The Tetris Murders Release Date And Where To Watch?

Are you anticipating the arrival of The Tetris Murders Episodes 1–3? You and I both are, of course. You are therefore in the proper location to understand all about it. You may have enjoyed playing the Tetris game, in which we had to arrange falling coloured blocks. And now, after a significant change, it falls into the “not boring” category.

A team of software engineers and businessmen from the Soviet Union of Russia created the Tetris video game in the 1980s. Alexey Pajitnov, the person who invented the Tetris video game, was friends with Vladimir Ivanovich Pokhilko. Pokhilko was an expert in the field of computer-human interaction research and used the game to conduct psychological tests. The marketing of the Tetris game was further aided by these experiments.

In 1989, Vladimir and Alexey founded the Moscow-based 3D software development company AnimaTek. Peter was the son of Elena Fedotova and Vladimir. The entire Vladimir family was discovered stabbed to death in their Palo Alto, California, home on September 22nd, 1998.

The Tetris Murders co-creator Vladimir Ivanovich Pokhilko, Vladimir Ivanovich Pokhilko, Image source: IGN

The Tetris Murders presents Sandra Brown, a crime scene investigator, as she uncovers information that was previously undiscovered. Check out all we have on this Crazy Legs Productions documentary on the co-creator of the Tetris video games.

What Makes The Tetris Murders a Mystery?

CSI On September 22, 1998, Sandra Brown of the Palo Alto Police Department examined the crime scenes. The crime was initially assumed to be a suicide and murder. Vladimir first murdered his wife Elena (age 38), then his son Peter (age 12), and then committed suicide. Financial troubles at the corporation were cited as the cause of the murder-tremendous suicide’s suffering.

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I’ve been devoured alive are the words of a note that was discovered at the crime site. Vladimir. Just keep in mind that I am here. The police department’s Sgt. Scott Wong described him as “the devil.” The police did not categorise the note as a suicide note and instead forwarded it to the FBI for additional study because of how intriguing it is. There was no indication of forced entry, and the Palo Alto Police Department could find no reason why it wasn’t a suicide murder.

The Police Department deemed the case to be resolved and said that Vladimir Ivanovich Pokhilko’s sorrow was brought on by AnimaTek’s financial situation. The District Attorney’s office received their written report that they had submitted. The Attorney’s office reportedly wasn’t happy with the outcome.

Sandra Brown also had her doubts about the forensic and physical evidence, thinking it might be a part of a larger scheme. It is even more odd given the FBI’s intense involvement in the murder-suicide case. In some stories, there is a disturbing Russian element to the mystery or crime.

What Is The Tetris Murder Docuseries About?

Sandra Brown and the Palo Alto Police Department from that era return to the scene in the series to confirm the evidence once more and to express their opinions. Will it reveal new details, or was the murder a suicide or something more nefarious all along? In a few days, we should have the answers, won’t we?

The Tetris Muders Episodes 1 to 3 Release Date

On December 5, 2022, The Tetris Muders Episodes 1–3 will be made available. Regarding the nations where it will be made available to watch and those where it won’t, there is no definite information. All supported nations could be able to view, though, as Investigation Discovery (ID) and discovery+ own the streaming rights. The release time is:

9:00 p.m. Eastern Time
8 PM, on ID, in Central Time.
The following day, perhaps a few hours after it appears on ID, it will be accessible on discover+.

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How To Watch The Tetris Murders Episodes 1 to 3?

You will require a current subscription because it will be accessible on both Investigation Discovery (ID) and discovery+. Although not all TV provider accounts can be linked, you can use Investigation Discovery by connecting your TV provider account. As a result, you must first check the list of providers who are available.

Discovery+ is a paid service. If you already have one, that’s great; if not, you can get one for as little as $2.99 if you’re a student or you can easily get one for $4.99 a month, though there are some restrictions. These are the only locations where you can now watch it.

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