Justin & Steven Assanti My 600-Lb Life: Where Are The Assanti Brothers Now?

The Assanti Brothers were among the show’s most contentious actors. When their episode first aired in 2017, the brothers were well known for producing a lot of drama and tension. Justin, who weighed about 600 pounds, was the most composed of the two and appeared a little more eager to stick to his diet. But Steven, who weighed around 800 pounds, was very difficult and frequently had fits that wrecked havoc on the show. Without a doubt, Steven stole the show—and not for the reasons you may think.

The brothers have surprisingly avoided the spotlight in the years since the show ceased production. However, unlike some stars, like JT, the twins have actively kept fans informed of their development. Both of them have maintained a fan base from the show. The fact that the Assanti brothers are actually doing rather well may delight viewers who witnessed their appearance on My 600-Lb Life. Fans of the siblings won’t want to miss the details of what transpired because there has still been animosity between the two.

Steven Assanti is married, but he isn’t happy about the episode

Steven Assanti has been doing fairly well since the release of his My 600-Lb Life episode, and in 2018 he married Stephanie. He was not as temperamental and self-absorbed as the show made him out to be, according to Stephanie. Stephanie noted that Steven couldn’t have been more different in a 2018 interview with Starcasm. She added, “Beauty is skin deep and he has a heart of gold. “Steven is not at all what he appeared to be in his YouTube videos or on the TV show. He is a gentleman, a wonderful lover, and an all-around lover of life.”

Steven has said that TLC “overdramatized” his actions because he felt like he was dealt a lousy hand. He talked about it in a 2020 interview with Nicki Swift, claiming the producers didn’t attempt to highlight any of his positive traits. They simply portray me as insane, yelling at people, abusing painkillers, and doing evil things, he claimed. The nice things that my family and I did were also captured on camera, but they only chose to highlight the negative.

Steven acknowledged that living with the popularity has been difficult for both he and Stephanie. Steven revealed that Stephanie wasn’t a fond of the spotlight, which has led to some tension, during the Nicki Swift interview. The result of this was finally a split in which the two people lived 90 minutes apart. Steven said, “She’s kind of doing her own thing. “We’re always figuring things out. Both she and I adore each other with all of our hearts. Right now, we’re just split between two different homes. require a brief rest.”

Recent allegations that Steven’s wife had “cashed in” on his TLC checks prompted Steven to insult fans. The former star reportedly became agitated after reading hurtful remarks and allegations, according to a story from Soap Dirt. He disclosed that Stephanie “absolutely rejected” a TLC offer. According to the study, Steven has kept the same weight down since having gastric bypass surgery.

Justin Assanti continues to thrive and do his own thing

Since My 600-Lb Life, Justin Assanti has also been doing well. The Cinemaholic reported that his business, Hobby Haven, is flourishing and has helped him to manage his social anxiety. His bond with Steven, though, is nonexistent. In a since-deleted Reddit AMA session, the brother said, “He doesn’t bother us since he got married” (via Starcasm).

Justin also discussed how he and his brother were portrayed on the episode. He acknowledged that TLC producers had undoubtedly inflated certain elements of their narrative, but he also said that Steven was a complete nightmare. Justin stated that the show provided an authentic representation of what living with Steven was like, in contrast to what Steven believes about himself. Justin remarked, “Steven on the programme is Steven in real life. It is one of the rare things that is not pre-written.

Although it has been some time since Justin has been on television, he said in his deleted AMA that he has been working to keep the weight off. Since his episode aired, Justin has shed 200 pounds, as he stated in his AMA (via Starcasm).

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