Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge Goes Viral, Internet Thinks It Could Just Be A Naked Lady

A strange video of a “supernatural creature” strolling across a bridge in India has gone viral, scaring internet users who were confused by what they had just witnessed. The 30-second video shows a man ambling across the bridge with an unusual gait before pausing and glaring at the people filming it. Due to the low quality of the video and the difficulty in getting a clear look, it has been suggested on social media that it might be a witch, ghost, or space invader.

Fact-checkers dug into the video’s beginnings after it gained popularity, according to Journalist Arvind Chauhan of the Times of India stated that the footage is “of a poor woman & not of alien.” The two teenagers who shot the video were reportedly questioned by a local TV programme, according to the fact-checking website Alt News. The video in question, according to one of the two witnesses who went by the name Deepak and spoke to Alt News, showed a naked woman walking along NH 75 in Ichinda, Jharkhand.

After attending a friend’s mother’s burial at Chakradharpur, Deepak explained that they were travelling back to Seraikela. “We stopped at a store next to the highway after becoming alarmed when we first noticed the woman. We enquired if anyone else had seen the woman when some others arrived at the location. She had no witchcraft. Other bystanders who saw her confirmed that she was a woman.”

The website continues by stating that Deepak and another witness told Indian news outlet Jan Doot News that they observed a woman “walking naked” and exclaimed, “Chudail hai, ladki hai, record kar, record kar!” after seeing her. According to Alt News, phrase means “Wicked, Wicked! It’s a female. Note it down!”

There are still several unanswered concerns, even if what is seen in the video is a human and not some type of otherworldly being. One has to question why the naked woman was walking down the street, obviously unaware of the risk posed by the oncoming cars. Where was she heading and where did she come from? Is she alright? The video will definitely spark a lot of conversation because we will probably never learn the entire story. According to Seraikela sub-inspector Mohammad Noushad, the incident is “currently under investigation.”

It’s not surprising that some viewers of the film have theorised that the woman is an alien from another planet. Recent news stories have featured a lot of UFO chatter, including a fresh story that NASA’s new administrator Bill Nelson plans to conduct additional research on unidentified flying objects within his first month in office. This comes after recent allegations that the US Navy saw fast-moving UFOs in the skies.

“Whether it is alien is unknown to us. We are unsure if it is an enemy. If it’s an optical phenomenon, which we don’t know, “Nelson said to CNN. “Given the traits mentioned by those Navy jet pilots, we don’t believe it to be an optical phenomenon. Therefore, the short answer is that we want to know.”

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