todd scherer obituary

Todd Scherer Obituary – What Was The Cause Of His Death?

In the more than 25 years he had been in the business, he had been to many famous racetracks. In 2016, he worked for Grand Island trainer Marvin Johnson.

He also got a job as a cleaner at Lincoln Public Schools as part of a mission to save people.

People who knew him well were shocked by his death. One friend said that he had “a memory like no other” and that he was good at everything he did.

Todd Scherer death and obituary

Todd Scherer was a well-known and liked person in the Nebraska Thoroughbred Industry. His death was a terrible tragedy that made many people feel very sad.

The CEO of Fonner Park, Chris Kotulak, sent his condolences: “It’s terrible to hear that Todd Scherer has been taken from us.”

Marvin Johnson, a racing trainer, said of Scherer, “He had a memory like no one else. He could remember horses, trainers, and events from races that had just happened or were many years ago.”

Our team wants to send Scherer’s family and friends our deepest condolences during this hard time. We also want to pay tribute to this amazing man and all he had done.

Former trainer Todd Scherer found dead with gunshot

Police sources say that on Thursday morning, the body of former Trainer Todd Scherer was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the stomach.

Also, according to the documents that were available, Scherer had a deep cut on his head that was likely caused by a baseball bat.

It was also said that a young man named Hunts Horse stole Scherer’s wallet, which had been taken from his pants pocket.

The Grand Island Independent said that the old Trainer’s body was found in one of the tack rooms in Barn R.

The murder has been looked into by the police, and the investigation is still going on. A 20-year-old man named Logan Horse Hunts has been taken into custody because he is one of the most likely people who did it.

From what we know, it looks like Todd Scherer’s last moments were very scary.

Suspect Logan Hunts Horse arrested

Todd Scherer, who was 65 years old, was found dead in his home after Logan Horse Hunts, also known as “Horse Hunts,” did something illegal.

According to sources, there were other teens at the scene. Reports say that Hunts and the teens shot at Scherer and then went to Walmart. When they came back, Scherer was still alive.

It is said that this made Hunts hit Scherer in the head with a baseball bat one last time and steal his wallet. He then ran away with his girlfriend and split the money inside between the two of them.

Captain Dean Elliott of the GIPD thinks this was a planned attack because the victim and the people who did it knew each other before the crime.

A young person who wasn’t involved in the crime was found sleeping in a room next door soon after the police arrived. This is another strange thing about the case.

The investigation is still going on, and the police are looking for more witnesses to find facts that might help them figure out why such a terrible thing happened.

Also, a legal gun was found in a place thought to be connected to the attack, but no more information has been given about that particular piece of evidence.

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