Tobey Maguire Boss Baby Update: The Boss Baby Sequel Has A Stellar Cast, Including Jeff Goldblum & Lisa Kudrow

The Dreamworks Animation catalogue of films that Universal obtained as part of its acquisition of the problematic but enduring animation studio seems to be getting to know Universal more recently. The Croods: A New Age reemerged yesterday with a newer, earlier theatrical release date scheduled for this Thanksgiving holiday. But now that The Boss Baby: Family Business is officially marching into the boardroom next March, Universal has confirmed it, and it features a cast that is incredibly packed. How much is stacked? One of the new voices announced for the sequel’s roster is Jeff Goldblum.

The news of who is returning and who is joining the cast of The Boss Baby: Family Business, which will be released early in 2019, was first reported by Deadline. With Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow returning as the Templeton parents and Alec Baldwin reprising his role as Ted Templeton, the boss who is now very much an adult, the Tom McGrath-directed sequel sees the return of the original film’s director.

Yes, in The Boss Baby: Family Business, Ted and his brother Tim—who is now James Marsden from Sonic the Hedgehog—are all grown up and estranged. However, because this is a Boss Baby film, there must be an infant with intelligence beyond their years in the picture. This infant happens to be Tina, Tim’s daughter (Amy Sedaris), a new employee of the enormous baby corporation BabyCorp. Her task is to look into the enigmatic Dr. Armstrong (Jeff Goldblum), the principal of a prominent school for gifted kids who might not be exactly on the level.

Alec Baldwin, who voiced Ted Templeton in The Boss Baby: Family Business, is back. Baldwin’s slick voice and hilarious timing, which were recently seen in movies like Motherless Brooklyn and Mission: Impossible – Fallout, are back to bring the Templeton family back for more mischief. Oddly enough, the first significant casting change to occur is James Marsden being recast in the part after hearing Tobey Maguire bring the adult Tim to live in The Boss Baby.

The infant counterpart to The Boss Baby: Family Business is none other than Amy Sedaris, a renowned comedian and guest star on The Mandalorian. This time, Sedaris plays Tina Templeton, Tim’s infant daughter, who is enquiring about the kids academy her elder sister, Tabitha, is attending. The Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood may not be what it first appears to be, and Jeff Goldblum, who plays the potentially evil Dr. Armstrong, the school’s founder, in Jurassic World: Dominion, may hold the answer to that mystery.

Tim Templeton is a family man who is married and has children. In addition to being the father of Tina, he is also the loving husband of his wife and the father of Tabitha, who is older. The other members of the most recent generation of Templetons, who are portrayed by Eva Longoria and Ariana Greenblatt, who most memorably portrayed young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War, aid in bringing the plot of The Boss Baby: Family Business into closer focus. The character of Tabitha is particularly significant because, despite her drive placing her at the top of the Acorn Center’s class rankings, her family is concerned about her idolization of her uncle and former Boss Baby Ted.

Another pair of recurring voice actors completes The Boss Baby: Family Business’s roster. Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the late-night talk show, and Lisa Kudrow, a celebrated comedic legend, reprise their respective parts from The Boss Baby as Ted Sr. and Janice Templeton. Lisa Kudrow has recently been spotted in the comedies Booksmart and this past January’s Like A Boss, while Jimmy Kimmel has recently been heard in movies like Teen Titans Go! To The Movie and seen in Bryce Dallas Howard’s documentary, Dads.

Keep a tab open for quick access to CinemaBlend and all the news regarding The Boss Baby: Family Business so that you can see it in cinemas on March 26, 2021. While you’re there, be sure to look at the 2021 release calendar to see what else will be hitting theatres that year!

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