The Recruit Season 2: Cast, Spoilers, and Everything Else You Need to Know

You may cheer for a new action hero on Netflix, even if he is a hesitant one. On December 16, Noah Centineo’s character Owen Hendricks, a baby-faced CIA lawyer who rapidly finds himself in over his head at the country’s most secretive agency, made his Netflix debut. In the opening episode of the series, Owen discovers a piece of graymail from Max Meladze (Laura Haddock), a former Russian asset who is threatening to bring the CIA to its knees if the organisation does not assist her in escaping from jail in Phoenix. When it is determined that Max’s threats are true, Owen is dragged into the fray in an effort to defend Max, his position, and—most importantly—his own life.

By the end of the season, Owen is being held captive by Max’s (surprise!) apparently dead daughter and has no idea when he will return home or run into anyone he loves. He’s left in a scary cliffhanger as Karolina holds a gun to his head after killing a Russian mobster earlier in the episode and coming close to finally fleeing the CIA.

Those who got into the new show and finished Season 1 so fast are definitely eager to learn whether Season 2 will be released, when it will, and what information they will learn from it. Here is what we currently know.

Has The Recruit been renewed for Season 2?

Not yet, but there is no need to be concerned. Since it’s a new programme, Netflix will assess its audience figures before making a judgement. Within 90 days of the release, the streaming provider typically offers renewals.

Season 2 cast

We anticipate Centineo to reprise his role as the titular recruit if the show is revived. It is unknown who else from the series regular cast, which consists of Fivel Stewart as Hannah, Colton Dunn as Lester, Aarti Mann as Violet, Daniel Quincy Annoh as Terence, and Vondie Curtis-Hall as Nyld, will make a comeback.

The biggest unanswered question concerns Laura Haddock, whose character Max was either killed or rendered helpless in the final seconds of the episode.


Despite being unable to divulge Max’s destiny following the Season 1 cliffhanger, series creator Alexi Hawley (Castle, The Rookie) and Centineo did share a lot with TV Guide about what they aim to address in Season 2 if the show gets renewed. Here you can read the entire interview.

According to Hawley, who spoke to TV Guide, “We didn’t give the complete narrative, and it’s obviously something that we could do more of heading into the next season,” Max and Karolina’s past will probably be examined. The showrunner said, “I do think that [Max] was quite aware that [Karolina] was alive, but in her mind, she lost her, which she [made] comparable with death.

Nobody’s arrival to help Owen is not guaranteed: Even though Hannah witnessed Owen’s abduction and Dawn (Angel Parker) was chasing Max when the two were picked up, Owen is very knowledgeable and the CIA may not want to risk getting their hands dirty in order to save him. If there is anything that he has learnt, it is that if the CIA needs to let him go and he no longer helps the agency, it is ordinary operating procedure, according to Centineo. “Xander told him that early on, and I suppose it keeps getting reaffirmed over and over again,” I think.

Owen will always feel guilty for killing someone. Owen’s decision to kill someone in order to save Max left him absolutely shell-shocked. According to Hawley, that represented a pivotal moment for his character and is still something that merits further investigation. The producer stated, “That would be a different show if he picked up a gun and was suddenly Jason Bourne in Episode 2.” “He finds it difficult to press the trigger, and the consequences of what happens when he does have an impact in a way that I believe is genuinely human for him to deal with that situation. Theoretically, that would continue into Season 2.”

Netflix has started streaming season one of The Recruit.

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