28 Upcoming TV Shows On Netflix That’d Keep You Busy In 2023

In the ongoing streaming wars, Netflix is unbeatable in terms of number and variety. The original platform is still producing a tonne of fresh content each month, from exciting new additions to its vast library of licenced content to brand-new originals. With so many shows to choose from, it’s simple to get into a rut of continually viewing your few favourites. And although though no one would blame you if you binge-watched “Bridgerton” or “Stranger Things” for the nth time, there’s still a lot to adore on Netflix each month, and we’re here to help you make a decision.

Are you seeking a sob-inducing drama or a belly-laughing comedy? They are located here. Are you looking to watch some foreign programming or learn something new from a nonfiction series? Yes, we also have that covered. This year, Netflix will even start to feature some of your old favorites—shows you may not have thought about in a long time. We truly mean it when we claim there is something for everyone. So keep your calendar close by and get an advance look at all the incredible new series that will be making their Netflix premiere in the coming days and weeks. You won’t miss anything if you have this manual with you!

“Against the Ropes”

ngela has just been freed from prison after spending time for a crime she didn’t commit as this Mexican drama begins. Her top objective now that she’s free to rebuild her life is getting in touch with her daughter, Rocio, and regaining her respect and love. When Angela learns how much Roco enjoys lucha libre wrestling, she comes up with the perfect plan for how to connect with her daughter: by entering the ring as someone else. As she navigates familial issues, her new work, and the traces of her past, it won’t be an easy road ahead.

Date of availability: January 25

“Bake Squad” Season 2

If you enjoyed the first season, you’ll enjoy seeing all four members of the “Bake Squad” back for more. With ground-breaking concepts and spectacular execution, these talented bakers elevate show-stopping desserts to forge memories that will last a lifetime. The founder of Milk Bar, Christina Tosi, who created an empire out of the delicious cookie dough we all adore, hand-picked each “Squad” member. The new season is full of surprises and new difficulties, from exploding cakes to a huge cheesecake tower and an edible life-size piano. It blends delicious aesthetics with equally sweet tastes. Watch how they produce delicacies that are only in our dreams by tuning in!

Date of availability: January 20

“Bling Empire: New York”

Because the first season of “Bling Empire” was such a success, a New York-focused spinoff is now being developed! The reality series, like the previous series, chronicles the opulent lives of a group of extremely wealthy, extremely fashionable Asian American socialites. They are out on the town to display their wealth because they have everything money could buy and, if they don’t, the means to get it. However, a programme about the wealthy and famous wouldn’t be complete without some major drama, so you can expect plenty of interpersonal issues to keep you interested in learning more about their amazing and extraordinary lifestyles.

Date of availability: January 20

“Copenhagen Cowboy”

This brand-new Danish television series combines aspects of crime drama, revenge thrillers, and the paranormal. Due to her enigmatic and supernatural qualities, one woman has endured being sold as a human good luck charm for years. But now that she’s had enough of being treated like a lesser being, she for the first time decides to take control of her own life. among her highest priorities? She will do whatever it takes to exact revenge on those who have wronged her and make them regret everything that has been done to her over the years.

When will it be accessible? Jan.

“Cunk on Earth”

In this British mockumentary charting the development of civilization, Philomena Cunk is here to demonstrate how far humanity has progressed—or perhaps not (mostly).

Date of availability: January 31

“Fauda” Season 4

Nearly three years after the third season concluded, the Israeli spy drama’s fourth season is back with new adventures and betrayals in store.

Date of availability: January 20


“Ginny & Georgia” Season 2

The very successful drama’s second season has finally arrived after a protracted wait. We may anticipate some resolution to the cliffhangers from season one as well as more of everything that first made us fall in love with Georgia, Ginny, and the community of Wellsbury. New relationships bring excitement and drama, and new obstacles present some roadblocks, so Ginny and Georgia must make some significant choices. When everything seems to be going well, old secrets suddenly come to light at the worst possible time, endangering everything they have worked so hard to achieve in their new lives.

When will it be accessible? Jan.


Searching for a brand-new suspenseful heist novel to read? Consider watching this brand-new series with a stellar ensemble that includes Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewell, Paz Vega, and others. With a target of $7 billion, a master thief and his team of skilled thieves set out for a robbery. To execute it flawlessly, they’ll need an amazing, complicated strategy that combines all of their talents. But of course, nothing is simple for this crew, and their ability to carry out the plan is threatened by greed, betrayal, and secrets. In plots like these, a lack of trust can be fatal.

Date of availability: January 1

“Kings of Jo’Burg” Season 2

With more family conflict and a paranormal mystery, the South African drama is back for a second season. The “kings” of Johannesburg’s criminal underworld may be the Masire brothers, but a king’s throne is never secure. They have their job cut out for them in order to survive, let alone maintain their position of power, given the strange, magical curse that a vengeful mermaid has placed on their family as well as the very human threat of betrayal from their tangled web of connections. As the second season delves even farther into their complex and perilous world, there is more than enough drama and mystery to go around.

Date of availability: January 27

“Lady Voyeur”

This suspenseful criminal drama from Brazil is full of unexpected turns that will have you second-guess your actions if you see your neighbours peering in your windows. The gifted hacker Miranda has become fixated with spying on Cléo, her next-door neighbour who works as a sex worker. She is happy to live her voyeuristic life in seclusion, but following a startling turn of events, her plans suddenly shift. Their paths unexpectedly meet as a result of an extended weekend excursion, a missing person, and a murder. Miranda finds herself suddenly participating actively in a risky investigation that has the potential to completely alter her life.

Date of availability: January 1

“Lockwood & Co.”

Looking for a fresh spooky mystery in the YA genre? You could find just what you’ve been seeking for in this British series. Two experienced teen ghost hunters and a girl with a remarkable psychic ability join forces to form an investigation team in a world where ghosts lurk around every corner. They’ll take risks with little backing from resources or allies in order to follow leads and eliminate the deadly and frightening ghosts. However, when they follow their clues, they’ll soon discover that they’re a part of a vast and evil plot that puts them and everyone else in their vicinity in danger.

Date of availability: January 27

“Love Island USA” Season 2

Nowadays, there are a lot of dating reality series on television, but “Love Island” is still one of the most well-known, even abroad. The UK-produced show debuted in America in 2019 and has now broadcast four seasons, with more to come. The premise is simple and elegant. On a tropical paradise island, a bunch of singles are sent to stay in a villa. They must continue to be paired up and deliberately choose and switch partners over the course of the season in order to stay in the game. If you’re single, you’re out, but everyone else is still eligible to win true love and a monetary award.

Date of availability: January 6

“Pressure Cooker”

The candidates in this cooking reality competition live together in addition to competing against one another, which heightens the stress. Eleven chefs will compete against one another in a series of challenges designed to test both their culinary prowess and their capacity for strategic game play. They must not only win over the judges; they will also compete against one another for the $100,000 prize.

Date of availability: January 6


It’s a typical “fish out of water” and “charismatic newcomer stuns the world” scenario in this French political comedy. As a finalist in the race for president, a youth centre director from a Paris suburb generates a lot of discussion. One straightforward query stands out among all the political wrangling, media coverage, and election-year campaigning: are things really ready for France to elect its first Black president, or have things really evolved as much as we think? It’s a mocking look at French politics that manages to pose some important queries regarding the current status of the planet.

Date of availability: January 20

“Sexify” Season 2

This Polish comedy’s first season centred on a driven student who, despite her extreme inexperience, attempts to win a contest by creating a sex and dating app. She navigates the tumultuous worlds of dating, intimate relationships, and career with the help of two companions. The trio’s startup’s survival is in jeopardy at the start of the second season. Personal issues, a fiercely competitive opponent, and a picky investor all pose threats to the hard work they have already put in. But they’re not going to surrender easily.

Date of availability: January 11

“Sky Rojo” Season 3

The lives of Coral, Gina, and Wendy seem to be improving in the third season of this Spanish drama. The trio have finally established a new life for themselves in Almera after dealing with the fallout from escaping their pimp and his goons. After everything that has happened, they have even been able to find fresh love. Their biggest enemy is still after them and seeking retribution, showing that their pasts are not so simply forgotten. The women’s quiet pause will soon be broken, and they will need to band together once more to survive and maintain the new lives they have come to love.

Date of availability: January 13

“Survivor” Season 18

Starting in 2023, Netflix will release a vintage season of the popular reality show “Survivor.” 16 players are sent to an extreme and aesthetically stunning region of Brazil for the 2009 edition, also known as “Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands,” to test their survival skills. The candidates are initially split into two “tribes,” and they face off against one another in a series of tasks meant to test their stamina, intelligence, and cunning. The real hurdles are just half the game, of course; the other half is more about social strategy and forming clever alliances in order to increase safety while attempting to reach the ultimate end.

Date of availability: January 1

“That ’90s Show”

Are you prepared to return to Point Place? The eagerly anticipated “That ’70s Show” sequel series has arrived, bringing with it a fresh generation of teenage drama and lots of well-known actors. Leia Forman, the daughter of the original couple Eric and Donna, is staying with her grandparents Red and Kitty in the summer of 1995. She quickly develops relationships with some neighbourhood youngsters, hanging out in the famous basement and getting into mischief just like her parents and their friends did many years previously. The majority of the original characters will make several appearances this season to catch up on events since they rang in the 1980s in the original series finale!

Date of availability: January 19

“The Lying Life of Adults”

This Italian coming-of-age series is set in the 1990s, in all its splendour. Giovanna considers her upbringing in Naples to be rather typical, despite the fact that her conservative parents have largely shielded her from the outside world. Her aunt, who has been alienated from them for a long time, and the fact that her parents appear to dislike her are at least two significant family dramas they won’t discuss. Giovanna contacts her aunt in defiance of her parents’ wishes in an effort to understand more about her family and hometown.
Date of availability: January 4

“The Makanai: Cooking For the Maiko House”

Two best friends pursue their ambitions of becoming maiko—apprentice geishas who learn music, dance, and traditional performing arts to perform at parties and festivals—by relocating to Kyoto in this new Japanese drama. Despite sharing a home, the two friends also come to recognise their differences and decide to follow distinct passions and career paths while continuing to support one another along the way. Sumire succeeds and rises in her profession as a maiko with hopes of making it even further, whereas Kiyo struggles to become a maiko and instead finds her purpose in the kitchen.
Date of availability: January 12

“The Real World” Season 28

A season of the original MTV smash “The Real World” is already streaming on Netflix, much to the delight of fans of vintage reality TV. A fresh group of young people in their 20s from throughout the US live together for several months in Portland in the 2013 sequel, which is set there and is set in the city of Portland, Oregon. They face the typical challenges of being a young adult, such as getting a job, falling in love, and deciding what to do next, in addition to the stress of having cameras following them everywhere they go and complete strangers residing in their home.

Date of availability: January 20

“The Snow Girl”

This Spanish mystery’s narrative begins when a young girl unexpectedly vanishes from a parade in Málaga. A young journalist sets out to find the girl and return her to her parents, but what she discovers is far broader than just one missing person.

Date of availability: January 27

“The Ultimatum: France” Season 1 Part 2

In this widely popular dating reality show, it is the turn of the French couples to take centre stage. The focus of “The Ultimatum” is not on pairing together strangers in the hopes that they would find love, in contrast to many other shows of a similar nature. Instead, the series focuses on six already-married couples who have been together for a long time without being married. They agree to a demand: get engaged right away or call it quits. To add to the drama, they will switch partners for three weeks prior to making their choice, allowing them the opportunity to experience life without their longtime lovers and determine whether they are ready to settle down.

Date of availability: January 6

“The Walking Dead” Season 11

In January, Netflix will release the cultural phenomenon’s eleventh and final season. The survivors face some of their greatest obstacles after years of combating aggressive zombies and opportunistic humans. This time around, human politics take centre stage even if the dangers posed by the undead are still there. The rich but rigorously class-based Commonwealth agrees to support the Coalition in their war, but things are not as they appear behind its borders. The severe class system of the Commonwealth threatens unrest, corruption and secrets are everywhere, and our heroes must take one last stand to protect humanity.

Date of availability: January 6

“Trial by Fire”

The Uphaar cinema fire, which occurred in 1997 and resulted in 59 fatalities and over 100 injuries when a fire started in an unsafe theatre, is the subject of this Indian drama. Following the fire, two distraught parents must deal with the death of their children and a tenacious pursuit of justice.

Date of availability: January 13

“Vikings: Valhalla” Season 2

This drama, which takes place a century after the first “Vikings,” centres on a new group of warrior heroes who are eager to learn their destiny and shape their destinies as well as their positions in history. Freydis, Leif, and Harald find themselves against both old and new foes in the upcoming season. They leave their dwellings and start to disperse around the world in search of new lands to conquer and greater power. The trio will confront trials beyond anything they have ever encountered, but if they succeed, tales of their exploits will be told for decades to come.

Date of availability: January 12

“Women at War”

France is in the midst of World War I in 1914. Four ladies are forced to deal with the devastation of war at home as the German army advance and the men head for the battle lines.

Date of availability: January 19

“Woman of the Dead”

Big twists, motivated characters, and a search for knowledge and retribution are all there in this Austrian crime drama. One woman’s life is suddenly flipped upside down when she loses her husband in a strange vehicle accident. She embarks on a mission to learn the truth about what actually occurred and exact her vengeance on those responsible after realising that the facts surrounding his murder are, at best, hazy. But she quickly realises that her situation is considerably worse than she anticipated. The hidden information she discovers reveals a terrible plot that has roots in her modest, seemingly unremarkable village.

When will it be accessible? Jan.



















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