DC’s Stargirl Season 4 Cancelled – There Is A Simple Explanation

Stargirl isn’t continuing with season 4 at The CW after a three-season run that started on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service, and there are reasons why it was shelved after such a brief run. The CW announced the cancellation of Stargirl at the end of October 2022. Despite being upsetting, the announcement wasn’t unexpected given that Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, two Arrowverse mainstays, were cancelled earlier this spring.

There was never a single explanation given for why Stargirl would be ending its three-season run on The CW when the show’s cancellation was initially made public. Although Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were critically lauded shows, the network had lost some of its former glory. After serving in the position for more than a decade, CW CEO Mark Pedowitz retired in October 2022, and with the tides turning, it seemed inevitable that Stargirl would be dragged along with her.

Stargirl Season 4’s Cancellation Is Most Likely Due To The CW’s Future

For many years, the Arrowverse and all of its superhero spin-offs were housed on The CW. However, the network saw some significant changes in 2022 after Nexstar Media Group acquired The CW. The majority of The CW’s shows, including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Roswell, New Mexico, were abruptly cancelled due to this move and Nexstar’s desire to appeal to a different audience than that of The CW. In the end, Nexstar intended to change the direction of The CW, and the surviving programmes, including Stargirl, didn’t fit the new vision.

There is also the reorganisation at Warner Bros., which was acquired by Discovery and created the majority of The CW’s series. The ratings for Stargirl weren’t bad by CW standards, but they weren’t as high as those for the network’s most well-liked programmes, such as The Flash, a fellow superhero show that recently received its ninth and final season. However, Stargirl was able to go unnoticed for a long due to DC properties bearing the brunt of the studio and network changes—until it didn’t.

How Stargirl Season 3 Avoided An Ending Problem

Stargirl had the advantage of knowing a potential cancellation was approaching, but the other Arrowverse shows’ cancellations were more of a surprise, and there was a hope they may be renewed. In response, the show’s writers came up with two endings, which were both filmed. One ending was likely shot with a cliffhanger in case the superhero series was picked up, while another was likely shot as the series finale, closing up the overall plot. Fans won’t be left wondering what happens next in Stargirl’s story thanks to the forethought to film two conclusions, giving viewers closure on the characters and their experiences.

In addition, Stargirl not only avoided a problematic ending, but also managed to wrap up its narrative on its own terms with a planned conclusion appropriate for a series finale. The ability to write a concluding chapter that wraps up the unresolved plot strands without being abruptly cancelled is uncommon in the realm of television, and more lately within the Arrowverse and DC in general. With the understanding that these individuals will continue to be the JSA, Stargirl was able to tie up all the loose ends without leaving the audience wondering what will happen next.

What Stargirl Season 4’s Story Could’ve Been

The season 3 storylines of Stargirl are rather neatly wrapped up, however there are a few narrative lines that season 4 could have continued, such as the hunt for Sylvester Pemberton’s (the true Starman) brain, which was stashed away in an unidentified mountain. The Justice Society of America saved Sylvester in the end, although Stargirl season four should have gone into more depth about the rescue. The Shade says that by defeating Nebula Man, the JSA was able to save the Seven Soldiers of Victory. It’s a joke reference to a DC Easter egg, although Stargirl season 4 might have included a rescue operation.

Will Stargirl Ever Return?

Stargirl and her JSA squad are probably still there for the fans to see. Superhero crossovers gained popularity in the Arrowverse, therefore it’s plausible that Stargirl will at last make an appearance on another DC programme, perhaps Titans on HBO Max. Brec Bassinger, who plays Stargirl, was seen hanging out with some Titans actors while season 4, episode 7 was being filmed. This suggests that Stargirl will make an appearance in at least one episode, though it is still unknown what kind of appearance she will make and how it will fit into the plot.

This makes sense given that the only non-standard characters in the Arrowverse are Stargirl, Titans, and Doom Patrol. Stargirl should be able to do the same as Titans and Doom Patrol have already done so, and the showrunner of Titans has even hinted at her coming. Who knows, though? The JSA’s leader might show up somewhere else in the DCTV universe. Given that Batwoman returned to The Flash despite having her show cancelled and that David Ramsey frequently played John Diggle after Arrow’s finale, it’s truly impossible to predict what will happen to Stargirl in the future.

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