TV Select. These channels include, among others:

Sports Network on CNBC
One FOX Sports
Hallmark Network
A TV Land
Historical Channel
Mi Plan Latino Mi Plan Latino is a $39.99 monthly Spanish-language TV package offered by Spectrum. The 65+ Spanish and 75+ English channels on Mi Plan Latino include:

Univision Telemundo AMC
History of Cartoon Network in English

Free Features

Some of the provided channels can be accessed in HD at no extra charge. My Spectrum App, which offers tens of thousands of on-demand films and TV series, is included with both plans. Smart TVs, iOS, and Android devices can all use the My Spectrum app.

Add-on Channel Packs

Additionally, Spectrum offers add-ons that might upgrade your TV package. Following are some of the add-on channel packs and their associated costs:

80+ stations for $12 per month on Entertainment View
20+ sports channels for $6 per month with Sports View
Twitch and Starz Encore: For $9 a month, get Starz On Demand and six premium channels.
40+ Spanish stations with Latino View for only $12 per month
Chinese View: 6 Mandarin channels are available for $9.99 a month.
8 channels in Filipino for $19.99 per month with Filipino View
India 7 Indian channels are available in Premium for $29.99 per month.
India View offers three Indian channels for $14.99 a month.
Japanese View: For $14.99 a month, you get one Japanese channel.
Japanese View: 6 Japanese channels for $12.99 each month
2 Punjabi channels are offered by Punjabi View for $4.99 a month.
Vietnamese View: 2 channels in the language for $9.99 per month

Add-on Premium Channels and Streaming Services

The following premium streaming services and channels are available as add-ons for Spectrum TV packages:

Cinemax: A monthly fee of $10
FOX Soccer Plus: For a monthly fee of $10.
maximum: $15 per month
For $6 per month, MGM+
MLB Extra Innings: Seasonal price of $139.99
a half-season NBA League Pass is available for $99
NHL Centre Ice: $79 seasonally
Time for a show: $10 per month
The Movie Channel: $5 monthly for access.

Spectrum Home Phone Price

When bundled, Spectrum’s Voice home phone service costs $19.99 per month. You can only purchase Spectrum Voice in combination with Spectrum Internet or Spectrum TV because it is not a stand-alone service.

What distinguishes Spectrum Voice is as follows:

Free Unlimited Calls (even outside the US)

Spectrum Voice offers unlimited free domestic calling, just like the majority of contemporary home phone plans. However, Spectrum Voice also offers free calls to a number of other international destinations. These consist of:

Mexico Canada
Northern Philippine Islands
Guam American Samoa
American Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands

Affordable International Calling

international calls are also incredibly cheap. The exact costs vary depending on the country, but you often pay less than a dollar a minute, with the majority of nations charging cents.

There are certain countries where long-distance calls are even cheaper per minute. These nations consist of:

Cyprus Denmark France
In New Zealand
Island of Reunion, Portugal
Korea, South
British Empire
For just $5 extra, you may upgrade to the Spectrum Voice overseas Calling Plan if you make a lot of overseas calls. With this plan, you can call an unlimited number of additional 70 countries at no extra cost.

Spectrum Home Phone Price

The current monthly cost for a Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line is $29.99. Each GB of the By the Gig plan costs $14 per month. Only Spectrum Internet customers can access Spectrum Mobile.

The Spectrum Mobile’s specifications and features are as follows:

Shared Data Across Multiple Lines

You can share data across up to 10 lines with the By the Gig plan. If everyone in your family uses mobile data just for texts and emergencies, you could save money. Additionally, it’s a more practical choice than purchasing many By the Gig lines.

Unlimited Data, Talk, and TextWith the Unlimited plan, you can send and receive unlimited texts and calls in addition to having unlimited data. After the soft data cap of 20 GB, you can notice reduced rates. However, if you’re like most people, you’ll only need 12 GB or so each month. If you do use a lot of data, you may subscribe to the $10 more expensive Unlimited Plus plan, which offers faster speeds and a 30 GB higher soft data maximum.

Switch Plans Anytime

After using more than 2 GB of data on the By the Gig plan, you can immediately convert to the Unlimited plan. Instead of paying $43 or more, you’ll simply have to spend $29.99 this way. If you wind up utilising 20 GB of data, you may also upgrade to Unlimited Plus at any time.

Free Peacock Premium

When you subscribe to Spectrum Internet and/or TV, you automatically qualify for Peacock Premium at no extra charge. This raises the value of your plan by $4.99. For three months with Spectrum Internet and twelve months with Spectrum TV, Peacock Premium is free.

Your Peacock Premium service will renew once the promotion expires for $4.99 per month or the current rate. But if you decide that you no longer want the service, you can cancel before then.

Spectrum One

A new promotion called Spectrum One bundles Spectrum Advanced WiFi and an unrestricted Spectrum Mobile line with Spectrum Internet at no extra cost for a full year. The combined value of these two services, which is more than $400, adds $34.99 to the service each month.

Additionally, Spectrum One offers Speed Boost, a unique feature that enables higher internet speeds for Spectrum Mobile devices when they are connected to the internet via Advanced WiFi, as well as Security Shield, a cybersecurity solution that safeguards your whole network. After the promotional period, you can either stop using these services or continue using them at regular prices.

ACP Discounts

For houses qualified for the Affordable Connectivity Programme, all Spectrum Internet plans are offered at a savings of up to $30. ACP-qualified clients continue to receive the same specifications, benefits, and features.

There is also a brand-new plan called Spectrum 100 that is only accessible to ACP-eligible subscribers. The cost of Spectrum 100 is $29.99, and its maximum download speed is 100 Mbps. A $30 reduction makes it practically free.

Contract Buyout

You can receive up to $500 from Spectrum to cover your early termination penalties when you transfer providers if you’re in a term contract with your current provider. Only qualifying Spectrum packages are qualified for this promotion.

For questions about the promotion, call the Spectrum phone number listed below for more details.


Spectrum stands itself as the industry leader thanks to its affordable internet, TV, phone, and mobile services. Additionally, Spectrum offers discounts to sweeten the sale and promotions that increase the value of its services.

There are no hidden fees and the charges are spelt out in detail. Customers can cancel at any time and switching between plans is simple.

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