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Teen Mom OG: Where Are the Cast Members Now in 2023?

Farrah, who had once dreamed of being a model, swiftly adjusted to her new situation. With open arms, she greeted Sophia Laurent Abraham, her daughter. Despite losing Derek Underwood, Sophia’s father, in a vehicle accident, TV star Sophia remained unwavering in her commitment to giving her child the best. Farrah released “My Teenage Dream Ended,” her book, during her tenure on the show. In addition, she had a sex tape with James Deen out. After Farrah decided to go back into adult entertainment, she was let go from ‘Teen Mom OG’.

Where is Farrah Abraham Now?


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She has since looked into other successful paths. Afterwards, she made an appearance in “Celebrity Big Brother’s” sixteenth season. Since then, she has established herself as a regular figure on reality television, making appearances on shows like “Face the Truth,” “Ex on the Beach,” “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition,” and “Botched.” In addition, Farrah has become involved in a scandal. She was taken into custody in January 2022 after hitting a nightclub security guard. Farrah was one of the nine women who accused Mayor Dominic Foppoli of sexual assault the year before. She had also included video and audio proof to support her claim. Farrah has aspired to build new milestones with her kid and loved ones, and she is now a bestselling author, health advocate, internet creator, and comedian.

Where is Maci McKinney Now?

Following the birth of her son, Bentley Cadence Edwards, Maci had to veer off course from her constantly changing trajectory as an overachiever and athlete. The young woman struggled with parenting and became angry with Ryan, her son’s father, among other issues. She was unfazed, though, and went on to earn a degree. She and her boyfriend Taylor McKinney welcomed their baby Jayde Carter into the world in 2015. The following year, Maverick Reed was born to the couple. In fact, Taylor and Maci got married in October of 2016. Today, Maci not only writes best-selling books but also coaches wrestling and softball. She has published several books, including “I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof” and “The Battle Upstairs: Poetry Book.” She and Natalie Gard co-host “The Expired Podcast” as well.

Where is Catelynn Baltierra Now?


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By demonstrating that adolescent mothers have alternatives, Catelynn has grown to be a crucial character in the series. By giving Carolynn “Carly” Elizabeth, her daughter, up for adoption, she demonstrated the variety of decisions that young moms could make. Her mother, stepfather, boyfriend Tyler, and she had differing views on the subject, though. Later, on January 1, 2015, Catelynn welcomed Novalee “Nova” Reign into the world alongside Tyler, her boyfriend.

Later that year, the couple were married. Since then, Vaeda Luma and Rya Rose, two additional girls, have been added to their family. The pair has since experienced financial difficulties. A $535,010.97 federal tax lien was placed against the couple in 2016, and it was eventually paid in 2021. Since then, they have made the decision to list their historic house for sale. In addition, they have requested internet donations from followers. To assist them, Catelynn now looks after her husband’s OnlyFans account. Additionally, they have requested donations from supporters for their daughter’s cheer squad.

Where is Amber Portwood Now?

Leah Leann Shirley was born to Amber, who was never really sure of her daughter’s father, Gary Shirley. Amber’s journey on the show was full of ups and downs, ranging from attacking Gary to being arrested for domestic abuse. She received a prison sentence in June of 2012. She had entered a guilty plea to a felony drug charge earlier that year, but by taking a plea deal and participating in a treatment programme, she was able to stay out of jail. After that, she received a prison sentence for breaking the terms of her drug court probation. Nevertheless, because of her good behaviour and ability to achieve her GED, she was freed in December 2013. Afterwards, Amber fell in love with the show’s cameraman, Andrew Glennon. In 2018, the couple welcomed James Andrew Glennon into their family.

Amber was detained on suspicion of domestic abuse against Andrew a year later. Amber, who has been accused of assault multiple times, has also been on “Dr. Phil.” She disclosed during her presence that she suffered from a prescription medication addiction. She did, however, later acknowledge that she had become sober. After being detained in Indianapolis once more in July 2019, Amber was accused of two counts of domestic abuse and one count of criminal recklessness involving a deadly weapon. According to the claims, she also tried to use a knife to break into the room where her partner, Andrew Glennon, and their son were hiding. She also threatened to overdose on suicide. Since then, James, their kid, has been given sole custody by the court to Andrew Glennon. Regarding Amber, the reality TV star has made the decision to go from the MTV network. She is now putting more of an emphasis on her health and wants to improve her relationship with her kids.

Where is Cheyenne Floyd Now?


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Cheyenne fell in love with reality star Cory Wharton from “Real World: Ex-Plosion” during season 28 of “The Challenge.” In April 2017, the couple welcomed Ryder into the world. They had made the decision to raise their kid together even though they were not dating. Cheyenne has since pursued other interests. Since then, she and Zach Davis have continued their relationship, and in May 2021, Ace Terrell Davis, the couple’s son, was born.

Later, in September 2022, the couple were married and has since started a new chapter in their lives. The pair even had a brief involvement in a serious accident. Zach and Cheyenne’s automobile was allegedly shot at 13 times in July 2022 by an unnamed assailant. The TV personality’s kids were in the car with her at this time.

Cheyenne had collided her car with another in the excitement of the moment. She was later sued on the grounds that she had hurt the man in the automobile. Zach and Cheyenne, however, have refuted these assertions and charges. Zach later disclosed that the gunman was someone they both knew in ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’. They haven’t provided any updates on their legal dispute with the purported gunman.

Cheyenne has also developed the habit of ignoring other procedures. She wants to take her little daughter Ryder into her nail salon and grow it. Cheyenne co-manages Rage Regardless, a nonprofit that empowers families dealing with metabolic diseases, with Cory Wharton. Their daughter Ryder, who also suffers from a rare autoimmune condition, is the reason behind the organization’s dedication. Lastly, Cheyenne hosts the podcasts “Unfiltered Kitchen” and “3 Moms + 5 Kids.”

Where is Bristol Palin Now?


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When Bristol’s mother decided to run for vice president in 2008, she immediately became the centre of attention. She had already established herself in “The Secret Life of an American Teenager,” “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp,” and “Dancing with the Stars” before joining “Teen Mom.” Later on, the mother of three gained notoriety for her abstinence sermons. “Teen Mom OG” cast the reality TV star after she gave birth at the age of 17. Ever since departing from the show in 2019, she has avoided reality TV. Since then, she has relocated to Alaska, where she lives a private life with her three kids, Trip, Sailor, and Atlee.

Where is Mackenzie McKee Now?

Mackenzie, who joined the cast following Farrah’s departure, rose to prominence on the programme. With her lover Josh McKee, the TV personality gave birth to her son, Gannon Dewayne McKee. Later, on August 17, 2013, the couple was married, and soon after, they had their daughter, Jaxie Taylor. They currently have three kids in their care. On August 15, 2016, Broncs Weston was welcomed. However, the pair made the decision to split up after becoming friends for 12 years.

Late last year, Mackenzie posted about her breakup on Instagram. She declared in the since-deleted post, “No matter how hard you fight, sometimes things just don’t work out. Sometimes they work. I’m speaking up now about Josh and I being finished.Although I will always honour him as my children’s father, it’s time for me to find happiness. She nevertheless keeps going on new adventures in life with her kids. She is currently happy with her partner, Khesanio Hall, and works as a fitness trainer.

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