Troll Ending, Explained: Does The Troll Die? Are There Other Trolls?

The renowned director Roar Uthaug brings the action-adventure film “Troll” to the big screen. He is well known for the movies “Tomb Raider” and “Cold Prey,” and in this one he tells the tale of a massive mythical beast that has lain asleep for a very long time. The film follows Professor of Paleontology Nora Tidemann as she learns to understand the world of Trolls and the bizarre events that follow. It features Ine Marie Wilmann, Kim Falck, and Mads Sjgrd Pettersen. The city is destroyed when the troll suddenly awakes, making everyone nervous. With the subjects it emphasises, the film throws up a mirror to the contemporary world. We have the answers to your questions about “Troll’s” conclusion right here. Spoilers follow!

Troll Plot Synopsis

Professor of Paleontology Nora Tidemann is the focus of the film. She is requested by the government to assist in resolving a peculiar incident that takes place in Dovre’s tunnels. At first, the administration and the government rate the earthquake activity as high. To seek a second opinion, they assemble geologists and other experts.

The video shows Nora hearing distant roars as she walks into the meeting. She also observes the craters’ footprint-like shapes surrounding the afflicted area. With her father, Nora used to climb the Troll Peaks in Romsdalen when she was younger. He used to share with Nora the myths and legends about trolls. As she brings up these points, the other meeting participants make fun of her. Nora rejects the fanciful notion, but she begs the Prime Minister for some time to look into the situation.

She visits the other location where the footprints were discovered after being designated as a special adviser. She is accompanied by Captain Kristoffer Holm from the military and Andreas, a prime minister’s advisor. Tobias, Nora’s father, has gone insane as a result of his theories and tales, so Nora goes to see him to obtain more information. After his wife dies, he plunges even further down the rabbit hole. Nora and Tobias haven’t spoken in a long time and hardly ever interact.

The crew then takes to the air and flies to the area where the Troll’s footprints vanish. The Troll is discovered by Nora, Andreas, Holm, and Tobias hiding in the nearby mountains. They almost manage to escape the troll’s grasp and broadcast the action live to military and governmental officials. They begin a military effort to neutralise the threat after seeing the clip. To monitor the Troll’s actions, Nora, Andreas, and Tobias persuade Holm to accompany them. The Troll becomes enraged and kills a few troops as a result of the intense shooting and assaults. Tobias is able to calm it down, but just as he does, someone shoots at it, enraging it once more. Tobias is killed in the fight, but not before saying a few memorable last words to Nora.

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Nora, who is devastated by her father’s passing, examines all the study materials he gathered. She discovers numerous ties tying the folktales to occurrences of Trolls that have been scientifically proved. She employs the knowledge to take on the enormous behemoth one last time. The PM removes Nora from the operation after it fails. The military and the administration decide to kill the Troll with covert missiles as a final option. The suspenseful movie’s climax is built around the fatal effects of the same and its ultimate resolution.

Troll Ending: Is The Troll Dead?

The military prepares to evacuate the city after the government approves the use of deadly missiles. Soldiers set up positions and keep a watchful eye as the Troll approaches the capital. fearing the missile’s potential consequences. Andreas and Nora make a decision to devise a defence. They intend to steer the Troll away from the military vehicles and the city, and Captain Holm is one of them.

It is lured by Nora and Andreas away from the city’s built-up areas and directed into a park. Instead of entirely eliminating the Troll, Holm constructs a structure to capture it. Nora has learned from the studies and myths that trolls are creatures of the night who perish in the light. The UV radiation from both natural and artificial lighting can be harmful to trolls. Andreas urges his acquaintance at the government office to break into the software and stop the missile from being fired in order to carry out this plan.

They successfully entice the Troll to the setup’s centre. The Troll starts to scream in pain as soon as Holm turns on the lights. Nora begins to feel regret for what they did. She saves the Troll by turning out the lights. She commands the Troll to retreat, just like her father did. But unfortunately, a fresh day breaks, and the Troll is blessed with some brightness. It starts to come apart once more and eventually gets destroyed.

We are forced to consider the myths and folktales’ genesis by the film. It prompts us to speculate about additional superstitions and rumours that may be false. Trolls are portrayed as the antagonists in the Norwegian folklore. In truth, the Oslo King created his reign by destroying the people’s world. The film “Troll” explores the bond between people and the natural world. Future generations will suffer the consequences of the irreparable harm we are causing to this planet. The movie “Troll” analyses the subtleties of our cruel activities on the environment, from the Christianization of Norway through the growth of commercialization. As viewers, we experience sadness as the Troll falls.

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Are Any Other Trolls Alive?

Only one Troll terrorises the residents of Oslo in the film. Except for the remnants of former Trolls, no additional traces of Trolls are shown in the movie. Andreas asks Nora if she believes there are more trolls out there, which is only normal. Nora nods in response and dodges the query. the viewers in suspense as a result.

But the film’s unexpected mid-credits scene saves the day. The tunnel, where the explosives were used to clear the path for the railway, is visible once more. As the ground trembles, the stones start to jangle. Just as something rises and scatters the stones, the screen goes black. It is therefore reasonable to assume that trolls are still alive. The creatures were strong enough to endure for years after the King of Oslo destroyed the entire race because it opposed the faith. They can blend in with the mountains because they are composed of soil and stones. This makes it simpler for them to avoid contact with people and protect themselves.

We regard other Trolls to be alive, breathing creatures in the made-up universe of the film. They might be sleeping, unseen to the unaided sight. Trolls are intelligent beings who once controlled an entire kingdom. It is incredibly difficult to establish their complete extinction. Trolls play a significant role in many of the fairy tales and myths that are a part of every child’s upbringing in Norway.

Why Is The Troll Named Tobias Boulder?

Nora and Andreas discuss the location’s name after the Troll dies because it will soon become a well-known tourist destination. Because of the Troll’s initial appearance or potential origin, “Dovre Boulder” is one possibility made. In light of Nora’s assistance in containing the danger and securing the city, Andreas also offers “Tidemann Hill.” The group ultimately decides on “Tobias Boulder” as the place where the Troll perishes.

Nora chose this name in honour of her father, Tobias Tidemann, who was the only person to have acknowledged and researched the existence of trolls. To explore the universe of enigmas and speculations that the Trolls present, he left his family and even his work behind. He was seen as insane by many around him because of his passionate belief in the existence of Trolls. He was tenacious in his efforts to convince the public of his convictions and shed light on the forgotten history of trolls. By giving it the name “Tobias Boulder,” Nora shows her appreciation for his father’s assistance with the trip and keeps him alive in the annals of the city.

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What Was The Meaning Behind Tobias’s Last Words?

Tobias proves to be a crucial component in understanding the Troll’s motivations. When he passes away, just as we saw in the opening sequence of the film, it is lyrical to see him urging his daughter to believe and maintain an open mind. But first, he says some seemingly random words that don’t make any sense at first.

He tells Nora something about “the palace, the king, and home” as he breathes his last. Nora initially finds it difficult to understand what her father is saying. He has trouble speaking because of his ragged breath. As he exhorts her daughter to maintain her sense of wonder, he dies with the phrase “Believe.” Later, Nora searches through his study and notes in an effort to connect the dots between his final statements. They visit the Royal Palace to find out more once Nora discovers the connection.

At the Palace, they are greeted by Rikard, the Palace Lord Chamberlain, who says he has been waiting for them to arrive. He leads them to the basement where he reveals the family of Trolls’ corpses. Rikard describes how earlier tales led people to think it was lucky to create a kingdom on the estate of another king. He then reveals the Troll King’s current residence, which is located below the Royal Palace. Rikard tells that Olav the Holy destroyed all that was in opposition to the new faith he established. He killed every member of the King’s family before luring him to the Dovre mountains and imprisoning him there.

This is the reason the Troll visits the city’s Royal Palace in the film. He’s returning to his former castle, which served as his home. The massacre presided over by King Olav dwarfs the destruction brought about by the Troll. This demonstrates once more that trolls are good, peaceful creatures. Their lives were ruined as a result of the humans’ intervention.

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