Explained : The Stiff Person Syndrome That Affected Celine Dion

Fans of famous singer Celine Dion are in upheaval as they reacted to the information that the 54-year-old has a rare neurological disease.

Dion revealed her illness and the postponement and rescheduling of several of her tour dates in an Instagram update. Eight of the original Summer 2023 gigs have been formally postponed, and the singer’s whole Spring 2023 tour has been moved up to Spring 2024. Dion tells her followers that she will be putting her health first, working with an excellent team of medical professionals, and overcoming stiff person syndrome in the interim.

Since many people had never heard of the uncommon condition before Dion’s statement, interest in Stiff Person Syndrome soared in the early hours of December 8. According to the singer, the disease has made it difficult for Dion to maintain both her job and her personal life. It impacts “every part” of her “daily existence.” Fortunately, those scheduled tour dates in 2023 and beyond should go ahead without a hitch thanks to her team of specialists by her side and a commitment to enhancing her health.

Understanding Stiff Person Syndrome

It may sound like a humorous diagnosis for your favourite party crasher, but stiff person syndrome is actually a serious medical disease. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke found similarities between the neurological ailment and an autoimmune disease (NINDS). Fluctuating muscle rigidity in the trunk and limbs, as well as heightened sensitivity to stimuli like noise, touch, and emotional distress, which can cause muscle spasms, are characteristics of the illness.

Similar to how it sounds, stiff person syndrome affects a person’s entire body’s muscles. Because they are afraid that a loud noise would cause a muscle spasm, those who have it frequently avoid appearing in public and frequently have hunched or rigid posture as a result of their condition.

Dion is one of about a million people who have the ailment, which affects women more frequently than males. The NINDS states that although the causes are unknown, research suggests they could be “the outcome of an immunological response gone awry in the brain and spinal cord.” Most often, it affects persons between the ages of 30 and 60.

Is Stiff Person Syndrom curable?

Although SPS is still incurable, there are a few ways to treat its most severe symptoms. In addition to anti-convulsants, muscle relaxants, anxiety reducers, and intravenous immune globulin, these include medicines to manage pain (IVIg).

Due to their lack of muscle control, people with Stiff Person Syndrome tend to fall more frequently. Because many of those affected find themselves unable to adequately arrest an unexpected fall, there is an additional danger that they will sustain considerably more serious injuries from these accidents as a result of their immobile muscles.

What is the life expectancy for someone with Stiff Person Syndrome?

Depending on age, the accessibility of medical care, and a number of other variables, a person with an SPS diagnosis may live a shorter or longer life. Everyone responds to treatment differently, and the overall prognosis for someone with the condition is greatly influenced by the rate of decline. According to Ameripharma, the average life expectancy after the commencement of the illness is 6 to 28 years. Although the exact duration of Dion’s battle with the condition is unknown, the fact that she has a top-notch medical staff at her disposal and is taking good care of herself should be good news for her followers.

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