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Talk to Me 2023: Uncovering the Filming Locations

‘Talk to Me,’ an Australian supernatural horror thriller film directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, follows teenage Mia as she searches for a diversion on the anniversary of her mother’s passing and resorts to summoning spirits in order to learn more about the spirit realm. They are therefore not prepared to deal with the effects of having continued contact with the spiritual realm when she calls her friends together for yet another séance utilising the embalmed hand.

Mia is plagued by some scary otherworldly visions as she works to mend the damage before it becomes irreparable now that the portal to another world is wide open. The mystery movie, starring Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji, and Miranda Otto, has moody images that go well with the story’s overall tone. The drama takes place in a variety of locations, including the school and the house where the companions hold the séance, piqueing viewers’ interest in the actual shooting locations. We have answers for you if you’ve been pondering the same thing!

Talk to Me Filming Locations

The entire movie “Talk to Me” was shot in Australia, primarily in Adelaide. The start of production was initially scheduled for early 2021, however it was ultimately delayed. The horror movie’s principal photography reportedly started in late February 2022 and ended in early April of that same year. Without further ado, let’s travel to each of the exact places that are featured in the film.

Adelaide, Australia

The majority of the crucial scenes for “Talk to Me” were filmed in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. According to reports, the production crew traversed the entire city to record various sequences, both indoors and outside, against appropriate backdrops. For instance, one of the key filming locations for the Sophie Wilde starrer was the suburban community of Mawson Lakes in Adelaide’s City of Salisbury.


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In addition, the filming crew reportedly set up camp in the Adelaide neighbourhoods of Glenside and Pooraka. A lot of dynamics make up the outstanding opening sequence, which gives the narrative a compelling beginning. In July 2023, Roger Ebert inquired about the directors Danny and Michael Philippou’s recollection of the intricate details of filming that specific moment. We really had to build up to that opening, Danny added. The fact that it was the final scene we shot gave the impression that the entire movie was leading up to carrying out this massive sequence.

Finding that house was challenging, Michael continued. We started filming it around 2:30 a.m., which is when we were initially scheduled to conclude. Although it’s a huge task, we ultimately did ten takes, and each shot improved gradually. Danny took it up once more, adding that although they had to smash down ten different doors, the final one was the one where they struck the target. Ari McCarthy, who plays Cole, had to break down ten doors that evening, so he was sore the next day, but he was game, the actor continued. It took a team effort, with members of the cast and crew yelling for fans and extras to show up and enticing more and more people onto the set.

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