Bonnie Aarons To Return As Valak in The Nun 2 Confirms James Wan

It has been officially announced that Bonnie Aarons will be back in the horror sequel The Nun 2 to reprise her role as Valak, so light a candle in anticipation of her appearance. The Nun 2, the second film in the hugely successful Conjuring horror film series, was just recently revealed at CinemaCon as continuing forward. No cast members were disclosed, however it was revealed that Akela Cooper, who played Malignant in the first film, will once again collaborate with director James Wan on the script.

Without Aarons reprising his role as Valak, The Nun 2 just wouldn’t exist, and it appears that Wan is aware of this as well. Wan announced Aarons’ return in the sequel on Instagram and welcomed her by sharing some pictures of her acting on the site. Wan also welcomed back Michael Chaves as a Conjuring director. The Curse of La Llorona and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It were previously directed by Chaves.


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Bonnie Aarons Is Celebrated by Horror Fans for Her Role in The Nun

Bonnie Aarons became one of the more well-known modern horror stars because horror fans adored her as Valak. While promoting the horror movie Jakob’s Wife in April 2021, she hinted that she might be returning to the character. Aarons expressed her fondness for the character and her want to come back, provided she was satisfied with “what they wrote.” It appears like everything has come together for Aarons to return, which is fantastic for both her and the fans. Like she said the previous year:

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“Every day I light a candle. I would adore getting back into that routine. I adore that movie, the character, and the entire cast. Every day I light a candle. I have to read what they wrote, and I really hope it delves deeper into the devil. I believe that the demon originated in the depths of hell. Whatever it is, we’ll see it. Warner Brothers makes it. It will be extraordinary. It is New Line Pictures. Everything they do is going to be amazing. Over there, they make movies really well.”

Gary Dauberman wrote and Corin Hardy directed the 2018 film The Nun. The story was aided by James Wan, who also co-produced with Peter Safran. The movie also stars Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, and Jonas Bloquet in addition to Bonnie Aarons.

In the Conjuring series, The Nun acts as a prequel and is set in 1952 Romania. It centres on a Catholic priest and a nun learning a sinister secret. Despite having a low $22 million budget, the movie made over $365 million at the box office, which was a significant financial gain for Warner Bros. The Nun 2’s artistic approach will change with a new director and writer, but with important talent like Bonnie Aarons set to reprise her role as Valak, the sequel is off to a solid production start.

There is no set date for the release of The Nun 2.

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