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The Real Reason Why Steve Hyde Played By Danny Masterson Is Not In That ’90s Show

That “90s Show” on Netflix is a continuation of “That “70s Show.” Leia, the daughter of Eric and Donna, arrives as the plot picks up nearly 15 years after the conclusion of the original series. One of the things that makes the show so much fun to watch is how it brings back recognisable characters from “That ’70s Show” even as a new cast of characters is introduced. The spin-off features Eric, Donna, Michael, Jackie, and Fez, but Steve Hyde is not present. We know nothing about him and not even a single character even mentions him. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re wondering why Hyde is the only character who doesn’t appear in “That ’90s Show.”

What Happened to Steve Hyde?that 70s show,steven hyde that 90s show,what was the best show of the 90s,tv show on nickelodeon in the 90,90 tv shows nickelodeon list

It could be a little upsetting for the fans that Masterson did not repeat his role as Steve Hyde in the new Netflix series given that Steve Hyde was one of the key characters in “That ’70s Show.” The actor has been accused of several things, which is the cause of this. He was accused of three charges of rape by coercion or fear in 2020. He is accused of having sexually assaulted three different women at his Hollywood Hills home, one in 2001 and two in 2003.

Two more allegations of sexual assault against Masterson were reportedly not brought up because one lacked “adequate proof” and the other was “based upon the statute of limitations of the offence claimed,” according to ABC7 News. After being detained, Masterson was eventually freed after posting $3.3 million in bond. In each of the three instances, he has defended his innocence. He may spend up to 45 years behind bars if found guilty on the accusations.

A mistrial was declared on November 30, 2022, since the jury’s decision on the actor’s charges was “hopelessly deadlocked.” The District Attorney’s office confirmed in a statement that Masterson would face the same charges again. The status conference in court is scheduled for February 16th. The dates of the motion hearings are March 6 and March 27. As per Fox News, jury selection for the retrial is scheduled to start on March 29.

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Netflix will keep a distance from Masterson, at least until a decision is made, since the matter is still pending. The actor and the streaming service have worked together on programmes like “Easy” and “The Ranch.” After the claims were made public in 2017, Netflix killed off the character played by Masterson in the show in which he co-starred with Ashton Kutcher from “That ’70s Show.” According to Netflix’s statement to Entertainment Weekly, “Danny Masterson has been written out of The Ranch as a consequence of ongoing conversations” with the producers.

Masterson insisted he was innocent of the charges and expressed his disappointment at Netflix’s choice to kill off his character. Masterson, understandably, did not receive an invitation from the streaming site while the rest of the primary cast did. The actor called it “the dopest thing I’ve heard in a decade” in response to the announcement that co-stars Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp will be reprising their roles in the new spin-off.


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It will be interesting to see how the jury rules for Masterson as a new trial is scheduled to start in March. However, even if he is exonerated, there is a very low probability that he will play Steve Hyde again. Netflix has the last say on whether or not Masterson will make a comeback, but given how quickly they responded to the allegations against him, they may not want the drama surrounding the actor to distract from their new series. In any case, “That ’90s Show” will focus on a brand-new plot and a unique ensemble of characters, with occasional appearances from the cast of “That ’70s Show.” We may assume that Masterson won’t be featured in the Netflix series unless there is a compelling reason for Hyde’s comeback.

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