Peacock’s The Traitors Cast : Meet The Participants Of The New Reality Show

The Traitors, a new reality television competition from Peacock, will soon be on your screens! Numerous former reality stars from other series will be included in the cast of the newest reality programme.

Peacock disclosed the whole cast of the reality game programme The Traitors on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains tribemates Cirie Fields and Stephenie LaGrossa-Kendrick are two of the 20 cast members.

For those of you who are unaware, let us inform you that 20 contestants will move into a castle where they will have to cooperate to complete a series of missions in order to earn money for the prize pool on Peacock’s new game show The Traitors, which is scheduled to debut on Peacock on January 12, 2023.

Three of the candidates are covertly acting as traitors in order to manipulate and lie their way to the reward by “killing off” the “loyal” players, which is the twist in the story. Alan Cummings, a well-known actor from Hollywood, will host the game show.

We are aware that each and every one of you is eager to learn the identities of the former reality stars who will appear in The Traitors. So why are you still waiting? For more information about the cast of the newest season of Peacock’s upcoming new reality game show, keep reading.

Meet the cast of ‘The Traitors’

Amanda Clark

Emergency department nurse Amanda Clark has a focus on emergency medicine. Throughout the pandemic, she has been working in the field. She currently resides in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, with her husband and their three dogs.

Clark enjoys solving puzzles, mazes, escape rooms, and other problems in her free time. Amanda and her husband are now making improvements to their land in an effort to homestead. She will think about starting a family next.

Andie Vanacore (Thurmond)

Andie Vanacore (Thurmond), a trans non-binary person who was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, lives on a ranch in Reno with their wife Jess and works as a director of music services. The couple’s newborn girl is four months old. Their daughter is called Milo.

They graduated from college with a degree in history, and they were a pretty good athlete. Music, farming, and fashion are a few of Andie’s greatest interests. Andie, their wife Jess, and their daughter Milo are currently residing in Reno, Nevada.

Anjelica Conti

Anjelica Conti was raised in Staten Island and is a hairstylist by trade. Her large Italian family is from, and she considers herself to be, dramatic in every manner. She bares all, including her heart.

Because of her emotional stability, Conti is able to establish strong bonds with her friends and family. She has a Jamaican wedding planned for this coming year because she is engaged.

Arie Luyendyk Jr.

The most well-known aspect of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s career is his time spent on The Bachelor. He is a luxury real estate agent and former professional racecar driver, aside from his work as a reality TV celebrity.

Arie, the son of a two-time Indianapolis 500 victor, reportedly started racing when he was quite young. In the year 2006, he made his Indianapolis 500 debut. He was also voted “Most Popular Driver” at one occasion. Later on, he worked for the NBC Sports Network as a broadcast analyst.

Arie took part in FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” and in 2012, he finished second on ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” In 2018, he served as the host of season 22 of the reality series “The Bachelor,” when he first met Lauren Luyendyk.

With their three children, Arie and his wife Lauren Luyendyk reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. Additionally, he has appeared on HGTV’s “House Hunters” and “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart” as well as “The Bachelor: Winter Games.”

Azra Valani

Born in Kenya and raised in Toronto, Canada, Azra Valani is a yoga instructor. She now makes her home in Los Angeles. This dog mom, who is 5″2 and reclusive, learned how to code Python on her own. With a minor in women’s studies and a degree in applied economics, she has graduated.

Valani competed in the Miss World Canada competition. She feels that everyone should have access to yoga without having to pay exorbitant prices, hence her greatest lifelong desire is to teach yoga at homeless shelters.

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is a reality television personality best known for her appearances on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on Bravo TV. Soon after, with “What Else but Brandi Glanville Unfiltered” nearing its 13th year, she attempted to break into the podcast market. She is presently a resident of Beverly Hills, California.

Glanville has been in approximately 13 reality TV programmes after leaving Bravo’s reality TV series, including “Celebrity Apprentice,” “Celebrity Big Brother” in the US and the UK, “My Kitchen Rules,” and E’s “Famously Single,” among many others.

Currently appearing on Bravo’s “Ultimate Girls Trip,” Brandi has released her debut single. In addition, she has written two books, “Drinking & Tweeting & Other Brandi Blunders” and “Dating & Social Media P.S. Social Media is Ruining Romance.” She has been a two-time New York Times best-selling author. She enjoys cooking, dancing, and pilates and is a proud mother of two sons.

Christian De La Torre

Christian De La Torre is a retired army soldier, actor, and adventure enthusiast. After leaving the military, he began travelling and writing about his experiences, from backcountry camping in the U.S. to climbing the Italian coast. the National Parks

Since Christian spends most of his time in isolated areas without access to the outside world, it wouldn’t be incorrect to describe him as an adventurer. He also posts about his travels on social media. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, running, acting, and living in a van.

Cirie Fields

Nurse and reality TV star Cirie Fields is both. She is presently a resident of Jersey City, New Jersey. The mother of three is a fan favourite. She has previously taken part in competitions in Micronesia, Panama, Heroes vs. Villains, and Game Changers. This Survivor legend has additionally appeared in the films Snake in the Grass, Guiding Light, and the game show The Price Is Right.

Cody Calafiore

Actor and reality TV personality Cody Calafiore was born and raised in New Jersey. He currently resides in New York. He made his significant debut on the reality series Big Brother season 16, finishing in the top two. He participated in “Big Brother All Stars” in 2020, where he won the season. In a few movies like Joy & Hope and The Maltese Holiday, he played the lead role.

Geraldine Moreno

Geraldine Moreno works as an actor. Additionally a well-known internet personality and social media content generator, this Latina. Even without coffee, which she has never drank, she is lively, impulsive, intelligent, and highly competitive.

The older of two siblings, Moreno. Her sister is younger. She earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management for businesses. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and hiking. She is presently a resident of California’s North Hollywood.

Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain, a native of Florida, is best known for her role as Chief Stew on Bravo’s “Below Deck,” which she left after six seasons. She is also a well-known author, philanthropist, podcaster, radio personality, and dog parent. She has additionally been on “Chat Room” and “Galley Talk” on Bravo.

Kyle Cook

Kyle Cook is an entrepreneur and a cast member of the popular reality television shows “Summer House” and “Winter House” on Bravo. For the uninitiated, he is the founder of Loverboy, a premium adult beverage company that specialises in high-quality, calorie-efficient canned cocktails and sparkling hard teas.

Kyle has started a few firms in several industrial sectors since receiving his degree from Babson College, all of which were designed to support a wellness-focused way of life and a work-hard, play-hard attitude. He resides in New York City at the moment.

Michael Davidson

Office manager at DMC is Michael Davidson. He has a total of three children and is a single father. He enjoys people watching, cooking, hiking, rock climbing, travelling, and many other activities because he is an adventure junkie.

When it comes to Michael’s private life, we can say that he is a joyful dad who enjoys horror movies or reality TV. He is a strong proponent of mental wellness. Aside from this, he participates in the hospitality team at church and helps host outreach programmes and community events.

Rachel Reilly

TV host, actress, fashion designer, and content producer Rachel Reilly is a native of Birmingham and is renowned for winning reality competitions such as “Big Brother,” “Fear Factor,” and USA/”Snake Peacock’s in the Grass.” She has a small number of acting credits as well.

Reza Farahan

Reza Farahan was raised in Beverly Hills, California, after being born in Tehran, Iran. He is well-known for his part in Shahs of Sunset on Bravo. In the third instalment of the iconic franchise Sharknado, he too played a little role.

Reza is also a significant figure in the real estate industry. Even famous athletes, Middle Eastern aristocracy, and members of the movie business have been his clients. He is the designer of the gender-neutral luxury hair care line “Reza Be Obsessed.” He and his husband currently have 4 cats and a dog living with them in Beverly Hills.

Robert ‘Bam’ Nieves

Bam played football for Syracuse University before becoming a tech sales executive. He comes from a Puerto Rican household with 12 nieces and nephews and three siblings. This outgoing individual is an adventurer.

Bam enjoys deep sea diving with the army, skydiving over Hawaiian volcanoes, and swimming with sharks in the Pacific. It appears as though he would attempt anything at least once.

Ryan Lochte

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has won 13 medals, including five gold, three silver, and three bronze. He now holds the record for the 200-person medley in the globe.

Lochte, a graduate of the University of Florida, won seven NCAA championships while a Gator and was twice named the NCAA Swimmer of the Year. He was also named an All-American 24 times. Along with his wife Kayla and their two children, he lives in Gainesville.

Shelbe Rodriguez

Houston-born Shelbe Rodriguez manages public affairs and is a mother to a five-year-old. She describes herself as a straight shooter, but she didn’t really find her voice until she got divorced from her high school love. She is presently a resident of Beaumont, Texas.

Stephenie LaGrossa

Reality TV celebrity Stephenie LaGrossa is most known for being a three-time Survivor star who has competed in Palau, Guatemala, and Heroes vs. Villains. She is regarded as one of the most talented and well-liked female players in the history of the sport.

She formerly acted as the snake in “Snake in the Grass” and appeared in “Guiding Light.” Kyle Kendrick, a former pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, is her husband. She is presently a resident of Dunedin, Florida.

Quentin R. Jiles

Political analysis is Quentin R. Jiles’ line of work. He has additionally appeared on a number of channels in the past, including NBC LX, Black News Channel, Sister Circle Live on TV1, and CBS Affiliate WUSA9’s Great Day Washington.

Quentin’s major objective is to involve Gen Z and Millennials in the American political system by imparting knowledge in a lighthearted, amusing, and relevant manner. The Queue with Que is a podcast that he founded, wrote, stars in, and produces.

A master social worker, R. Jiles. He considered employing his degree in an unorthodox way by entering politics, becoming an author, and shedding light on social issues that affect us all. He is a happy husband and a proud father of a girl.



Are you anticipating Peacock’s upcoming reality competition The Traitors? Please share your opinions with us in the comments box below. Keep checking back with us for the most recent information from the entertainment industry.

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